Interested in Growing Weed But Don’t Know How?

Oct, 2021
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Growing weed is an exciting yet somewhat intimidating venture. The process isn’t quite as easy as cultivating your typical garden, but it sure provides a whole lot of reward. Unfortunately, growing your own marijuana isn’t legal everywhere in the country, so you have to check with your state laws to see if it’s allowed. But, if at-home cultivation is legal, what’s stopping you from raising some MMJ plants?

If you simply don’t know how to grow weed, don’t worry! That’s exactly why we’re here. Not only are we going to walk you through why cannabis cultivation is worth it, but also we’ll tell you all about Elevate Holistics’ Grow Consultations! Let’s get started.

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Growing Marijuana Is Exciting and Here's Why

Not only is growing weed fun, but it has so many benefits. From access to your favorite strains to giving you more control over every part of the cultivation process, growing weed promises an overall exciting experience.

  • Access your favorite strains

When you grow your own weed, you get to grow whatever strains you want. If you have one strain that you benefit from most, you can focus your entire cultivation on perfecting this specific strain. This way, you’re continually growing cannabis that works for you! And, if you want to switch it up from time to time, you’re more than welcome to. It’s up to you!

  • Privacy

Cultivating cannabis indoors helps you to maintain a decent level of privacy. There is no room for neighbors to be all up in your business, and you also get to protect your weed from thieves. In fact, in most states, it’s against the law for the public to even be able to see your at-home grow station. Keep that stuff on the down-low — both for your safety and legality sake. 

  • More control

Another potential benefit of cultivating cannabis indoors is that it lets you control every cultivation phase, from planting to harvesting. It also allows you to develop your plant during any season. Growing your weed indoors also means that you can control natural circumstances such as temperature, light, and humidity.

Growing Weed is Easy — But a Bit Complicated

Cultivating cannabis indoors definitely isn’t impossible, but it may not be super-easy for the first-timers, either. Growing weed can be especially complicated if you do not have the correct information and resources. So before you begin to learn how to grow weed, here are some basic things you should bear in mind.

  •    Know the law

We cannot stress this enough! Finding out if the law in your state allows the cultivation of cannabis should be your first consideration. There are so many states where cannabis is legal, but it’s illegal to cultivate cannabis. However, under federal laws, it is a felony – punishable by up to five years of imprisonment – to produce cannabis plants even for personal consumption. Only a handful of states, such as Colorado and Illinois, have state laws that allow citizens to grow a limited number of plants.

  • Select your cannabis seed

Remember, there is a wide range of weed strains from Sativa to Indica and even hybrids. The best approach is to select your seed based on the strains that can perfectly serve your needs.

  • Understand the basics of cultivating cannabis

This may sound obvious, but you have to be knowledgeable in at least the basics of cannabis cultivation. When growing, it’s crucial to pay attention to factors such as light conditions, air, water, nutrients, and the growing medium. If you fail to consider even one of these factors, your yield will not be successful. So, make sure you always take the time to learn about what — and how — you’re growing before you actually start. 

Cultivating Cannabis with Ease, Right at Home

Once you get it right, cultivating cannabis at home is easier than you think. The primary things your plant needs to thrive are:

  • Air

Proper ventilation with good air exchange and only a slight breeze is ideal for your plant to thrive. For the best quality, your plant needs fresh, moving air. It may not be an issue if you are growing outdoors because your plant gets a natural breeze. However, if indoors, you will need to go the extra mile to ensure your plant gets fresh, free-flowing air.

  • Water

Just as you need water to survive and stay hydrated, so does your plant. The quality and quantity of water matter a lot as well. If you choose to grow indoors, you need to ensure an ideal pH level between 6.3 to 6.7 when watering. 

  • Light

If you are growing weed indoors, it is also necessary that your plant gets the right amount of light, during the right time. Every grower will do things differently, but most farmers expose their plants to at least 18 hours of sunlight during the vegetative stage, letting them rest for a few hours a day. 

  • Temperature

Simply put, your plants can die if you expose them to extreme temperatures. As such, it is essential to pay attention to the temperature conditions of the growing environment to keep your cannabis happy and healthy. 

The ideal temperature for these plants is between 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you need to have a hygrometer — a tool for gauging temperature and humidity — to keep track of these elements.

Also, if you are growing indoors, your fans and air conditioning heat can do the job of regulating the temperature. This way, you can grow under any weather condition! However, if growing outdoors, you need to pay attention to the climate before cultivating.

  • Growing medium

Soil is not the only medium for growing your plants; there are other mediums such as coconut coir, rock wool, or vermiculite which you can use to grow weed. The choice is yours, as each has its own pros and cons.

  • Nutrients

Just as humans need the proper nutrients to survive and live a good life, plants need nutrients to thrive. The good news is that there are pre-formulated nutrients you can buy and add to your water. You can also formulate your growing medium to contain all the nutrients.

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How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed?

The answer to the question, “How long does it take to grow weed?” depends on many factors, including the cannabis strain you choose and whether you are growing indoors or outdoors. Typically, indoor grows tend to take less time than outdoor grows because you control every phase — including when the plant starts budding. However, generally, it takes an average of 3 to 5 months to grow, harvest, and cure your buds.

How to Grow Weed with Elevate Holistics Grow Consultation

Growing weed might seem a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be — especially with the help of Elevate Holistics. 

Not only do our services help you get your medical marijuana card, but we’ll help you grow your plants, too, with our Grow Consultation services. With Elevate’s Grow Consultation, an expert cultivator will walk you through the process of how to grow weed, what you’ll need, and so much more. They’ll help you understand the four pillars of indoor cultivation as well as various beneficial resources to help you perfect your cultivation. 

To learn more about our Grow Consultation and other amazing services we offer, just click here.  

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