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thc and neuropathy

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People turn to medical cannabis for so many different reasons. Whether it be ease of nausea, help with anxiety, or relief from aches and pains, the therapeutic potential of MMJ is quite impressive, to say the least. Today, we’re looking at the use of medical marijuana for neuropathy and whether or not this is a good source of pain relief. So, does marijuana help with nerve pain? Elevate Holistics finds out. 

What is Neuropathy?

First thing’s first, neuropathy occurs when one or more of your peripheral nerves becomes damaged or diseased. If this happens, you usually experience pain, numbness, or weakness of some kind, making it difficult for your nerves to function as they once did. Neuropathy can occur throughout the body; however, doctors most commonly diagnose it within the hands and feet. 

Those suffering from neuropathy are constantly exposed to burning or tingling pains in the afflicted areas. This kind of pain is not always easy to manage — and it’s even more difficult to ignore. 

If you start to notice an onset of numbness or tingling in your hands and feet that gradually moves up your extremities, this is one of the most prominent signs or symptoms of neuropathy. Also, keep an eye out for sharp, stabbing pains, areas that are tender to the touch, muscle weakness, or feeling as though you’re wearing a pair of gloves or socks when you aren’t. The moment you notice any of these signs is the moment you must contact your doctor. 

Causes of Neuropathy

There are a few different causes of neuropathy, though the most common cause actually stems from diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is a specific type of nerve damage that occurs from constantly high blood sugar. You may not realize it, but blood sugar has a substantial ability to damage nerves, making it crucial for those with diabetes to monitor their levels properly. 

Other people experience neuropathy due to injuries or viral infections. Some accidents result in severe nerve damage, causing neuropathy in the affected areas. 

Simply put, the causes of neuropathy vary greatly. But, at the end of the day, the complication always occurs at the hands of some sort of nerve damage — whether that be from high blood sugar, an accident, or a sickness. 

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Common symptoms of neuropathy include:

  • Burning or tingling sensations in the hands and feet
  • Numbness or decreased sensation to touch, heat, or cold in the affected areas
  • Pain or cramps that may be worse at night
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty walking due to reduced coordination, balance problems, and unsteady gait
  • Abnormal sweating pattern changes that can cause dryness of the skin
  • Digestive issues such as nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and loss of appetite
  • Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction in men
  • Increased sensitivity to touch

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Nerve Pain?

Now that you know about neuropathy let’s answer the question, “How does medical marijuana help nerve pain?”

In general, medical cannabis has been found to have significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects that fight aches and pains quite effortlessly. On top of this, the chemical compounds found in cannabis — called cannabinoids — bind to the receptors in the brain and peripheral nervous system. This kind of connection helps to regulate things like pain perception, muscle spasms, and so much more. Thus, cannabis for neuropathy seems like a viable option.

Recent studies help demonstrate the analgesic properties of medical marijuana and how efficacious it can be for neuropathic pain. While more evidence is needed to draw concrete conclusions, it appears as though these deep-seated pains are managed or somewhat regulated through the consumption of medicinal cannabis. 

So, does marijuana help with nerve pain and neuropathy? Studies are starting to say yes. 

What Neuropathy Side Effects Can Marijuana Help?

Now that we know there is a solid relationship between marijuana and neuropathy, let’s talk about the details. What are the side effects of neuropathy that marijuana can help manage? And how?

This may go without saying, but one of the most significant side effects of neuropathy is pain. The types of pain that people experience may vary depending on the severity and the location, but most people with neuropathy experience some sort of nerve pain in affected areas. Unfortunately, treating this kind of pain can be difficult, as most medications don’t necessarily tackle the issue of nerve pain itself; instead, it combats inflammation. While this can be helpful, it doesn’t really get the job done.

Medical cannabis is unique because of its ability to bind with the cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. These cannabinoids can regulate pain transmission in the body’s nerve pathways, helping to reduce excess pain if possible. By altering the cellular function of these damaged nerves and modulating the brain’s neurotransmitters, medical cannabis helps reduce overall nerve pain. 

This, plus the plant’s ability to assist with relaxation, anxiety, and overall mood, makes medical marijuana for neuropathy an appealing option for many. 

Can Marijuana Worsen Nerve Pain?

When it comes to cannabis for neuropathy, some patients wonder if the plant can worsen nerve pain rather than make it better. This concern is legitimate and has been tested, but there haven’t been any concrete conclusions. One 2019 study claims they found a connection between high-potency cannabis and nerve damage in the brain, but these findings haven’t been proven elsewhere.

For now, we can confidently say that your medical marijuana isn’t likely to make your neuropathy worse. With how the plant’s cannabinoids function in the body, you have a much higher chance of experiencing relief from cannabis than experiencing any amount of pain. However, if you do, make sure to stop consuming cannabis and contact your doctor immediately.  

Best Marijuana Strains for Neuropathy

When looking for the best strains for neuropathy, you definitely want to search for something that’s heavy on pain relief. Thankfully, there are myriad strains out that do a wonderful job utilizing their THC for nerve pain; but, here are a few of our favorites.

Blue Dream

It’s hard to deny the efficacy of the Blue Dream strain — especially for helping with neuropathy. Blue Dream is some of the best weed for neuropathy on the market because of its super-high THC levels and deep-seated pain-relieving properties. Despite the misleading name, this strain leans more on the sativa side, working beautifully to uplift your mood while fighting that tricky nerve pain.


If you don’t want to get stoney while finding medical marijuana for neuropathy, you don’t have to. Cannabis strains like Harlequin have high CBD levels so they focus more so on the plant’s therapeutic value than anything. With a strain like this, you’ll find yourself with some significant pain relief and full-bodied feelings of calm and relaxation. This combination can do wonders for those struggling to get a break from their nerve pain.

Granddaddy Purple

Finally, Granddaddy Purple is a high-quality indica strain that’s a perfect option for those searching for medical marijuana for nerve pain. This strain boasts high levels of THC that can be perfect for helping you combat those lasting discomforts and numbing, stinging feelings. The heaviness of Granddaddy Purple is ideal for the end of the day, as a lot of people find it helps immensely with sleep. If you’re someone who struggles to get a good night’s rest because of your nerve pain, this potent indica might be right for you.

Variety of Medical Marijuana Forms for Neuropathy Patients

No matter your personal preferences, there’s a wide variety of medical marijuana forms available for neuropathy patients. 

If you’re a patient who doesn’t mind smoking, typical dried cannabis flower can be an excellent option to experience some immediate full-body relief. However, we understand that that’s not everybody’s cup of tea! Because of this, you also have the option of turning to non-smoking products like cannabis edibles, THC oil, marijuana topicals, and so much more.

With products like these, you don’t have to worry one bit about smoking. Instead, with edibles, you just eat your product as you would and wait for effects. Usually, edibles will take about an hour to two to kick in, so make sure you’re patient! You don’t want to consume more than you need to and end up with an uncomfortable experience.

THC oils, on the other hand, get to work almost immediately. You simply place a few drops underneath your tongue and wait about 30 seconds. Then, swallow. Within about 15 minutes or so, you should start to notice the medical marijuana’s effect on your neuropathy. (Just bear in mind that oils do tend to have a plant-like flavor. However, some brands craft flavored weed oils purely for this purpose.)

Lastly, cannabis topicals are a remarkable way to get relief in concentrated areas — but without getting high at all. These are things like marijuana cream for nerve pain, cannabis patches, serums, and infused lotions. As the cannabinoids get to work on your skin, they target problems within the pores and muscle tissue to provide relief right where you applied it. But, through this method, the cannabinoids cannot cross the blood-brain barrier and, therefore, can’t get you high! Instead, you enjoy all the medicinal benefits of MMJ.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Neuropathy

So, how does one get a medical marijuana card for neuropathy? Is neuropathy a qualifying condition in states throughout the country?

Thankfully, getting your medical card for neuropathy is entirely possible, especially as more and more states are adding it to their list of qualifying conditions. Currently, these are the states that list neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis:

If you don’t see your state here, don’t panic. Many states throughout the US also accept chronic pain as a valid reason for getting an MMJ card — something you can easily claim by having neuropathy. 

To get a medical card and enjoy medical marijuana for peripheral neuropathy, you have to have a qualified doctor’s recommendation first. But, how do you get one of those? Let Elevate Holistics help you out.

Getting Your MMJ Card for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

Here at Elevate Holistics, we specialize in helping patients get their medical marijuana cards effortlessly. Our services operate 100% online, allowing you to enjoy the ease of getting your MMJ card right from the comfort of your home. Through Elevate, our appointments are only 30 minutes out of your day, and you’re able to get your card in just three simple steps.

Though cannabis for neuropathy is a valid condition in many states across the country, even if you can’t prove it, Elevate Holistics will work with you to ensure you get the help you need. We understand firsthand how vital pain relief is for those with neuropathy, and we’ll do everything we can to guarantee comfort and success in your medical marijuana journey.

Ready to get started? Click on the button down below to book an appointment in your state. Then, let Elevate Holistics handle the rest. 

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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