Understanding Sexual Dysfunctions — And How Cannabis Can Help

sexual dysfunctions

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Feeling less than your best sexual self is nothing to be embarrassed about. More common than you think, sexual dysfunctions cause people to be disinterested in sex, physically or mentally, or unable to reach climax. Or you might not be enjoying it like you used to – or maybe you never have. Factors like medication, trauma, or medical issues can cause sexual dysfunction.

But don’t sweat it (save that for later) — there are natural products out there that could help treat sexual dysfunction and improve your sex life in general. Does weed help with sex? Yes. Elevate Holistics is here to tell you how cannabis improves sex, the best ways to use it, how cannabis and testosterone relate, and the types of products to look out for.

sexual dysfunctions

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

So, first of all, what is sexual dysfunction? The definition of sexual dysfunction is having an issue that prevents you from wanting or enjoying sex. It can happen to anyone, but the chance of sexual dysfunction increases as we age.

Sexual trauma, psychological issues, certain medications (particularly antidepressants), substance abuse, diabetes, or other medical issues can cause sexual dysfunctions. Talk to your doctor about any serious medical condition.

We can break down sexual dysfunction into four categories of disorder: 

  • Desire disorder: little or no interest in sexual relations
  • Arousal disorder: emotionally in the mood, but not physically
  • Orgasm disorder: in the mood but unable to orgasm
  • Pain disorder: pain during intercourse

What is sexual dysfunction exhibited as? Sexual dysfunctions might manifest as erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation for those with penises, decreased lubrication for those with vulvas, or general difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm.

It’s important to note that professionals only consider these issues sexual dysfunction when ongoing – so don’t let one bad night psych you out. 

How Cannabis Can Help Treat Sexual Dysfunction

So what is sexual dysfunction treated by? Cannabis and sex go hand in hand, as weed appears to be an effective aphrodisiac. But that’s not its only perk.

As we all know by now, weed has practically endless medicinal benefits for the body and mind. When it comes to sex, cannabis can help in many ways. Naturally, cannabis can:

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Cannabis and Testosterone

Does weed help sexually for those experiencing low libido? Yes, and that could have to do with the correlation between marijuana and testosterone.

One of the causes of low libido is low testosterone, which can cause a loss of sexual desire for any person. Researchers in the 1970s concluded that THC and testosterone weren’t a good mix, but recent cannabis and testosterone research found the opposite. 

It showed that THC actually temporarily increases testosterone, and the more recently THC has been consumed, the higher the testosterone levels of the individual.

Other researchers also found that testosterone is higher with any amount of regular THC use when compared to testosterone in those who don’t consume cannabis. Thank you, new cannabis and testosterone researchers

Starting With CBD

sexual dysfunction

For some people, THC (weed’s psychoactive cannabinoid) is the cherry on top when it comes to sex. But for others, THC or high levels of THC could induce anxiety and make your sexual rendezvous less than ideal.

There are plenty of cannabis products out there that don’t contain THC at all, but in smaller amounts, and when combined with CBD, THC can help alleviate anxiety while creating a euphoric experience.

When experimenting with cannabis and sex, it is best to avoid products that only contain THC and instead consume THC and CBD products. These cannabinoids are a match made in heaven, as CBD acts as a buffer to soften the effects of THC.

Keeping them together, along with other parts of the plant like terpenes and flavonoids, engages the entourage effect to make your experience the best it can be.

If you want to consume plenty of THC but lessen your chances of inducing anxiety, consume a CBD product like a tincture or vape before you partake in the sesh or eat an edible. If you are actively in a moment of anxiety, a CBD product can still help balance the effects of THC. 

Cannabis Products to Improve Your Sexual Experience

Mixing cannabis and sex doesn’t mean you have to get high. It simply means utilizing the many cannabinoids of the plant (most of which are nonpsychoactive) to benefit your body medicinally. This will help you get the most out of your sexual experience.

Topical products, like cannabis lubricants, will not get you high but will relax (or even arouse) the body.

You can easily pair products like these with flower, concentrates, edibles, or any cannabis product you fancy to produce maximum satisfaction.

The key is to research and experiment with your cannabis products, alone or with someone you’re comfortable with. 

  • Cannabis lubricant: Cannabis lubricant supports pleasure and comfort during sex. You can use these products alone or with a partner to create a slippery effect. One of the great things about cannabis lubricant compared to basic lube is that it’s safe for you to ingest orally.
  • Cannabis oil: Typically, you consume CBD oil orally. But other CBD oils are made specifically for people with vulvas to enhance arousal. Some cannabis oils for intimacy contain THC, which does not get you high but makes the product more effective. Solo or with a partner, CBD oil or CBD/THC oil supports better orgasms.
  • Cannabis suppositories: You can utilize CBD suppositories vaginally or rectally to increase arousal, ease tension, and increase vaginal lubrication. 
  • Cannabis bath salts: CBD bath salts heighten your senses, relax you, and prepare you for intimacy. 

Live Your Best Life: Have Your Best Sex

It’s impossible to ignore the nearly limitless benefits of cannabis. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunctions, we hope that now you feel more hopeful – because natural treatment is out there. Cannabis and sex are a perfect combination for those stuck in a sexual rut or for those who just want to up their sex game.

Are you ready for holistic treatment? Elevate Holistics can help you get started. It’s not wacky or unfounded — but researched and proven. From our blog about all things cannabis to a fully online, simple way to get your medical marijuana card – we’re here to help you live a better, more healthy life naturally. 

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