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Based on the Marijuana Policy Project report, approximately more than 2.8 million people in the U.S. enjoy cannabis as medicine. In fact, medical marijuana for health and wellness has become more popular now than ever before.

Many people report that medical marijuana helps ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. But though it can provide a range of potential health benefits, caution is necessary for consuming it. Hence, here’s how you can use medical marijuana to help improve your health and wellness — safely and efficiently. 

Factors To Consider Before Consuming Medical Marijuana

To prevent the misuse and abuse of medical marijuana, consider the following factors before enjoying its therapeutic benefits:

Medical marijuana is accessible everywhere in the U.S. Although the federal government still considers the drug illegal, 36 states have already legalized marijuana for medical purposes. But as a requirement, you may have to present a medical marijuana card or written documentation from your doctor affirming your condition.

Note that laws concerning the consumption of medical marijuana vary among locations. So, before deciding to buy weed online such as a Tom Ford strain, it’s always best to check with your state’s law to avoid violations and penalties.

Potential Drug Interactions and Adverse Effects

Medical marijuana consumption is generally considered safe. Even so, it’s essential to be aware of its potential drug interactions, which may change the way certain drugs work or induce unexpected adverse effects. That’s why checking all the other drugs and medications you use would be vital.

Below are some of the prescriptions that may not work well with medical marijuana and their potential adverse effects:

  • Tacrolimus: headache, skin burning/soreness, muscle and back pain, erythema, increased sensitivity to hot/cold 
  • Fluoxetine: lightheadedness, drowsiness, sudden low blood pressure, dry mouth, liver injury
  • Clozapine: seizures, hyperthermia, cardiac arrhythmias, altered state of consciousness
  • Selegiline: nausea, fainting, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, stomach pain, vomiting

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Frequency and Right Dosage

How much and often you should take medical marijuana are essential considerations. Keep in mind that the amount and frequency of consuming such drugs over a long period can result in dependence or addiction. It may also worsen the symptoms if you’re suffering from some mental health problems.

For instance, cannabinoids, one of the primary compounds in medical marijuana, can act as anxiolytics or help relieve anxiety symptoms in low doses. However, it can also trigger anxiety and elicit panic reactions when used in high doses. If you want to improve mental health or overall wellbeing and avoid such serious consequences, the key is to avoid self-medicating.


Medical Marijuana Strain Selection

Every strain of marijuana has a distinct balance of cannabinoids, the chemical compounds known to have potential medicinal properties. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most common cannabinoids in medical cannabis. The strain you choose may greatly depend on what effect you desire.

Keep in mind that it’s critical to be knowledgeable of each strain’s effects on the body when it comes to consuming it to support your overall health. It’s also worth noting that some strains might be better for certain conditions than others.

If you’re new to medical marijuana, it’s advisable to try THC-CBD balanced strains. But to find more strains that can help boost your mental wellness and overall health, you can check out some of our other blog posts.

A Guide to Using Medical Marijuana For Your Health and Wellness

Medical marijuana can have beneficial and harmful effects. The presence of other medications, the amount used, and the person’s frequency of use are just a few factors that may affect its efficacy.

But here’s an additional guide to reduce the risks and reap the benefits of using medical marijuana for your overall health and wellness.

Get An Appropriate Medical Assessment

Although medical marijuana has been shown to help a range of specific disorders, it doesn’t mean it will automatically work well on you. Before consuming it, whether it be for recreational or medical purposes, it’s crucial to get an appropriate medical assessment. Note that self-medicating could disregard evidence-based treatments and eventually put your health at risk.

But talking to your primary care physician will allow you to explore various options. It will also inform you about the potential strengths and weaknesses of consuming medical marijuana therapeutically for your specific condition.

The Importance of Talking to Your Physician or Therapist

Receiving proper medical or psychological care is essential if you’re experiencing any mental or physical illness. Depending on your health condition, you need to undergo therapy sessions beyond other kinds of remedies.

Note that not all physicians or therapists are open-minded enough to consider the consumption of medical marijuana. Even so, they should know if you take one so that they can accurately make a treatment plan for you.

Keep in mind that medical marijuana can be a mind-altering substance. It can either positively or negatively reinforce behavior. But notifying your physician or therapist about consuming medical marijuana can help you choose more benign compounds and get more beneficial effects on your mental and physical health.


Integrating Marijuana Into Therapy

The psychedelic properties of marijuana can enhance insight and emotional depth. It can be helpful for someone who is having a hard time accessing their feelings. However, the motive in using medical marijuana also plays an important role. Consistently using it to dampen feelings may not contribute to long-term growth.

This is where cannabis-assisted therapy comes into play. With a trained psychotherapist, you can enjoy marijuana as a tool for introspection and insight. While the mind and body are relaxed under the influence of medical marijuana, unconscious memories and feelings may come to the surface.

The therapist’s primary role is to help you process those unconscious patterns and guide you to the process of healing.

Improve Your Health and Wellness with Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can help you improve your everyday wellbeing. But self-medicating may only increase problems or create new ones. So before taking medical marijuana, make sure to consult with your physician or psychotherapist. Remember that dealing with certain health conditions requires proper diagnosis and psychological care.

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