Adverse Medication Interactions & Cannabis

Oct, 2020
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Have you ever looked at your medication and seen a warning that says, “Do not consume with grapefruit?” For anyone on blood thinners, the answer is a yes. I bet you didn't know that anytime you see that warning, you need to be aware of potential adverse reactions with cannabis.

It turns out that more medications have adverse reactions than you think. This is because there are only a few pathways in which medications enter the body. Sometimes, entire classes of drugs will enter through the same pathway which means every drug in that family could have a potential adverse reaction that patients need to be aware of.

For this reason, Elevate Holistics has teamed up with Dana Sullinger, RPh, to provide our patients with consultations to discuss potential medication interactions of pharmaceuticals and medical marijuana. Dana also owns a dispensary in Missouri called Missouri Joint Ventures so if you're in Nixa or around central Missouri definitely stop in for a conversation.

The consultation, that you'll see as as add-on when you book an appointment, is 20-minutes long. Dana will go through your entire medication list to ensure that you are as educated as possible as you begin your new natural medicine.

Our goal and purpose is to elevate people's health naturally. We hope that by offering nurse consults, CBD consults, pharmacist consults, and holistic wellness consults that people will be able to take fewer pharmaceuticals and lead a more natural life.

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