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Author: Michael O. Lawal

Micheal O. Lawal


“Creating material for cannabis and holistic well-being involves more than just stringing together words. It requires infusing each sentence with sincere concern, blending genuine sincerity with pertinence, and transforming complex health ideas into accessible knowledge for everyone.” 


Micheal is a writer with a passion for health and cannabis. Before he began writing about cannabis almost three years ago, Micheal ventured into health administration, gaining valuable insights into patient care, healthcare systems, and health-related topics. His love for patients’ well-being was further strengthened with 18 months of experience writing about the complexities of alcohol addiction and its recovery. He has since been dedicated to exploring the multifaceted relationship between cannabis and well-being and the grey line between laws and usage.

Outside of health, Micheal, a football fanatic, writes about various subjects across several industries, helping businesses create value and sell their brands.


Blue Cookies strain

Strain Spotlight: Blue Cookies

The Blue Cookies strain may not be one you’ve had the pleasure of trying just yet, but it’s one you’re going to want to once

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