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When you walk into a licensed cannabis dispensary, you’re mostly just eager to leave with some bud. You see the products neatly arranged on shelves in containers of different sizes with different labels, but what do you ask to buy? A spoonful? A pack? A container? Maybe a handful? Nope. Instead, you’ll see measurements of grams, eighths, quarters, and more. But, what is an eighth of weed? What about a quarter? How do you even measure cannabis?

Don’t worry: we get that these terminologies aren’t the easiest to understand. And, if you’ve never bought cannabis before, it’s like speaking in a foreign language. That’s why, today, Elevate Holistics is breaking down everything you need to know about measuring cannabis. From what an eighth of weed is to how much it costs and everything in between, we’ll help you better understand the unique cannabis measurement system.

Understanding Cannabis Terminology    

With the increasing state legalization of marijuana, new consumers visit dispensaries to get their products every day; unfortunately, some may not know what to ask for or how cannabis is measured. Let’s get one thing clear: cannabis terminology is weird. Plain and simple. 

Understanding the nomenclature may take some getting used to, but you’ll have a grasp on it in no time. The best way to become familiar with this kind of terminology is by interacting with the products themselves. Curious about what an eighth of weed is? Buy one! See how it feels in your hand, how much it costs, and the weight. The more you do this, the better you’ll understand these measurements.  

So, What Is an Eighth of Weed? 

Many consumers tend to purchase cannabis in eighths — but, what is an eighth of weed? An eighth (1/8) refers to an eighth of an ounce, which comes in at around 3.5 grams. (Keep in mind that an ounce is 28 grams total.) 

An eighth of weed is the most popular measuring scale and buying option in the cannabis industry; so, it’s not uncommon to see jars of cannabis labeled in eighths. It is the ideal midpoint for weed consumption: enough to give you a high for several days but not so much that you have to worry about it going stale and losing its qualities. 

At 3.5 grams, whether you’re a connoisseur or a newbie, you’ll get more than enough puffs for a few days. 

How Much Does an Eight Cost?  

There’s no uniform price for an eighth of weed, but there’s a range. The price depends on your location and the quality of the strain you’re buying. 

At dispensaries, you can usually get an eighth for anywhere between $35-$55 depending on the strain. And, the price could fluctuate with demand. With blow-out sales or older strains, a dispensary may place the eighth between $25-30.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality bud possible, you may find yourself paying closer to $70-$75. These strains are typically considered boutique or “craft,” and will always come at a much higher price point than the market average. 

California is one of the largest weed markets, and an eighth there costs between $25 and $55. In smaller, less developed markets, prices do tend to be higher.

How Much Can You Smoke? 

How much weed is an eighth? We’ll tell you. You’re unlikely to smoke a whole eighth at once (that’s not a challenge, either), but how long it will last depends on how much you consume and how you consume it. 

If you’re using a bong or bowl, they can contain about half a gram of weed or less at once, so an eighth should fill it up eight to ten times. If you’re rolling up a joint, an eighth should provide you with three and a half full-gram joints or seven half-gram joints.  But, as we said, this simply depends! 

What About A Gram, Quarter, or Ounce? 

An eighth may be the most popular cannabis measuring scale, but it is not the only one. The cannabis industry has different scales for different amounts of cannabis, and buyers need to be aware of these scales to make informed decisions. You may have heard of a gram, a quarter, and an ounce. What do these words mean? How much weed do they represent? How much do they cost? Don’t worry: we’ll tell you.


What Is a Gram of Weed?

Typically, the smallest amount of cannabis you can buy is a gram. A gram is one twenty-eighth of an ounce (1/28). If you want to test a new strain or you’re not sure which strain to buy, a gram is great for a test drive. If you’re a beginner, a gram is an ideal starting point.

On average, a gram costs $10 but depending on location and potency; the price range is $7-$15. A gram will give you about two joints or three to four bowls. It’s just a small nug or two!

What Is a Quarter of Weed?

A quarter of weed is sometimes referred to as a quad because it contains a quarter of an ounce, measured in grams. It’s 7 grams or two eighths. Heavy smokers commonly buy the quarter because it lasts more and can smoke for long without running out.  

A quarter will give you about ten blunts and 14 half-gram joints; if you’re using a bong or bowl, a quarter will fill it up about 16-20 times. The price of a quad ranges from $60-$126 depending on strain and location.  

What Is an Ounce of Weed?

This weed titan is usually the largest amount an individual can possess in states where marijuana is legal. It is sometimes called a ‘zip’ because it can fill a ziplock bag. An ounce of weed contains 28 grams — or eight eighths. Buyers who want to buy in large quantities and save money prefer to buy an ounce because the more you buy, the lower the price.  

If you smoke one big joint a day, an ounce will last a whole month. You’ll probably get a whopping 56 joints in an ounce. Low-quality weed retails at $150-$220 per ounce, while the premium stuff costs $240-$280 per ounce.  

Still Confused? Let Your Favorite Marijuana Doctors Help Out 

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We believe access should not be a barrier to the healthful benefits of marijuana, and we want to help you enjoy the supportive beauty of cannabis. Our services are accessible online, and you can get started at the push of a button — the button down below! Get in touch with us today.

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