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The term “craft cannabis” describes a unique type of marijuana that uses superior cultivation techniques and nutrients to deliver a fresh product — just think of craft coffee, premium wine, and organic food. Currently, many people love craft cannabis for its unique and top-shelf cannabis strains. (And, seriously, who wouldn’t?)


But what makes this form of cannabis so popular, and why should you use it? Is it worth it to spend a little extra money on these top-shelf cannabis strains? Find the answers and a lot more down below.


What is Craft Cannabis?


Simply put, craft cannabis is organic cannabis that is cultivated by small growers using highly efficient farming techniques. Unlike large-scale cultivators, craft cannabis producers focus on maintaining their products’ integrity and quality. They do this to maximize the capabilities of a cannabis strain and enhance its effects or medicinal attributes.


For this reason, craft marijuana offers a more appealing alternative to commercially produced weed because attention to the little details results in top-shelf cannabis strains that stand out. Besides, many customers choose it for its aesthetically pleasing branding and premium quality. Furthermore, consumers look for top-shelf marijuana craft products because small-scale cultivation allows for optimum growing conditions, leading to superior-quality, top-shelf weed.

What is the Difference Between Craft Cannabis and Cannabis?


The difference between craft cannabis and general cannabis lies primarily in the cultivation approach and the scale of production. Craft cannabis is often associated with small-scale growers who prioritize quality, sustainability, and attention to detail. These artisanal producers typically employ organic farming practices, hand-trim their buds, and focus on creating unique, high-quality strains with distinct flavors, aromas, and effects. 


On the other hand, general cannabis may be produced on a larger scale, often with the aim of maximizing yield and efficiency, sometimes at the expense of those nuanced qualities. The craft approach is similar to the difference between boutique wineries and mass-market producers, where the emphasis is on the artisan’s personal touch, expertise, and the pursuit of exceptional product characteristics.

The Start of Craft Cannabis


Craft cannabis cultivation that produces top-shelf marijuana involves using farming techniques to preserve and deliver the full genetic strain of cannabis to customers. This art owes its origin to Guadalest, a small Valencian town in Spain.


The Guadalest farmers who developed this practice used eco-friendly techniques and natural resources in their area to grow their marijuana. They adopted some methods of using ladybugs for pest control, collecting water from natural waterfalls, and using bells tied on strings to prevent wild animals and trespassers.


Using this farming method, Guadalest cultivators upgraded the already popular ‘Critical’ strain to top-shelf cannabis. As a result, most people believe the Guadalest farmers are the originators of the first “craft” marijuana varieties.


Today, their legacy of craft marijuana and farming practice is what new-age marijuana growers use to give consumers top-shelf cannabis strains. 

The Attributes of Craft Weed


Generally, farmers grow craft cannabis in small batches, and the farming practices they use in cultivating this top-shelf marijuana are both organic and sustainable. Unlike large-scale marijuana producers, craft growers focus on carefully planting and drying each crop after a harvest. Considering this, some common characteristics of craft cannabis include: 

Small Scale


Craft cannabis cultivators focus on the quality of their products, not the amount they grow. As a result, they grow craft marijuana on a small scale – about 10,000 acres or less – because it requires a more hands-on approach.


With a small farm, the farmers can pay attention to the quality of their crops, meticulously inspect their plants, and immediately spot something wrong. This attention to detail is essential in cultivating and processing top-shelf marijuana. 

Tender Loving Care


In craft cannabis, care and attention are required, not optional; the process demands rapt attention from the beginning to the end of the cultivation process.


Essentially, the farmers are committed to producing a more potent flower and developing top-shelf weed with delicious terpenes. Instead of using machines, small-batch producers hand-trim their plants, which helps retain potency and quality. 

Organic Farming


Craft cannabis farmers are after quality, not scale, so they don’t apply farming practices prevalent in commercial cannabis farming. They are very concerned about the best organic methods for cannabis consumers, so they employ organic farming methods.


These farmers utilize organic pest control methods, maintain clean facilities, and don’t use banned pesticides or chemicals. All these ensure that customers enjoy top-shelf weed. 

Distinctive Branding



To stand out from traditional growers, craft weed brands differentiate themselves with their sleek branding and packaging so that consumers can easily spot their top-shelf weed.


Their upscale and sophisticated packaging appeals to consumers attracted to their aesthetically pleasing logos and high-quality containers, jars, and packages. Top-shelf weed deserves top-shelf packaging. 



You can enjoy your top-shelf weed confident that the planet was not harmed in its cultivation. Farmers grow craft cannabis with organic and sustainable practices that are safe for the environment. Their techniques are wellness-focused, and they do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals.  

How to Grow Craft Cannabis


Growing craft cannabis is an art form that requires patience, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the plant. 


To start, select high-quality, unique strains that resonate with your personal taste and the specific conditions of your grow space. Pay close attention to your plants’ environment, ensuring they have the right balance of light, air, water, and nutrients. Organic growing methods are preferred to enhance the natural flavors and effects of your cannabis; regular monitoring and hand-trimming are essential to catch any issues early and to shape the growth of the plants. 

The Best Craft Cannabis Strains


The goal of craft cannabis is to grow the best cannabis products using optimized environmentally friendly techniques that are difficult to replicate at a large scale. Some of the best strains of craft marijuana in the market include: 

Grapefruit Durban


This sativa-dominant strain is a blend of the timeless effects of Durban Poison and the mouthwatering flavors of Grapefruit.


Grapefruit Durban is one of the hottest strains around right now, and THC content is typically in the mid-20s. However, some batches have tested as high as 30%, making it one of the most potent strains available. After consuming this top-shelf strain, users report feeling energetic, happy, and uplifted. 



Sounds delicious, right? It also tastes and feels delicious. This top-shelf marijuana is a balanced hybrid that is a cross between Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Blueberry; the dominant flavor comes from the Blueberry strain, but it has undertones of citrus.


Effects vary among users; some report feelings of upliftment and energy in the early stages before the sedative effects kick in. 

Romulan #5


When a craft cannabis strain is named after an alien race from Star Trek, expect an out-of-this-world experience. This strain is indica-dominant with traces of sativa, and this unique profile results in an unmatched cerebral experience.


Consumers note Romulan #5 for its therapeutic effects and also report feelings of sedation, relaxation, and a heady intoxication that results in a full-body calming experience. 

Stripper Spit



Did the name pique your interest? It should; this new kid on the block is a hybrid blend of two famous strains: Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. The aroma is primarily floral, with notes of diesel and undertones of licorice.


If you’re looking for top-shelf medical cannabis, this is the one for you; it has been noted to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Look out for the munchies with this one; it packs a punch. 

Grandpa Larry


Sit back and relax, ol’ Grandpa Larry is gon’ take care of you. This potent strain is a cross between Larry OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, and its distinctive aroma comes from its OG parent. This strain produces the effects of a full-body experience that leaves users feeling calm and happy without being overwhelmed.


It is great for stress relief, pain relief, and treatment of insomnia and depression. So if you have an eye out for top-shelf medical cannabis, give this a try.

Gelato #33


This specially crafted strain has two unusual parents – Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. It is a well-balanced hybrid that owes a lot to its Cookie genes. Its flavors are fruity, sweet, and citrusy. Gelato strains contain fiery orange hairs; their buds can be dark green or purple.


This hybrid has limonene as its dominant terpene, the source of its citrus aroma and flavor. The effects of this strain are energetic and uplifting, which makes it a popular choice for use at the end of a long, hard day. 

Where to Find Craft Cannabis


If you’re looking to sample craft cannabis for its superior quality, you can easily find and purchase it in licensed dispensaries around you. However, this can only happen if you live in a state where the consumption of marijuana is legal. Likewise, only patients enrolled in a medical marijuana program can apply for a card and have access to this especially sought-after brand of marijuana.


Do you have a medical condition but have no medical card? Don’t worry: if you want to try out these craft cannabis strains, we’re here to help.


Elevate Holistics can help you access top-shelf medical cannabis. You can easily apply to get your MMJ card by using Elevate Holistic’s telehealth services! Our goal is to save you stress and lead you towards a comprehensive healing plan — whether you’re hoping to consume craft marijuana or regular ol’ flower.  

Enjoying the Benefits of Top-Shelf Cannabis


As marijuana continues to develop into a big business commodity, discerning customers will continue to look for the highest quality weed possible. With this, we should expect newer marijuana products that ensure consistent top-quality, like craft cannabis. 


And if your needs are therapeutic, there are top-shelf medical cannabis strains to ease your health. The next time you find yourself in your favorite dispensary coming face-to-face with some boutique cannabis, we recommend splurging a little — it’s more than worth it for those potent puffs and terpene-filled tastes.

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