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Does Weed Go Bad?

Ever took your time to roll what usually counts as a good joint to better your health, but after a few puffs, you’re like, “Nah,

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What is THC Syrup?

In the third quarter of 2020, the streets of the UK came alive with the news of THC syrup, and every other person who knew

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Will CBD Food Finally Be Legalized?

The past year has been a very exciting period in the U.S. cannabis industry, bringing forth some of the most outstanding landmarks at the federal

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Is Marijuana Safe for the Elderly?

Cannabis use among elderly persons aged 65 and older has increased steadily over the years. Given this increased marijuana use among the elderly, we need

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The Problem of Smoking Weed When Sick

Generally, there is a long list of qualifying conditions that patients can use medical marijuana to manage, none of which are respiratory symptoms. Sometimes, managing these

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Greening Out: How Much Weed is Too Much?

With the growing acceptance and accessibility of marijuana, it is crucial to understand that despite its many wonderful health benefits and widely advertised – and

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Dog CBD for Fireworks: Does It Work?

Most humans associate fireworks with celebrations and joy; many people look forward to the awe-inspiring fireworks on Independence Day and sometimes wish it was a

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Beyond THC and CBD: What is PHC?

Marijuana is a big family with hundreds of cannabinoids – natural and synthetic – that only continues to grow. Most recently, you may have started

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