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Black-Owned cannabis brands

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February is Black History Month and, for us, that means celebrating Black culture while simultaneously acknowledging the disparities that Black Americans have faced in the US for cannabis. 


There are more black-owned cannabis brands in the US today than ever before; however, less than 20% of all cannabis business owners are of a racial minority. So, while the industry’s made strides, it’s still not nearly as diverse as it should be. 

Today, we want to shed light on some of the best black-owned cannabis brands you can shop from — not only this month but every month beyond February. 

Understanding Cannabis and Black History Month

Before we talk about these fantastic Black-owned cannabis brands, it’s important to first understand the impact that the cannabis industry has had on Black lives in the US. 



Historically, cannabis laws have disproportionately targeted Black communities, leading to higher arrest and conviction rates compared to other groups. This has contributed to systemic inequalities, including impacts on employment, education, and even voting rights. 



The over-criminalization of cannabis has perpetuated racial disparities within the criminal justice system, reinforcing cycles of disadvantage and marginalization for Black Americans. 



And, even as more and more states begin legalizing cannabis, Black Americans are still getting targeted for cannabis-related “crimes”. We can blame centuries of systemic racism for this. 



While some states have made a bit of progress by expunging cannabis-related crimes and implementing social equity programs, the country, as a whole, still has a long way to go.

Five Black-Owned Cannabis Brands to Support

One of the best ways you can help diversify the cannabis industry is by shopping from Black-owned cannabis brands. And, trust us, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from. 


Here are five of the best Black-Owned cannabis brands to shop from in 2024.

The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

Black-Owned cannabis brand Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

If you’re in the PNW, you’re in luck: you have the chance to enjoy The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company’s products. 


THC Co. is Washington State’s only Black-owned cannabis farm. This multigenerational business prioritizes sustainability and community by buying locally and utilizing solar energy to create high-quality products. 


For an even closer look into what THC Co. does and how it operates, you can sit back and relax while watching their episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown


You can buy THC Co.’s products at dispensaries across Oregon and Washington (you lucky ducks in the PNW, you).


What could possibly be better than gourmet marshmallows? Cannabis-infused gourmet marshmallows, of course. 


Mellows is a Black-owned cannabis edibles brand that specializes in crafting some of the tastiest, most unique marshmallows you’ve ever tried. Each one of these gourmet chews contains a mellow dose of THC coming in at 5 mg. 


You can choose from mouthwatering flavors like Birthday Cake, Raspberry Rose Lychee, Orange Dreamsicle, and so much more. 


If you’re in California, you’re in luck. This CA-based brand sells its products at 10 different dispensaries around the state.

Canna Luxe Co.

Looking for some feminine smoking accessories? Then Canna Luxe Co. has you covered. 


Canna Luxe Co. is a female, minority-owned luxury smoking accessories brand that’s got everything you need to smoke in style. 


The brand states that its products are hand-picked and inspected to ensure that they’re of the utmost quality — so high quality, in fact, that you can use these pieces as decor when you’re not smoking. 


Whether your best friend’s birthday is coming up or you just want to treat yourself to something nice, turning to Canna Luxe Co. for some new smoking accessories is the best choice you’ll make all of February.


Plain and simple, Viola is the largest Black-owned premium cannabis brand — and it’s owned by Al Harrington. In fact, the entire company is named after the NBA star’s grandmother, Viola, who benefited greatly from cannabis consumption during her battle with glaucoma. 


Today, you can find Viola cannabis products in several states across the country, including Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Jersey. (Oh, and in Canada!)


The Viola cannabis brand has always had the goal of increasing equity and opportunity for Black and Brown Americans in the United States.


Thus, you can buy from this brand knowing you’re support is going to a great company this Black History Month.

Black-Owned cannabis brand Viola


Watch out, we’ve got another amazing luxury CBD product line coming your way. Noirebud is a female-owned and operated CBD brand that promotes trustworthy, affordable, high-quality products of varying types. 


When discussing Noirebud products, founder Carolyn Gray had this to say. “The product alone is undeniably golden… but I wanted this brand to be unapologetically bold and black — like me.”


From herbal teas to topicals and even cannabis fragrances, Noirebud is an amazing Black-owned brand to spoil yourself with this February — especially for V-Day.

Supporting Diversity in the Cannabis Industry — Beyond Just Black History Month

Shopping from Black-owned cannabis brands is a good step towards promoting diversity in the cannabis industry. However, it’s cuical to continue this support beyond just the month of February. 


Next time you find yourself at your local dispensary, ask your budtender which brands are Black or minority-owned. Better yet, see if you have any Black or minority-owned dispensaries in your area! 


Get your MMJ card online today and use your money the right way this Black History Month.

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