In Illinois, marijuana has been legal for medical use since 2014 and recreational use since 2019.
Since the state has legalized marijuana, anyone over the age of 21 can enjoy using it for
recreational purposes. However, Illinois marijuana laws still limit how much you can purchase as
well as the context that you can use it in. In this article, we’ll take a look at the current
possession laws in Illinois, as well as other key rules and regulations you should know.

Right now, there are different laws for the possession of marijuana in Illinois for recreational and
medical users. Although marijuana is now available at recreational dispensaries, there are still
some very important limits to be aware of.

Illinois Recreational Marijuana Limits

How much recreational marijuana can you buy in Illinois? For recreational users, there are limits
when it comes to how much cannabis you can have at one time. Right now, you can have up to
30 grams of marijuana flower or up to 500 grams of THC in cannabis infused products, such as
edibles. You can also have up to 5 grams of marijuana concentrate in oils, lotions, or creams.
The legal age in Illinois to consume marijuana is 21.
Because the weight of edibles and other infused products can vary, it can sometimes be difficult
to calculate exactly how much cannabis you have and whether or not it is under the possession
limit. This is where an adult use dispensary can help you. The team at the dispensary can help
you make decisions while you are shopping and ensure you don’t go over the possession limit.
It’s also important to note that while recreational marijuana is legal, you still cannot consume it
everywhere. Marijuana must be consumed in your private residence – you cannot consume it in
public spaces or in your car. You could face fines or other penalties if you are caught smoking in
a public space. In the future, we may seem some businesses or restaurants that are licensed for
indoor marijuana consumption, but this has yet to commence in most parts of the state.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Limits

Possession laws are slightly different for Illinois residents who have a medical marijuana card.
Illinois medical marijuana laws state that residents who have a medical marijuana card can
purchase up to 71 grams or 2.5 ounces of cannabis within a two-week period. If you have a
chronic condition that requires more marijuana for treatment, you can get a waiver to buy larger
quantities from your doctor.

Although marijuana is legal for recreational use in Illinois, there are still many benefits to getting
your medical card. Not only are possession limits higher for those with a medical card, but you’ll
also pay less in taxes and receive priority in the event of a marijuana supply shortage. You can
even grow your own marijuana plants at home if you have a medical marijuana card.
Illinois has a very comprehensive list of conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana card,
especially when compared to other states. Patients under the age of 21 can also qualify for
medical marijuana cards with the help of a caregiver if they have a qualifying health condition.

Illinois Non-Resident Marijuana Limits

If you are visiting Illinois from another state, you can purchase marijuana from an Illinois
dispensary during your trip. However, the possession limits are different for non-residents than
they are for residents.
Out-of-state customers can possess half as much marijuana as an in-state customer can. This
means they can have up to 15 grams of marijuana flower, 250 grams of THC in infused
products, or 2.5 ounces of marijuana concentrate. Out-of-state visitors also cannot bring
marijuana back to their home state, even if it is also legal for recreational use there or they have
a medical card from that state. This is because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level and
therefore cannot be transported across state lines

Illinois Cultivation Laws

Since 2020, Illinois residents with medical marijuana cards have been able to grow their own
cannabis plants at home. However, there are restrictions on how many plants you can grow and
exactly where you can grow them.
Although recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois, you cannot grow your own plants unless you
have a medical marijuana card. You are also limited to growing five plants over five inches tall.
The plants must be located in a secure locked room that is out of public view. Minors under the
age of 21 also cannot have access to the space. Any cannabis you grow must be for private use
only – if you are caught growing marijuana in Illinois illegally, you could face serious legal
If you rent your home, keep in mind that you will need to get permission from your landlord in
order to grow cannabis at home. If you live in federally subsidized housing, you are not legally
permitted to grow your own cannabis.

Fines and Penalties

If you do not adhere to the current Illinois possession and distribution laws, you could face legal
consequences. The exact punishment for breaking these laws will vary depending on the
severity of the offense. In some cases, it could just be a small fine, but in more severe cases, it
could result in jail time.

If you possess between 30 and 100 grams of marijuana, you could be charged with a Class A
, which can result in fines, probation, and jail time. The exact punishment will
depend on the amount of marijuana and whether or not it was a first-time offense. If you are
caught driving under the influence of marijuana, you could face similar punishments as well as a
suspension of your license.
Now that both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Illinois, it’s easier than ever to
consume it safely. It’s important to know the laws so that you can avoid the fines and penalties.