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What is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

Recently, you’ve probably come across products labeled “CBG” while shopping for MMJ and wondered what it’s all about. A new acronym? Don’t worry. CBG stands for cannabigerol, and it’s one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Right now, the CBG cannabinoid is not as popular as THC and CBD. Still, CBG products have been gathering pace over the years as many consumers have become more interested in cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD. More so, the CBG cannabinoid is unique because all other cannabinoids are derived from its acidic form.

But, what exactly does this CBG do, and how does it differ from the other cannabinoids? We’ve got the answers you need.


what is CBG

How is CBG Made?

CBG levels are relatively low in most cannabis strains compared to CBD and THC. That’s why products that contain higher concentrations of CBG are usually more expensive and harder to find.

CBG levels are highest when the plants are still growing, so growers usually harvest them before they fully develop. Also, some high CBG strains of cannabis are often used to create CBG oil and other CBG isolate products.

Due to the limited quantity, many companies that make cannabis products have been experimenting with the plant’s genetics to maximize the amount of CBG available.

What is the Difference Between CBD and CBG? 

The CBG vs. CBD comparison is often made because of the chemical similarities between these two cannabinoids.

CBG and CBD have a similar structure, and neither cannabinoid has intoxicating effects or causes a ‘high.’ More so, they can even work together to minimize the psychoactive effects of THC.

Despite the similarities, CBG and CBD bind to different receptors in your endocannabinoid system, and early research suggests that CBG could provide faster or stronger health benefits because of the receptors it binds to.

In addition, cannabis plants contain much more CBD than CBG, which is one reason why CBD products are so much more accessible. 


what is CBG

What are the Benefits of CBG?

Researchers haven’t conducted as many studies on CBG as on CBD or THC, so there’s still a lot to learn about this cannabinoid. However, there are indications of some helpful CBG benefits for your health.

In particular, CBG seems to have positive effects on glaucoma and inflammatory bowel disease. It also could potentially have a positive effect on chronic conditions like cancer and Huntington’s Disease. 

Potential Medical Uses of CBG

CBG has a wide range of potential medical applications. Currently, CBG products stand as a possible treatment for glaucoma in the future because it reduces pressure in the eye.

We also already know that CBG is beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease, so it could be helpful for other inflammatory conditions.

In addition, there’re early indications that CBG is neuroprotective, which could help protect against a range of degenerative neurological disorders.

What are the Effects of CBG?

Early research on CBG suggests it could work as an antioxidant and protect your neurological system. It could also help with inflammation and pain, especially when you combine them with other cannabinoids.

The benefits of CBG can also increase when you use it with other cannabinoids. This is because of the entourage effect that happens when cannabinoids combine to have a different overall impact on the endocannabinoid system. 

Does CBG Get You High? 

No, CBG will not get you high. In fact, CBG can mitigate some of THC’s side effects when you combine both. 

What Is CBG Oil?

CBG oil is a natural extract of the cannabigerol compound.

Although all cannabis strains contain this compound, the CBG oil is made from strains grown to include higher amounts of CBG.


what is CBG

While research is early on the benefits of CBG, studies have shown that CBG oil has several potential health benefits. Another research into the medical benefits of CBG oil shows that CBG can potentially reduce cancerous cells.

You can consume CBG oil in a similar way to CBD oil, including vaping, consuming, or placing directly under your tongue. However, let a medical practitioner prescribe the dosage for you.

What is CBG flower?

CBG flower looks like marijuana but has delta 9 THC in smaller amounts.

At some point, all hemp plants contain high CBGA (cannabigerol acid), the initial molecule used to produce all cannabinoids. However, the CBGA they have transforms into other cannabinoids as they mature.

Similar to other hemp plants that contain cannabinoids, the CBG flower is grown naturally. However, growers harvest the flower early to ensure that it contains a higher concentration of CBG.

This increased concentration will not get you high, but it contributes to the medical benefits of the cannabinoid.

What are the Best CBG Strains?

Since the law requires that hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC, the modified CBG strains will have a high amount of CBG but lower THC content, which ensures that the CBG flowers won’t get you high.

As explained, hemp containing high amounts of CBG is produced by stopping the conversion of CBGA – the compound found in all cannabinoid plants — to THC.

More potent CBG strains have a frosted white appearance and are less moist than other cannabinoid flowers.

Some examples of cannabis strains high in CBG include:

  • The White
  • White Whale
  • White CBG
  • White Widow
  • Jack Frost
  • John Snow
  • Frosted Cake CBG
  • Sour G
  • Lemon Cream Diesel
  • Cosmic Diesel
  • Stardust CBG
  • Super Glue CBG

Is CBG Legal in the US? 

Currently, CBG products are legal on a federal level in the United States as long as they are derived from hemp.

The United States federally legalized hemp-based products in 2019. However, CBG products derived from marijuana remain illegal at the federal level.

Some states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, so you may have access to a wider range of extensive products in these states. 

Where Can You Buy CBG Products? 

Finding quality CBG products can be more complex than finding CBD or THC products because CBG is produced in much smaller quantities. This also means that CBG products are typically more expensive. 

If marijuana is legal for recreational or medical use in your state, you may be able to buy CBG products at your local dispensary.

Also, if you want CBG derived from hemp, one of the best ways to do so is through a licensed online retailer. You’ll have more selections to choose from when buying online.

You can also look for broad-spectrum CBD products that contain CBG. Broad-spectrum CBD products have many other cannabinoids except THC. 

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Despite the limited studies, it’s clear that CBG can have many benefits on your overall health. More so, several states have legalized using CBG and other cannabinoids to treat health conditions.

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