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Elevate Holistics: Your Choice for Secure, Compliant, Compassionate Cannabis Doctors

We recently found out some deeply disturbing news reinforcing the need for compliant cannabis doctors. Sadly, 600 patients seeking medical marijuana (MMJ) certification had paperwork signed by a fake doctor in Missouri. In a mid-June 2020 press release, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) — the department in charge of the MO MMJ program — shared some of the details of this ongoing investigation.

What this means is that 600 patients received MMJ licenses by submitting cannabis doctor certification forms with unauthorized signatures. Even though there is no evidence to show that affected patients knew about the deception, their certifications are not valid.

The DHSS will send notifications to the patients impacted by these fraudulent services. They have 30 days to resubmit a valid physician certification.

Elevate understands the demoralizing effect this will have on those patients who are victims of this fraud. There are already too many hoops to jump through to simply gain access to this now legalized medicine.

If this doctor negatively affected you, please reach out to [email protected] or 660.205.2215, and we’ll gladly get you recertified for free.

Elevate Holistics for Safe, Compliant Certifications

We aspire to live up to our name. In the medical cannabis industry, there’s only room for patient-focused businesses. That means security, compliance, and compassion for every patient. We’ve taken this a step further by making our process convenient and easy to use, because there should be no undue burden on patients seeking medical cannabis relief.

At Elevate Holistics, we are real, compliant MMJ doctors, specializing in cannabis, licensed to practice in Missouri, Oklahoma, and several other states. Our physician signatures will always be valid. Always.

Elevate utilizes the most compliant system of any online clinic. We have 256-bit encryption and follow all industry standard security and compliance in terms of user auditing, versioning, and database encryption.

If major players in the space are still emailing certifications, how many others out there are failing patients to some degree? This is an obvious breach. Emailing your social security number and other personal medical information is not secure. There’s a better, safer way.

At Elevate, patients have their own profiles and download important information from a secure patient dashboard. Because we use encryption and adhere to industry standard security and compliance, you can be sure your information is safe and secure.

While the burden should not be on the patient to make MMJ services accountable, there are some helpful questions to ask when approaching a clinic for medical cannabis physician certification …

What to Ask a Cannabis Clinic:

How do you store my data? Your patient data must be stored in a 256-bit encrypted database that industry-standard compliant. This is how we store your data at Elevate Holistics.

How do I receive my physician certification? The secure, compliant way to receive your certification is through encrypted email or by downloading it from a secure dashboard that industry-standard compliant, like ours at Elevate.

Do you have encrypted patient forms? Any form you fill out for a clinic online should be encrypted. Elevate’s forms are encrypted to industry standard security and compliance.

Do you use encrypted email? For clinics that exchange patient information through email, encryption is a must!

Choose Elevate. Choose Security and Compassion.

When it comes to getting your MMJ certification, you should not have to choose between quality care, security, and convenience. At Elevate you can get all this and more from one clinic!

Elevate is the obvious choice for anyone who is concerned about security, compliance, and compassionate care.

Furthermore, we offer follow-up resources like the Cannabis Care Team, high-quality CBD products soon to hit the market, and a security standard like no other online clinic. And we’ve made it our mission to make the process easy. There is no better option than Elevate Holistics to get certified.

Again, if you’re a negatively affected patient, due to this recent fraudulent doctor in Missouri, please reach out. We’ll gladly get you recertified for free.

If you’re ready to get certified with a real, compassionate cannabis physician from the convenience of your home, book your appointment now.  

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

About the author

Ally Hilbert is the Content and SEO Manager here at Elevate Holistics, working to publish and run Elevate’s blogs and landing pages, as well as conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. After having brain surgery at the age of 17, Ally became fascinated with medical cannabis and its benefits, and, at 18, had her first CBD-related piece published. Today, she’s been writing about cannabis for the past six years, and simply can’t think of a better company to get to do it for. When she’s not writing or editing, Ally’s side-by-side with her pup Sadie in Seattle.
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