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As the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City has a lot to offer — including marijuana. Since Missouri legalized cannabis fully, many residents have found themselves searching, “dispensary near me in Jefferson City, Missouri” and we don’t blame you!


Thankfully, you have two different options to choose from when seeking high-quality dispensaries in the capital. From one that has been open since the first days of medical marijuana legalization to a shop that is newer to the community, let’s take a look at the dispensaries near you in Jefferson City.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near You in Jefferson City, MO

Marijuana may be fully legal in Missouri, but many people choose to keep their MMJ cards because it grants them access to better discounts, lower taxes, and priority service.


Thus, many residents prefer to use their medical cards at a previously medical-only dispensary.


Missouri Health & Wellness Dispensary in Jefferson City was the capital’s first licensed dispensary, and it continues to serve both cardholders and recreational consumers today. 


You can explore their huge selection of flower, edibles, vaporizers, accessories, and apparel. Plus, their wonderful customer service team will help you with whatever you may need. 



1404-A Missouri Blvd. Jefferson City, MO 65109

Hours of Operation:

Monday–Wednesday: 9am – 9pm

Thursday- Saturday: 9am – 10pm

Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Phone Number:

(573) 298-4067

More Dispensaries Near Me in Jefferson City

dispensary near me in Jefferson City, Missouri

As a shop with a nearly 5-star review on Google with almost 1,000 reviews, Shangri-La marijuana dispensary in Jefferson City is hard to beat. 


This medical and recreational dispensary offers a huge selection of top-shelf products at affordable prices. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, allowing every person that steps in to feel comfortable. 


Many people choose Shangri-La for the shop’s amazing customer service. The budtenders are known for being helpful and knowledgable, so you’ll leave with the perfect product and more cannabis information than when you walked in. 


Oh, and did we mention they have a drive-thru?!



2118 Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City MO

Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Phone Number: 573-644-9100

Find MMJ Doctors Near You in Jefferson City, MO

Want to shop at a dispensary? If you’re a Missouri resident experiencing pain and suffering from a medical condition(s), Elevate Holistics can help evaluate your medical options and recommend you for MMJ in MO.


Book online today and start shopping for a dispensary near you in Jefferson City!


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Michael Lawal is a seasoned content writer with specialized expertise in the medical cannabis industry. With a background that blends journalism and health sciences, Michael has a knack for translating complex medical cannabis research into accessible and engaging content. His writing portfolio showcases a range of work from informative articles and research summaries to patient education materials. Committed to raising awareness about the benefits and responsible use of medical cannabis, Michael's work is a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals in the field.
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