Perks of Getting a Medical Card in Illinois

Mar, 2021
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Reasons to Get a Medical Card in Illinois

With Illinois recently legalizing recreational cannabis, residents are beginning to question the need for an MMJ program. But, what they fail to realize are the incredible perks that getting a medical marijuana card in Illinois can bring. 

From increased cannabis quantities to reduced taxes and even the ability to grow your bud, having an MMJ card in the Land of Lincoln is more than worth it. Not to mention, getting your medical card is just a four-step process that Elevate makes more convenient than ever. Here are just some of the most significant incentives to getting your IL medical marijuana card. 

More Weed, More Options

In Illinois, having a medical marijuana card means having access to a lot more weed. Illinois government limits recreational users to about an ounce of product at once, and medicinal users are free to purchase up to 2.5 ounces every two weeks. If that’s not enough for your medical condition, as an MMJ patient, you may request a waiver to possess more cannabis at one time. 

Having this larger quantity of cannabis allows you to stock up on your favorite products with confidence. Sometimes, heading out to the dispensary can be a whole ordeal that doesn’t always fit in your schedule. As a medical patient, though, you can cut down on your trips to the weed shop, only going when it works best for you. 

Speaking of dispensaries, a considerable benefit of having an IL MMJ card is that you can access more comprehensive product ranges. Your local dispensary will likely have a menu dedicated just to medical patients, as you’re able to purchase products that recreational consumers simply cannot. If that doesn’t make you feel special, we don’t know what will! 

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Perks of Getting a Medical Card in Illinois

Save Some Serious Cash

At first glance, some people are turned off to the idea of an MMJ card simply because you have to pay a fee to register. Of course, this is not the case for adult-use cannabis. However, when looking at the details, having an Illinois medical marijuana card can save you some serious money.

Recreational cannabis users in Illinois are subjected to some of the highest cannabis tax rates in the country. Adult-use cannabis purchasing comes with a 6.75% sales tax, which, on its own, seems doable. However, that’s not the only tax that non-medical users have to pay.

On top of the sales tax of cannabis, recreational consumers also must pay a purchaser tax that varies depending on how much THC is present. So, even if you buy one joint versus four grams of flower, if the singular joint has more THC, you will pay more in taxes.  All products that contain less than 35% THC are subject to a 10% purchaser tax, while anything over 35% will cost you an extra 25% in taxes. Oof is right.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, though, this is a whole different story.

IL MMJ patients only have to pay a simple 1% sales tax on their products. That’s it. Without these fees, you can pay off the entire cost of your medical card in just a few trips to your dispensary. This perk of getting a medical marijuana card in Illinois makes the entire process more than worth it. 

You Can Grow Your Own!

Another massive advantage of getting your IL MMJ card is the freedom of at-home cultivation. Growing your cannabis plants at home is only lawful for those with a valid medical card, and recreational users don’t have access to this at all.

While at-home cultivation can be tricky, it allows for newfound confidence that you know exactly how your plants were grown and where. Not to mention, you’re saving yourself a lot of cash by often avoiding high dispensary prices. 

Medical cardholders can grow up to five mature plants simultaneously. However, you must adequately store, lock away, and ensure your plants aren't visible to the public whatsoever. Follow these guidelines, and you can start perfecting the art of growing cannabis— as long as you have an IL MMJ card, that is.

You’re Always a Priority

When you’re a medical patient in Illinois, you’re always a priority. The medical marijuana program has been around much longer than IL’s recreational program, and the experience is still primarily tailored to MMJ cardholders. That being said, many dispensaries prioritize medical patients over recreational ones. Some even have completely separate (much shorter) lines and purchasing orders. 

If you’re a medical patient, waiting for an hour at the dispensary is simply a thing of the past. 

Elevate Makes the Process Easy

At the end of the day, getting your IL MMJ card is a straight-forward, comfortable experience that Elevate strives to make more convenient than ever. The whole process only takes about four steps, and through Elevate, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Thanks to our telehealth visits, obtaining your Illinois medical card is as safe and pleasant as it gets. 

The perks of getting your IL medical marijuana card can go on forever. Every patient’s benefits will be different, but that’s okay! That’s what makes medical cannabis so wonderful: the advantages are unique to everyone.