Save Money at These Medical Dispensaries In Illinois

Apr, 2021
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Let’s be honest: cannabis is kind of pricey. Because of this, we’re always looking for high-quality dispensaries with the best deals possible, helping us save even just a little bit of money. That’s precisely why we’ve compiled this list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois near you that have great marijuana and affordable prices.

But, before we talk about those MMJ dispensaries, let’s quickly discuss the advantages of being an MMJ cardholder in Illinois.

Man Using Tongs To Pick Out Marijuana Buds At A Medical Cannabis Dispensary.
Save Money at Dispensaries In Illinois

Is An Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Worth It?

Illinois initially legalized medical marijuana in 2013, and thousands of residents flocked to get their MMJ cards. Now, there are nearly 150,000 registered medical patients in the Land of Lincoln. While this number grows each year, it’s slowed since 2019 when Illinois legalized recreational cannabis, as well. But, what people fail to realize are the myriad benefits that come from having a medical card.

Even though you have to go through the application process to get your medical card, the perks that you get once you have one are more than worth it. Having an Illinois medical marijuana card can help you save some serious money in the long run (as we’ll talk about next), and you’re even able to grow your own plants. That’s right: at-home cultivation is legal for cardholders! 

On top of growing up five mature cannabis plants in their homes, Illinois medical marijuana cardholders also receive special protections from the state. In the case of a marijuana shortage in the Prairie State, MMJ patients will be prioritized and ensured enough product for their medical conditions. Just these conditions alone can be enough to convince you to make an appointment for medical cannabis. Now, let’s talk about money.

Save Money With MMJ

If you have an MMJ card, you’re going to save yourself some serious cash when shopping at medical dispensaries in Illinois. Unfortunately, Illinois has some of the highest cannabis tax rates in the country— but not if you’re a medical patient.

Medical patients have to pay an extra 1% sales tax on top of their cannabis products. This fee is incredibly insubstantial compared to the taxes that recreational consumers must pay.

Adult-use cannabis consumers have to pay a 6.25% sales tax on top of the price of their cannabis products. Along with this, however, they also have to pay something called a purchaser’s tax. This number varies depending on how much THC is in each product. If there is less than 35% THC, you’ll have to pay an extra 10%. If it’s more, you’re subjected to a pricey 25% added purchaser’s tax. 

With these taxes, you pay off the low cost of your medical marijuana card in just a few dispensary trips. See how much money you can save?

How Many Dispensaries Are In Illinois?

Right now, there are 110 dispensaries located across the state of Illinois. Fifty-five of these dispensaries are purely recreational, while the remaining 55 operate for both medical and adult use. With numbers like these, you’re bound to find a dispensary that works for you. But, to help you out a bit, we’ve listed some of the best (and most affordable) Illinois dispensaries near you. 

Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near You

Now, here is a quick list of the best, most affordable dispensaries across the state of Illinois:

Getting Your IL MMJ Card With Elevate

Now that you have all the information you need to find the perfect dispensary, the only thing that’s left is to get your Illinois medical marijuana card if you haven’t already. That’s exactly where Elevate comes into play! We’re here to set you up with the perfect telehealth appointment. Our cannabis doctors will help you get your MMJ card in whatever ways possible, leaving you feeling comfortable and cared for. Soon, you’ll be shopping at local dispensaries in Illinois before you know it.