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Marijuana is a big family with hundreds of cannabinoids – natural and synthetic – that only continues to grow. Most recently, you may have started seeing PHC come up from your favorite companies. But what is PHC cannabinoid, and how does it differ from the many other cannabinoids you know? What’s the difference between PHC vs THC?


Even if you’ve never heard of this cannabinoid, Elevate Holistics is here to get you well-informed. 


Below, we’ll discuss the PHC cannabinoid and its effects, letting you know all it has to offer. So, let’s start with the basics: 

What is PHC? 


If you ask even the most skilled experts in the cannabis industry, “What is the PHC cannabinoid?” they’re not going to give you a lot of information. This is because PHC is one of the newest cannabinoids around — and we’re still learning a lot. 


Unlike more popular cannabinoids like THC and CBN, which have been around for decades, PHC is the new kid on the block, and there’s not much information about the unique cannabinoid.


What we do know is that PHC is short for Hydrox4phc, and it is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from Delta-9 acetate. 


By synthetic, we mean that PHC does not occur naturally in the cannabis plant but scientists extract it via a special chemical process.


However, being synthetic does not mean that it is a chemical compound cooked up in the lab; it only means that scientists use a special extraction process to produce it from naturally occurring cannabinoids. 


Once PHC enters your system, it becomes THC — practically

How is PHC Made? 


The way that this cannabinoid is made is unique and can only be done by professionals in lab settings. As we’ve mentioned, this compound cannot be created without human intervention.

To make PHC, experts work with a delta-9 THC acetate. This acetate is the result of combining the THC cannabinoid with a chemical called acetic anhydride.

Once scientists have the Delta-9 acetate cannabinoids, they subject them to a series of chemical reactions that mimic reactions that happen naturally. These chemical reactions work to turn the acetate into PHC.

This process is why you’ll see PHC being called a synthetic cannabinoid. 

PHC doesn’t naturally occur in the cannabis plant like CBD or THC does, and the synthetic attributes may cause complications with the legality in the future. But, hey, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Does PHC Get You High? 


Yes, the PHC cannabinoid can get you high, and that’s good news if you are looking for a psychoactive experience that is literally out of this world.

How Strong is PHC?


As we’ve mentioned, PHC is synthesized from Delta-9, a potent, psychoactive cannabinoid. Also, PHC is made so that when it enters the body, it is converted into 99% THC, delivering an intensely psychoactive experience.


However, because it is so powerful, it is advisable to consume it in small doses and watch how your body reacts to it before you go all in.  


If you’re not someone seeking a powerful high experience, then PHC is not the best choice. Instead, it would be better to stick with non-psychoactive compounds like CBD or CBN. 



Speaking of THC, how does the PHC cannabinoid compare to Delta-9 THC as a whole?

Some people may claim that PHC is going to produce much stronger results than THC, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In general, many people find PHC’s effects to be quite similar to delta-9 THC’s. This means that the potency and the results of the high are pretty comparable.

So, why would someone turn to PHC over THC if PHC isn’t even that much stronger? The answer is simple: PHC is federally legal and available online, while traditional THC isn’t. 

PHC vs. Other Popular Cannabinoids


When compared to other popular cannabinoids like delta 8 THC or even HHC, PHC is going to produce more powerful results. This means that it tends to be better for those more experienced consumers seeking stronger effects for their conditions.

You don’t want to dive right into PHC if you’re not comfortable in the cannabinoid industry just yet. Rather, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to step up from D8, D10, or HHC, but may not live somewhere where delta-9 is legal. 

If you want a more visual comparison, just take a look at this table:


Comparison to PHC

Effects and Uses


Similar psychoactive effects to PHC

Strong psychoactive effects, provides bliss, tension relief. Full-spectrum cannabinoid with an entourage effect.

Delta 8

Milder than Delta-9 and PHC

Reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, enhances sleep quality, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, appetite-stimulating, increases focus.

Delta 10

Different in effects; more energizing and focus-inducing

Binds to receptors similarly but with energizing, focus-inducing effects rather than sedative. Less euphoric high compared to PHC.


Non-psychoactive compared to PHC

Wellness properties, helps with anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures. Non-addictive, easy to use, minimal side effects.


Milder than Delta-9 and believed to be milder than PHC

Similar but milder psychoactive effects compared to Delta-9 and PHC.

Is PHC Cannabinoid Safe to Take?


As we’ve said, PHC has not been around long enough for scientists to study it properly. However, it is obtained from marijuana, and marijuana is a safe, natural drug.


What matters the most is that you use marijuana responsibly and don’t take more than you can handle. Also, if you are trying PHC for the first time, we recommend you have someone you trust nearby in case you need medical attention.  

PHC Cannabinoid Effects: What Does the High Feel Like? 


Again, scientists have not had the time to study PHC and uncover proven effects, but that does not mean we know nothing about PHC cannabinoid effects; users have reported feeling certain effects after consuming PHC.


From what consumers report, the feeling PHC gives is similar to what you get from consuming delta-9 edibles. 


A feeling of bliss that saturates the body and mind, a soothing sensation that results from the body releasing tension and leaving you lighter. A psychoactive feeling unlike what they have experienced with any other cannabinoid.  


Users report that consuming PHC gives a potent high similar to when consuming edibles, and the effects last up to eight hours. The reported effects of PHC include:


  • Euphoria
  • Relaxed feeling
  • Anxiety relief  
  • Happiness

Note that these effects are only as reported by consumers, and scientists are yet to confirm them.


Everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different, so PHC cannabinoid may not have the same effect on you as it does on your friend.

Does PHC Cannabinoid Have Side Effects?


Marijuana is safe and natural. Unlike medications like opiates that result in addiction and fatal overdose or NSAIDs that are harmful to certain people, the side effects of marijuana are relatively mild. 


Most of marijuana’s side effects result from consuming too much, so we recommend you start with small doses and give your body time to react before you up the dose.  


The side effects of PHC cannabinoid are similar to those of marijuana; they include:


  • Dry mouth  
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Impaired physician coordination  
  • Temporary memory loss
  • Dry eyes

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, don’t panic, they will wear off with time.


For more information on how to handle the side effects of marijuana, read our piece on what to do in the case of a marijuana overdose.  


Is PHC Legal?


Yes, PHC is legal in the US if it comes from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC, just like the 2018 Farm Bill says. This rule is similar to how non-alcoholic drinks are regulated based on their alcohol content.


But, the situation with PHC isn’t totally clear-cut. The Farm Bill doesn’t specifically mention PHC, so there’s a gray area. Also, the DEA has suggested that synthetic cannabinoids (like PHC) might not be fully covered by the Farm Bill, which makes things a bit more complicated.


As rules and opinions about synthetic cannabinoids are still evolving, PHC’s legal status could be reexamined in the future, especially because it’s made in a lab from hemp. Right now, PHC fits within the legal limits because of its THC level, but this could change as laws and interpretations evolve.


For anyone interested in PHC, it’s smart to keep an eye on the laws and maybe even get advice from a legal expert who knows a lot about cannabis laws.

Where Can I Buy PHC?


If you are eager to try this new cannabinoid taking the industry by storm, we recommend visiting licensed dispensaries. You can call dispensaries in your area to find out if they stock PHC products.


We advise you to stick to licensed dispensaries because they undergo quality control tests and their products have to meet strict safety standards.


There are so many unsafe products on the open market that may be cheaper, but they are not worth the cost in terms of the damage they can do to your health.


You can find PHC hemp flower, PHC live resin, PHC vape, and other products at licensed dispensaries or online retailers.   

Does PHC Show Up On Drug Tests? 


As a rule of thumb, if a cannabinoid is psychoactive, it is likely to show up on a drug test.


PHC is a very potent cannabinoid with great psychoactivity, so if you have a drug test coming up, it’s best to ditch the PHC weed.


If you are worried about failing a drug test and need tips on removing marijuana from your system, see our guide here

Learn More About Marijuana With Elevate Holistics  


One of the biggest hindrances to marijuana therapy is access, and we are here to solve that problem. When it comes to access, the first thing you need is information; how do you access marijuana if you don’t understand it? 


At Elevate Holistics, we break everything down into simple language so that you have the information you need to make informed choices at your fingertips.


As we have explained PHC in this article, we have also explained other cannabis terms here


Even if cannabis is recreationally legal in your area, it’s important to recognize the benefits that come from having your medical card instead.


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About the author

Ally Hilbert is the Content and SEO Manager here at Elevate Holistics, working to publish and run Elevate’s blogs and landing pages, as well as conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. After having brain surgery at the age of 17, Ally became fascinated with medical cannabis and its benefits, and, at 18, had her first CBD-related piece published. Today, she’s been writing about cannabis for the past six years, and simply can’t think of a better company to get to do it for. When she’s not writing or editing, Ally’s side-by-side with her pup Sadie in Seattle.
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