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Medical Marijuana Florida Frequently Asked Questions

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Where to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida 

If you’re wondering where to get your Florida medical card, you have a few different options. You can choose to go to one of the many in-person MMJ doctors in the state; or, you can stay cozy at home and do it all online instead. While Elevate Holistics’ telehealth platform isn’t yet live in Florida, our friends at Heally are.

If you click this link — https://elevateholistics.getheally.com/patient_admin/patient_users/sign_up — you can book an appointment to get your Florida medical card totally online. It’s quick, easy, affordable, and totally hassle-free.

In Florida, you have to be at least 18 years old to get a medical marijuana card on your own. However, minors can also get MMJ cards as long as they have a Florida medical marijuana caregiver. Those under 18 have to have two physicians diagnose you with a qualifying condition.

Caregivers work on behalf of patients who cannot represent themselves. This can be either a minor or an elderly person or someone with a disability. For minors who would benefit from a medical card, their caregivers tend to be a parent or guardian. The caregiver will act on behalf of the patient, filling out paperwork, registering with the state, and even going into dispensaries to purchase products. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter a Florida dispensary.

Can You Get a Medical Card Online in Florida?

Yes, you can! You can get a medical card online in Florida from trusted telemedicine platforms like Heally.

Simply click here to get started: https://elevateholistics.getheally.com/patient_admin/patient_users/sign_up  

Can You Get a Medical Card for Anxiety in Florida?

Technically, anxiety is not on the list of qualifying medical conditions for Florida marijuana. However, that doesn’t mean that your anxiety cannot get you a medical card.

On the list of qualifying conditions is “medical conditions comparable to those above” as well as “chronic, nonmalignant pain.” Those with anxiety can typically make a case that the symptoms of their mental illness fall under the qualifications of these conditions.

To find out more, you can read our blog here: Can You Get a Medical Card for Anxiety in Florida?

How Much is a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida? 

It costs $75 to get a medical marijuanas card in Florida.

Can You Travel With Medical Marijuanas in Florida? 

You can travel across the state of Florida with your medical cannabis as long as you have your patient card on you. However, you cannot travel with just any amount of MMJ.

Florida marijuana laws state that all cannabis you have on you must remain in its original packaging. It’s also crucial to keep in the trunk of your car, or in an area that’s not accessible when driving.

You cannot possess more than 4 oz of smokable cannabis at one time, or have more than a 70-day supply of cannabis at home. When purchasing, you cannot exceed the 35-day supply limit of 2.5 ounces.

If you want to travel out of state, you cannot take your medical marijuana with you.

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuanas Card in Florida 

To apply for a Florida medical card online, first, you have to find a qualified physician. You can book an appointment with Heally to do so over the phone or the computer.

During your appointment, the physician will see if you demonstrate at least of the qualifying conditions the state outlines acceptable for MMJ. Those conditions are the following:

Once you have your appointment and are approved for medical marijuanas in Florida, your physician will enter your information into the state’s registry. Soon, Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) will reach out via email. This email will outline the rest of your medical card process, including providing you with a Patient ID Number.

From here, you can finish submitting your application online or in the mail. This is where you’ll include your $75 application fee. As soon as the state approves your application, you’ll get an email. You can use this email to purchase your MMJ until your physical card arrives.

No, recreational marijuana is not legal in Florida. Currently, only medical marijuanas in Florida is permitted.

Does Florida Medical Marijuana Law Cover Growing? 

Growing marijuana in Florida is not allowed. Florida medical grow laws do not allow patients or caregivers to cultivate their own plants at home or in a garden.

How to Add Caregivers to Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card 

If you’re looking to have a Florida medical marijuana caregiver, you have to register them at the same time you apply for your medical card. There will be a section on your application that asks about designated caregivers, so fill this out accurately.

From there, the OMMU will reach out to the designated caregiver and they will go through their own process of registration.

Does Florida Have Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

Unfortunately, Florida does not have medical marijuana reciprocity. This means that those with out-of-state medical cards cannot enjoy MMJ in the state. However, Florida does allow seasonal residents to apply for medical cards. So, if you live in Florida only a few months out of the year, you may still be able to have an FL medical marijuanas card.

Learn more about Florida reciprocity in our blog post: Does Florida Accept Out-of-State Medical Cards?

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