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Medical Marijuana Hawaii Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Hawaii?

Medical marijuana is legal in Hawaii for those with proper medical cards. To get a medical card, a physician has to diagnose you with at least one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions. From there, they will give you the medical recommendation you need to register with the state’s MMJ program and get your HI medical card.

The state first legalized MMJ all the way back in 2000. In fact, they were the first state to do so via legislation, thanks to Act 228.

Unfortunately, recreational cannabis is not yet legal in Hawaii, and we’re unsure if it is going to be any time in the future. However, the Aloha State has decriminalized small doses of cannabis (three grams or less).

How to Find Weed in Hawaii

Finding weed in Hawaii is easy as long as you have a proper medical card. There are Hawaii cannabis dispensaries throughout the state, but they will not let you purchase any cannabis unless you present your MMJ card.

Once you get your medical marijuana card, you are free to shop from any licensed dispensary around the state and on nearby islands. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot transport your Hawaii medical marijuana from island to island. Instead, you must consume your MMJ on the island that you purchase it from. And, of course, you have to buy the product from licensed Hawaii cannabis dispensaries.

Can I Use My Medical Marijuana Card in Hawaii?

If you’re from out of state and have an MMJ, Hawaii medical marijuana laws allow for cannabis reciprocity. This means that out-of-state patients are able to purchase MMJ as long as they show their valid medical card. 

Interestingly enough, Hawaii also offers something called a Hawaii 329 card. These cards allow for frequent visitors to apply to the MMJ program, as long as they see a qualified physician in Hawaii and get a medical recommendation.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuanas Card Cost?

Hawaii medical marijuana cards have two different fees depending on how long they’re valid. A one-year medical card will cost you $38.50, while a two-year card costs $77. However, two-year Hawaii medical marijuana cards are only available to those with certain qualifying conditions.

Are There Dispensaries in Hawaii?

Yes, there are dispensaries in Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, and Maui. You can go to any of these islands and purchase cannabis with your medical card. However, you cannot take your MMJ from one island to another; instead, you have to consume your cannabis on the island you buy it from.

For a full list of dispensaries in Hawaii and surrounding islands, you can go to HI’s Department of Health Medical Cannabis Registry Program website.

No, recreational marijuana is not legal in Hawaii. Cannabis three grams and less has been decriminalized in the Aloha State, but adult-use marijuana has not yet been legalized.

You can only enjoy legal weed in Hawaii with a medical marijuana card.

Yes, growing medical marijuana in Hawaii is legal as long as you state your intent to cultivate when registering with the program. Along with stating your intent, you have to provide a cultivation location to the Department of Health that they can verify.

Hawaii medical marijuana patients can only grow their cannabis at home or in a separate area that the patient owns and controls. You must cultivate all plants in one location while tagging them with your patient card number and expiration date.

Patients are legally allowed to grow up to 10 plants in one location. 

Note: Starting at the end of 2023, cannabis caregivers won’t be able to grow cannabis for patients except for those who live on an island without a dispensary, those unable to do so themselves, and minors. 

Can I Go to a Dispensary Without a Card?

No, you cannot go to a Hawaii medical marijuana dispensary without a proper medical card. These dispensaries require you to present your medical card either upon entrance or during purchase. So, if you do not have your card on you, you will not be able to make a purchase.

Do Dispensaries Track How Much You Buy?

Yes, Hawaii cannabis dispensaries have to track how much product you buy; this helps ensure you stay within your state-appointment allotment. Hawaii medical marijuana laws state that patients are allowed to possess up to four ounces of cannabis at a time.

Do Dispensaries Take Insurance?

Unfortunately, dispensaries do not take insurance. Right now, insurance doesn’t accept medical cannabis for federal legal reasons; however, your insurance may cover the appointment you have to get your medical card recommendation in the first place.

Do Dispensaries Share Information With the Government?

Nope! At the federal level, cannabis of any kind is still illegal. Thus, this prevents the government from being a part of any cannabis program or organization whatsoever. Dispensaries cannot and will not share your information with the government.

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