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Medical Marijuana Maine Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine? 

Yes! Medical marijuana is legal in the Pine Tree State, so you can get your medical card legally. However, you have to display at least one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions, which we will talk about more in-depth later.

If you’re wondering how to get a medical card in Maine, the process is quite straightforward. First, you have to receive a certification from a qualified physician that demonstrates MMJ is right for you. Then, you will head over to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) website and register with the state. Here, you will need to upload a copy of your medical recommendation alongside other necessary documents.

In Maine, you don’t have to worry about an application fee! Registering with the state is free of charge.

Once you submit your application, you will hear back from the MMMP typically within about 2-3 weeks. If you’re approved, you’ll get your Maine medical marijuana card and you can start shopping for MMJ.

Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Maine? 

You can get your Maine medical marijuana card online if you so choose. If you’d prefer to stay at your house to complete the process, you can utilize a brand’s telehealth services to meet with a doctor over the phone or computer.

Once the doctor approves you, they will grant you a medical recommendation for MMJ. From there, you will register with the state and submit an application online, too.

Yes, medical marijuana in Maine is legal for those with qualifying medical conditions. The state legalized medical cannabis all the way back in 1999 with the Maine Medical Marijuana for Specific Illnesses act. This legislation allowed MMJ consumption for those with severe, debilitating medical conditions.

Ten years later, the state went back and expanded the current MMJ regulations through the passing of the Maine Medical Marijuana Act. This act decriminalized cannabis possession of up to 2.5 ounces; it also established the MMMP, allowing the state to have better regulatory processes for cultivators and Maine dispensaries.

Did Maine Legalize Recreational Marijuana? 

Along with medical marijuana, recreational marijuana in Maine is also legal. The state passed the “Act to Legalize Marijuana,” which permitted adult-use cannabis in the state. However, this Act didn’t come without backlash.

Since its passing, the Maine legislature has made several amendments to the act to compromise with opposing viewpoints. These changes included lowering the number of plants one could cultivate at home, as well as delaying the conversation regarding cannabis social clubs, as was initially outlined.

Regardless, recreational cannabis has been legal in Maine since 2016, and the market only continues to expand.

Are There Recreational Dispensaries in Maine?

Yes! Both medical patients and recreational consumers can find dispensaries in Maine. If you’re not a medical patient, there are various recreational dispensaries across the state for you to shop from.

Medical patients can also find medical-only dispensaries; they also have access to delivery services that adult-use consumers may not.

How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Maine?

Growing your own marijuana is legal in the Pine Tree State, but not without regulations. According to Maine marijuana growing laws, patients and caregivers can grow up to six mature plants and 12 immature plants at one time. You can also have an unlimited amount of seedlings.

Recreational consumers can also grow cannabis at home. If you’re not a medical patient, you can grow up to three mature plants and 12 immature plants, as well as unlimited seedlings.

If you’re feeling generous, Maine marijuana laws allow you to give away up to six immature plants at one time, as long they are completely free of charge. (Hence the term “gift.”)

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana? 

So, what are the qualifying conditions for a medical card in Maine?

Interestingly, Maine is one of the few states in the US that doesn’t have a list of qualifying medical conditions anymore. The program states that, as long as a medical practitioner finds you may benefit from MMJ, they can provide you with a medical cannabis recommendation.

If you’re curious, though, you can find a list of common MMJ qualifying conditions here: https://elevate-holistics.com/blog/common-mmj-qualifying-medical-conditions/

Can I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card Online? 

Yes, just as you can get your medical marijuana card online, you can also renew your MMJ card online in Maine. If you prefer to do things in person, you can also print out the renewal application and send it to the Office of Marijuana Policy in Augusta.

How Long is the Application Process for Maine Medical Marijuana Caregivers? 

The application process for a Maine medical marijuana caregiver isn’t much longer than that of a regular patient. Caregivers have to first register with the MMMP and submit an application. You will also have to apply for a registry identification card that has a sales tax identification number. To get this number, you can head here: Maine Revenue Services

To be a caregiver in the state of Maine, you have to be at least 21 years old. You cannot have been convicted of any drug offenses, otherwise, your application will be denied. If you’re interested in cultivating cannabis for your designated patient, you will have to pay an annual fee of $240 per patient, as well as $31 to cover necessary background checks.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana? 

Currently, insurance does not cover medical marijuana. This tends to be because of the federal illegality of the substance.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Buy in Maine? 

Maine marijuana possession laws vary depending on whether or not you’re a medical patient. Medical marijuana cardholders can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, and can store up to 8 pounds of dried flower at home.

Recreational consumers can also purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and up to 5 grams of concentrates legally. Any more than this and you may be fined.

Does Maine Accept Out-of-State Medical Cards?

Yes! If you’re an out-of-state medical patient visiting Maine, you can use your medical card at one of the state’s many dispensaries. You just have to make sure you have your MMJ card on you, as well as a valid ID.

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