Are Edibles Legal in New Jersey?

May, 2022
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New Jersey cannabis is now legal for recreational use and the start of sales is being called historic. The state is beginning to roll in the revenue while New Jerseyans are also reaping the benefits. Residents are soaking up (and breathing in) the good New Jersey marijuana energy as cannabis products are flying off the shelves. 

Flower, concentrates, and… New Jersey edibles? That’s where it gets a little complicated. Elevate Holistics is here to investigate the edibles in NJ mystery and explore other marijuana laws set by the state. We’ve got to know, are edibles legal in New Jersey?

Can you buy edibles in New Jersey? What’s really going on with edibles in NJ? Let's find out.

Over a year and a half ago, NJ residents voted to approve recreational-use cannabis. And as of April 21, 2022, one day after the canna-community holiday, New Jersey cannabis is legal for adult use. 

Adults 21 or older can now buy cannabis products (more on edibles New Jersey below) from medical dispensaries with clearance to sell for recreational purposes. But, the state is implementing strict restrictions on cannabis purchasing, possession, and consumption. 

Lawmakers have decriminalized possessing up to six ounces of weed, but you can only purchase one ounce of marijuana legally at a time. And the only place it’s legal to smoke weed in New Jersey is one’s own residence. 

New Jersey is also the only state with medical marijuana that doesn’t permit patients to grow their own marijuana plants. Growing even just one cannabis plant can result in three to five years in prison and a fine of $25,000.

And, of course, driving while high is illegal and could result in a cannabis DUI. (Remember that marijuana can stick around in your system.)

So, even if you are not currently high, you could still get a cannabis DUI. It is also illegal to consume marijuana in the car even if you are a passenger.

And if you plan on traveling, note that taking New Jersey cannabis across state lines violates federal law and could be penalized accordingly.

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Now, let’s get to the burning question – are edibles legal in New Jersey? Now that adult-use cannabis is legal, are edibles legal in New Jersey for purchase?

Where Can You Buy Edibles in New Jersey?

Now, New Jersey residents can buy cannabis flower, concentrate, and ingestible non-food cannabis products like syrups and capsules. 

According to state law, traditional edibles in NJ like cookies or brownies, cannot be sold anywhere in the state. This means that perishable New Jersey edibles that “resemble food” are not available.

However, cannabis products like certain gummies and lozenges are for sale. The specific cannabis products available will also vary by dispensary. 

It’s unclear what exactly the hold-up is with edibles New Jersey and a timeline of progress has yet to be issued.

Typically, edibles are a booming category of the cannabis market. With edibles in NJ having complex restrictions, the state’s cannabis industry isn’t able to fully tap into the edibles New Jersey potential market.

The limitations also give consumers fewer choices when it comes to purchasing cannabis. 

Are Edibles Legal In New Jersey

Edibles are a prominent sector of weed products for cannabis consumers who don’t want to smoke or vape, which is often the older generation or those who rent their residence. 

They are the fourth most-popular cannabis category in the US and are growing in popularity yearly, according to the cannabis analytics firm Headset.

The cannabis industry expects edibles to reach a whopping $3 million in sales across the US this year. 

What Exactly Are Edibles?

The laws regarding edibles in New Jersey are a little complicated, but what exactly are edibles? Edibles refer to any food product infused with marijuana or marijuana extracts. 

You can add cannabis to many foods, like chocolates, brownies, gummies, lozenges, beverages, and more. (New Jersey edibles include gummies and lozenges.)

Unlike smoking weed, the effects of edibles can take much longer to kick in.

While inhaling marijuana can produce nearly immediate effects, consuming edibles may take 1-3 hours until you feel anything. That’s why you have to be careful with dosing. The effects may hit you hard out of nowhere if you consume too much. 

So we’ve gone over New Jersey edibles, let’s hear about the hefty chunk of change the state is now making in cannabis sales.

New Jersey Recreational Cannabis Sales

On New Jersey’s first day of recreational cannabis sales, almost 12.5K customers bought nearly $2 million worth of recreational cannabis products, according to the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission

The start of adult-use sales is being referred to as “historic” by the cannabis industry. New Jersey recreational cannabis sales matched New Mexico’s, which brought in almost the exact same amount of revenue on its adult-use launch day.

Are Edibles Legal In New Jersey

Still, consumers have been utilizing the medicinal market with about 64,000 ounces of MMJ products dispensed to patients and caregivers in the past month.

As of early 2023, there are various cannabis dispensaries — about 30 — around the state of New Jersey. And that number is only expected to rise over time.

These dispensaries are required to put policies in place so that patients are prioritized and able to get their medicine first. Dispensary inventory is continually monitored so that patient access and supply are not affected.

With the opening of recreational dispensaries in New Jersey, you no longer have to ask yourself, “Do I need a medical card to buy at a dispensary in New Jersey?” Nope! As long as you're at least 21, you're all set. (Just make sure you have your ID on you.)

Cannabis Social Equity in New Jersey and Other Perks

Overall, states that have legalized marijuana for adult use have garnered more than $10 billion in cannabis tax revenue since licensed sales began in 2014. On top of the tax revenue gained from legalizing cannabis, thousands of jobs are created and social equity programs are assembled to help those affected by the war on drugs.

Legal New Jersey cannabis comes with two state taxes and a local tax: a municipal tax, social justice excise fee, and a sales tax. The largest portion of this revenue will go to “impact zones” where marijuana laws have been most enforced. 

New Jersey officials say that taxes from marijuana sales will be allocated to communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition. And as the price of cannabis goes down, the “social justice excise fee” will increase.

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