If You Have a Medical Marijuana Card, Where Can You Smoke?

Person smoking weed; sunset. If you have a medical card, where can you smoke?

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Getting your medical marijuana card comes with a whole lot of excitement — and a little bit of confusion. Sometimes, you don’t get all of your questions answered, leaving you slightly lost in terms of rules and regulations surrounding MMJ. In particular, a lot of patients are left wondering, “If you have a medical marijuana card, where can you smoke?

Alongside federal laws, states that have legalized adult use of medical marijuana have laws in place to regulate the possession of MMJ, as well as where and how patients can use medical cannabis. It is crucial that you are aware of these regulations so you don’t transform from a patient to a criminal the instant you light up a bud at the wrong place.

Person smoking weed; sunset. If you have a medical card, where can you smoke?

The very simple answer to this is no, smoking MMJ in public isn’t legal in the US. Unlike our neighbor Canada, smoking recreational or medicinal marijuana in public is a criminal offense. Over there, the laws are more lenient. As long as you do not see a “No Smoking” sign around, you can chill by a street corner and light up a bud. Over here in the U.S? It is a different story! The law is clear on the fact that it is illegal to smoke medical marijuana anywhere in public.

So, unless you want to take two things off your bucket list – smoking marijuana in public and friction with the law – always bear it in mind that it has always been illegal and is still illegal to smoke medical and recreational marijuana in public. The law applies to all states in the U.S.A, including the ones that have legalized the adult use of medical marijuana.

If You Have a Medical Marijuana Card, Where Can You Smoke?

You probably had a few guesses before or when you started reading this post, all hinged at possible places that would be listed as places where you can smoke. The thing is, there is no list. If there is a list, it would be something in the lines of –

Places in the U.S where you can smoke medical marijuana:

1.     Your apartment (if permitted by the landlord)

2.     Your home (because you own it and are free to make the rules!)

And that’s just about it. Both places refer to the same thing – your residence.

The point is, the only place you can legally smoke medical marijuana in a legal state is in an enclosed space away from the public. In most cases, if not all, this simply refers to your residence or your friends’ or relatives’. Every other place you may try to smoke medical marijuana, whether it is a hotel room, on public transportation, at the bar, at school, in your car while driving, in a mall, or at the park, you will be doing so outside the law. Consequently, that could be what opens a criminal record entry for you if you are accosted.

It is also important that you note the little clause attached to option 1.). If your landlord prohibits smoking marijuana on the premises, and you cannot convince them otherwise about your legal need for it, it would be in your best interest to move to an apartment where it is not prohibited. You want to smoke your medical cannabis in peace, not like a potential criminal being all anxious about your landlord or neighbor catching you.

Can I Ever Use Medical Marijuana in Public?

Technically, yes! The prohibition law strictly applies to smokable marijuana. You may ingest medical marijuana in public through other means like edibles or topical marijuana ointments. Also, you may choose to vape using vape pens, but you have to be super discrete about it.

If it burns and it smells out enough for law enforcement officers to get a whiff of it, and you are not in a private enclosed space, then you might be in for a ride with the law.

can I smoke marijuana in my parked car?

It is generally not legal to smoke marijuana in a car, even if it is parked. Many states have laws that prohibit the use of marijuana in a vehicle, even if the vehicle is not being driven. Additionally, even if it is legal to use marijuana in your state, it is still illegal under federal law. It is important to remember that driving while under the influence of marijuana is also illegal in most states, and can be very dangerous. It is always best to use marijuana responsibly and in accordance with the laws of your state.

Precautions for Using Medical Marijuana in Public

As always, ensure that you are never stepping out of your home with more marijuana than is allowable by your state laws. Additionally, you should always ensure that you have your medical marijuana product in its original packaging whenever you are out with it in public.

Most importantly, always have your medical marijuana card on you!

To get a state-authorized medical marijuana card quickly, simply contact us at Elevate Holistics! We are always on hand to meet your needs at a very affordable rate.

Again, do not smoke medical marijuana in public!

Elevate Team

Elevate Team

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