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There are 207 cannabis businesses with dispensary licenses in Missouri. So, if you ask, “are there marijuana dispensaries in Missouri?” the answer would be a resounding yes.

And with that many across the state, you will certainly find some medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri near you.

But then, all dispensaries are not equal; some have a wider array of products than others, while some streamline more towards providing marijuana products from a few brands.

It helps if you know how to find the best dispensary in your location or, at least, be able to assess a marijuana dispensary in Missouri and determine if it is one of the best medical dispensaries.

Although it appears there are many medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri, it is not among the states with the most dispensaries.

States like California, Colorado, and Oklahoma hold those positions, with Denver alone having about 200 dispensaries within the city.

Despite the seemingly fewer marijuana dispensary in Missouri, the state holds some of the best medical dispensaries in the country.

Let’s look at pointers on how to find the best medical marijuana dispensary in Missouri. 

Distribution of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Missouri

As of 2021, the population record for the state of Missouri was 6.168 million individuals. This means that there are 3.4 dispensaries per 100,000 persons in the state.

The numbers are way over ten dispensaries per 100,000 persons in states like Oregon, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, and Alaska.

However, despite the gap in the population distribution of dispensaries between Missouri and these other states, Missouri still ranks reasonably above other states, such as Minnesota and Illinois.

The distribution of dispensaries in cities in Missouri seems to be even, to provide some sense of proximity for the greater percentage of medical marijuana patients in the state.

Saint Louis, with 26 licensed dispensary facilities, has the most dispensaries in Missouri, while Kansas City, with 19 licensed dispensary facilities, comes closely behind.

The competitiveness in these cities pushes operational dispensaries to up their games to provide better services for medical marijuana patients.

However, this does not mean that dispensaries in other cities are lax about providing great services for their customers.

Talks are in place to increase the number of dispensaries in the state to enable better accessibility and greater service provision.

If these talks manifest into reality, we can expect more competition in the industry.

With slight considerations on improving the entry to Missouri’s cannabis industry, we can look forward to seeing more medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri soon.

So, are there marijuana dispensaries in Missouri? Obviously. 

For a full list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri, click here.

How to Find the Best Dispensary Near You

Bearing in mind that Missouri is one the 21 biggest states in the U.S, with medical marijuana dispensaries littered across its cities, it is safe to say that any approach to collectively describe the best dispensary for you would be subjective.

You will be more inclined to look for the best medical dispensaries near you than find the overall best in Missouri, then travel hundreds of miles to get your refills or spend days waiting for the home delivery.

So, are there marijuana dispensaries in Missouri near you that you can rely on? What are the metrics for how to find the best dispensary?

Broadly, there are three key indicators to bear in mind when searching for the best medical marijuana dispensary in your location.

Product Catalog

There is no straightforward approach to cannabis; reactions to cannabis or cannabis-infused products vary from person to person.

So, what works for Patient A might not work for Patient B. Consumption by inhalation might work better for Patient A, while Patient B prefers cannabis ointments.

The best medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri consider the different needs of patients while stocking their shelves.

They have a wide array of products to satisfy these needs and restock them often, so they never run out of the medical marijuana you love when you need it. 


The primary and only customers of the medical cannabis dispensaries are patients who have various qualifying conditions with varying severity.

This knowledge guides how the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri structure their business.

Basically, they attempt to ensure their services are as easily accessible to their customers as they can be.

This means they could try to incorporate pickup services, so you never have to waste time at the dispensary.

Some also attempt to provide online sales and home delivery services, so you never even have to leave your home when you need a supply.

However, it is important to note that due to some technicalities limiting financial transactions in the U.S cannabis industry, most dispensaries find it very difficult to incorporate the home delivery option.

Even in the absence of all these, a dispensary that has found other ways to ensure that you never spend too much time at the point of sale can also earn extra points in your good books.


Yes, medical marijuana is largely considered expensive.

Irrespective of the price, some dispensaries attempt to reduce patients’ financial burdens by offering discounts or offering their products within the lower thresholds of obtainable price limits. Consequently, their products are more affordable.

It helps to know the average price for given medical marijuana grades and products in Missouri when assessing dispensaries near you to determine the best. 

Other Things to Consider

While the above touch on the factors that can help you find the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri on a broader scale, there are other things to consider during your search.

  • Neatness: The best medical marijuana dispensary near you should boast a very clean environment – from the car park to the check-out counter. The more pristine it is, the better the ranking.
  • Product/marijuana education: The staff or budtenders should know a lot about the products and be able to educate you on them. They should be able to answer any questions you may have about the products in a helpful manner.
  • Instant services: This is especially applicable if you are a repeat customer. While this is not to say that you would be able to jump queues ahead of other patients, the dispensary should be able to process your order faster since they already know your usuals. Also, they would be willing to allow you to call in to make your order so they have it ready before you get to the dispensary.
  • Friendly and professional service: Visiting a dispensary should not feel like a visit to the morgue. Even if you’d rather miss all the chitchat and smiles, the staff’s approach should always be welcoming and open to helping out with your requests.
  • Certificate of analysis: While most brands do not provide this, reputable brands provide their COA. And the best dispensaries often carry products from brands that provide COA. That way, you can check the COA to confirm the authenticity or quality of the medical cannabis product you buy.

We hope these tips on how to find the best dispensary direct you to the best one around!

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Are there marijuana dispensaries in Missouri? Yes, a lot of them.

And with the legalization of recreational weed around the corner, your search results for “top dispensaries near me” will broaden to include adult-use marijuana dispensaries.

The state intends to give existing medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri the license to sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

But to access those top-shelf yet cheaper medical marijuana products, you have to present a valid, state-licensed MMJ card.

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