How Do I Buy Medical Marijuana Products in Missouri?

Dec, 2022
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If you suffer from an ailment like pain, depression, or insomnia, you’ve probably considered medical THC products. However, you might be stuck on how to access cannabis and what products to purchase at the dispensary.

How do I buy medical marijuana products in Missouri? What type of cannabis product is right for me?

Elevate Holistics is here to walk you through buying medical cannabis products in Missouri and what you can expect at the dispensary. Trust us – it’s easier than you think. Let’s get familiar with the process of buying medical weed in MO!

How to Buy Weed in Missouri

How do I buy medical marijuana products in Missouri? Buying medical cannabis products in Missouri doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’re here to help.

First, patients will need their Missouri medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis products in MO. Elevate Holistics can walk you through the MMJ card process, which consists of obtaining a doctor’s MMJ recommendation (our specialty) and submitting an application to the state (we can help with that, too).

How Do I Buy Medical Marijuana Products In Missouri

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How old do you have to be to buy weed in MO? Missouri doesn’t require a minimum age to access medical THC products.

But, patients under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian register as their caregiver. 

By February 2023, at the earliest, recreational marijuana products will be available in Missouri to those 21 and older.

However, there are many reasons to hold onto your Missouri MMJ card, like lower costs at the dispensary, higher purchase and possession limits, and employee protection.

Visiting Dispensaries for MMJ Products

After you’ve obtained your Missouri medical marijuana card, it’s time to visit a dispensary and start buying THC products.

  • Choose a local Missouri dispensary to visit. Maybe you choose a dispensary based on location, the products available on the dispensary’s website, or even the logo’s colors. Trying out different dispensaries is a fun part of the process.
  • Some Missouri dispensaries only accept cash. You can ask ahead and come prepared.
  • After deciding on a dispensary and making your way there, it’s time to check-in. Check-in using your ID and Missouri medical marijuana card, either in its original digital form on your cell phone or printed.
  • Wait until a budtender – a dispensary staff member who sells MMJ products – is ready to bring you to the area of the building with medical THC products. Here, you can ask the budtenders what products might work for you based on your qualifying medical conditions

How do I buy medical marijuana products in Missouri that are right for me? What medical marijuana products can you expect to see available at Missouri dispensaries? 

Which Marijuana Products Are Right For Me?

At the dispensary, you will find MMJ products like flower, edibles, and vapes. These products contain different concentrations of THC (gets you high) and CBD (doesn’t get you high).

Both cannabinoids are known for their therapeutic benefits – it’s all about finding the combination of THC and CBD that’s right for you.

How Do I Buy Medical Marijuana Products In Missouri

We suggest starting with medical cannabis products that contain low THC and high CBD if you are unfamiliar with getting high. Over time, you can experiment with higher levels of THC if you feel comfortable with it.

If you don’t want to get high, ask your budtender for CBD products.

Learn more about CBD Vs. THC by clicking here.

Cannabis products, particularly flower, are categorized as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Sativa products are more stimulating, while indica is more relaxing. Hybrid is a mix of the two effects.

Types of Medical THC Products in Missouri

So what are the types of accessible medical cannabis products in Missouri?

  • Flower is cannabis in its raw form, ready to be smoked. Cannabis flower is plentiful at Missouri dispensaries and comes in many strains with different levels of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes
  • Edibles and drinkables are foods and drinks infused with cannabis. Gummies, chocolates, and beverages are popular options for cannabis consumers who don’t want to inhale cannabis.
  • Concentrates are potent MMJ products made from extracted cannabinoids, often in the form of dabs, wax, hash, resin, or other sticky substance. Cannabis concentrates popularly come in vapes.
  • Tinctures are liquid, cannabis-infused products that come in a dropper to be consumed orally, under the tongue. Droppers allow patients to consume consistent doses.
  • Topicals are cannabis-infused creams, balms, lotions, and more that are applied to the skin, targeting pain directly. Traditional topicals do not produce a high, as they do not enter the bloodstream. Transdermal topicals, on the other hand, can produce intoxication.

If you’ve never smoked, we suggest trying edibles, drinkables, or tinctures to start your cannabis journey.

These medical marijuana products are easier to consume but take longer to enter your system, making it essential to start with a small amount and wait.

If you don’t like what you got from the dispensary the first time, that’s okay! There are a plethora of products available that produce different effects. Keep experimenting and researching.

Elevate Your Life With MMJ Products

How do I buy medical marijuana products in Missouri? The process is simple: obtain your Missouri MMJ card, choose a dispensary, and purchase MMJ products that you think might work for you. 

Are you ready to begin your cannabis journey? Then it’s time to get your medical marijuana card! Luckily, that’s what Elevate Holisitcs does best.

Elevate Holistics is a telemedicine MMJ clinic that connects patients to certified physicians for medical cannabis recommendations. Over a simple video chat with a doctor, patients can receive MMJ approval, which is required to get a medical card.

Improve your overall well-being by diving into medical cannabis products in Missouri.

Book a secure online doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics to get your medical marijuana card.