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 Is Missouri recreational cannabis legal? No.

When will Missouri legalize weed? If things go as expected during the November election cycle, the state will most likely legalize Missouri recreational marijuana by year’s end.

As a patient with a medical marijuana card, you might be thinking it is right about the time you do away with your card and hop on the recreational marijuana Missouri train. But, before you do that, it might help to think things through — as you’d be doing away with a lot more than your card.

In fact, recreational weed legalization would only amplify the benefits of a medical marijuana card. That’s because, as with all fully legal states, they all structure the cannabis industry to be way more beneficial for patients.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of why it’ll still be best to keep your medical card even if Missouri recreational cannabis passes in November. 

Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

There are numerous benefits to keeping your medical marijuana card even if the state legalizes Missouri recreational weed.

More importantly, let’s look at some of the Missouri medical marijuana card benefits you might not want to throw away. 

State Reciprocity

State reciprocity means that patients from other states can use their medical marijuana card to purchase a 30-day supply in another state they are visiting.

Missouri does not allow for state reciprocity at the moment, but if the Missouri legalization recreational 2022 ballot pushes through, it would also have the state approve state reciprocity.

This means that as a patient with a medical marijuana card, you will access more Missouri medical marijuana card benefits. You will be able to use your card to purchase medical cannabis in any of the other MMJ states and territories that allow reciprocity.

It is important to note that state reciprocity does not mean you can possess any cannabis product while crossing state lines. 

Better Cost and Taxes

With the legalization of Missouri recreational weed in place for adults 21 and above, recreational weed is likely going to be more expensive than medical marijuana.

You might want to think that because street weed is cheap, legal recreational marijuana would be cheap. But no, that is never the case in any state that legalizes adult-use marijuana.

Cannabis is a heavily taxed substance — even more than tobacco and alcohol — firmly regulated by the government.

Consequently, taxations pile on the cost of production, and buyers also get taxed at the point of sale. The state uses these taxes to fund social programs such as schools, healthcare for senior citizens and indigents, and drug awareness programs, 

However, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are taxed differently. Medical marijuana is taxed less than recreational marijuana to make it more accessible for patients who need it for various health conditions.

The situation won’t be any different with recreational marijuana in Missouri. Recreational cannabis is going to be way more expensive and highly taxed (at 6% of the retail price if legalized) than medical marijuana (currently at 4% but likely to be reduced in the future). Also, local governments can impose an additional 3% tax on recreational marijuana.

So if you’re thinking, should I keep my medical card? Yes, you should!

One of the terms of Amendment 3 is to drive down the cost of card renewal and increase how long each renewal stays valid. Unfortunately, the state will shift most costs to recreational marijuana.

While this might not be great news for people looking forward to buying Missouri recreational weed, it makes the benefits of a medical marijuana card all the more appealing. 

Instant Service

Dispensaries with the authority to sell medical and Missouri recreational weed will almost always prioritize the patients with a valid medical marijuana card.

So, when people queue up at a dispensary, a patient with an MMJ card can waltz in, get their refill, and waltz out without as much delay.

It might seem unfair if you look at it from a blurry lens, but it is how the legal cannabis world works. Registered patients will always get their cake before others.

Also, if there is cannabis scarcity in the state for any reason, the available cannabis would be reserved for patients.

Generally, dispensaries always prioritize medical sales over non-medical sales, so medical cannabis products are always in stock.

If convenience is something you value, then it would be in your best interest to maximize this Missouri medical marijuana card benefits and keep your medical card. 

More Cannabis Product Options for You

Variety is the spice of life, but the most available variety is mostly reserved for medical patients.

If voters push the Missouri legalization recreational 2022 ballot through the hurdles of legalization, the state will most likely limit the varieties available for recreational sales to edibles and smokeable dried flowers.

Meanwhile, patients with valid MMJ cards would have access to various forms of marijuana-infused products, including concentrates, dried marijuana, and edibles.

The reasons for a more available variety for patience border on the fact that most individuals who would buy Missouri recreational weed are likely to do so because they want to get high. Hence, they are fine with just smokeable marijuana.

On the other hand, patients often need marijuana for the relief of certain conditions. They would prefer to apply the cannabis product on a specific region of their body for a more direct impact.

Also, patients may prefer to consume marijuana in several ways apart from smoking, so various cannabis products are made available to satisfy different patients’ needs.

There are industry concerns that having recreational marijuana available in numerous options might lead to some level of marijuana abuse among adult users. 

More Potency – Stronger, Medical-Grade Strains, Higher CBD Concentrations

When it comes to quality and potency, recreational and medical marijuana of the same strain are mostly the same quality and strain across different states.

However, there might be slight differences in the methods used in growing the same weed strain for medical and recreational purposes, with manufacturers applying the more intricate procedures to medical marijuana.

Although medical and recreational marijuana are both subjected to lab tests, medical marijuana tests place a lot more emphasis on the potency and healing properties of constituent compounds in the strain.

While Missouri recreational weed might provide you with all the high you want, you might not be getting the healing properties you need.

Additionally, while Missouri recreational weed might be a bit on the generic side, providing what is generally suitable for adults 21 and above, stronger and rarer strains are mostly available for medicinal purposes.

Also, some high concentrate CBD products with high potency may only be available for patients, as many patients prefer products that offer the healing benefits of weed without the highness.

“Is recreational weed legal in Missouri?” is a question we might not have to ask for long. Still, the advent of recreational marijuana in Missouri does not necessarily mean you will get the better of both worlds on the recreational side. 

Cultivation Permission

One of the more exciting benefits of keeping your MMJ card is that if you have a patient cultivation card, you retain the freedom to grow your own weed in accordance with state regulations.

True, Missouri recreational weed legalization might allow Missourians to grow their own weed. However, even if the Missouri legalization recreational 2022 ballot makes adult-use weed available for cultivation, it would take a while before the state allows non-patients to grow their own weed.

More importantly, in any case, patients would always be allowed to grow more weed than recreational users.

So, while anticipating recreational marijuana Missouri it makes more sense to keep your medical card and reap the associated benefits of a medical marijuana card and grow your own weed—more of it, too. 

Possession Limits

The odds favor patients having higher purchase and possession limits than recreational users.

With Missouri recreational weed legalization, patients’ possession limits would increase from 4 ounces to 6 ounces or an equivalent of a 30-day supply. However, the possession limits would be lower for recreational users

Another benefit of the Missouri medical marijuana cards is that with a patient cultivation card, you can bump up your possession limits to 12 ounces or 18 ounces if the Missouri legalization recreational 2022 ballot pushes through.

Moreover, if you get a recommendation from two independent medical marijuana doctors that you need more than the state’s possession limits, the state will allow it.

You can learn more about how you can maximize Missouri’s possession limits for patients here

Access to Special Programs

Is recreational weed legal in Missouri? No. But you know who is steadily getting the best of the cannabis industry? Patients with medical marijuana cards.

While we are expecting recreational weed in Missouri soon, expungement programs are likely to be the only sort of program that would be widely available for recreational users.

For patients, the benefits of a medical marijuana card can extend to various lines of programs that allow access to high-quality cannabis products at a cheaper rate. Such programs could include compassionate care and veteran programs.

Maximize the Benefits of the Missouri Marijuana With Elevate Holistics

If the question on your mind is still, “is recreational weed legal in Missouri?” Now you know it may be legal soon. But the real question should be, “how do I get the best of both worlds?” And the answer is simple: your medical marijuana card.

At Elevate Holistics, we are all about ensuring that patients get the best of everything cannabis. And one way to stay in the loop is to have a medical marijuana card that allows you access to all varieties of high-quality cannabis products in the state.

Additionally, you have a better chance of navigating the cannabis world safely and more meaningfully. MMJ cards create access to quality and personalized cannabis education from state-licensed medical marijuana doctors and practitioners.

Elevate Holistics stands out as the best telehealth provider in Missouri, helping thousands of MO patients with their MMJ card needs.

You can contact us now to effortlessly get your MMJ card in record time at a very competitive rate. We will also be running promotional discounts throughout November and December, so now’s the time to get your medical card at the lowest price possible. Even if the state legalizes Missouri recreational cannabis, you’ll always have access to the best products, best service, and the best prices possible.

Click the scheduler below to get started.

Missouri Patient Resources:

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