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With the passage of Amendment 3, we have been getting a lot of questions from Missourians. And, “Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Missouri?” is one of those age-long questions that has now resurfaced with more intensity.

Initially, some prospects asked this question because they wanted to know if they could go to a dispensary and purchase medical marijuana once they started their applications.

Today, some prospects ask this question because they want to know if recreational marijuana legalization means Missouri medical marijuana cardholders can go to a dispensary without their card.

Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Missouri? Can I go to a dispensary without a medical card? Can I buy from a dispensary without a medical card? No!

Regardless of how the question is phrased, the answer remains no.

Here is what the MMMP program regulations have to say. 

MMMP Program Regulations for MMJ Cards.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), which is responsible for providing safe access to marijuana, outlines some MMJ card-related policies in the MMMP program regulations.

A part of the regulation’s outline categorically states, Patients may purchase medical marijuana in Missouri only upon presentation of a Department-issued patient identification card.”

The implications of these policies make it clear that:

  • A patient cannot use a regular state ID card or means of identification other than their MMJ card to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.
  • A patient with an out-of-state medical marijuana card cannot use such a card to purchase medical marijuana from a state-licensed Missouri dispensary. It does not matter if the card is valid in their state.

Essentially, your medical card is your only pass to medical marijuana. 

Missouri Medical Marijuana Cardholder: More Things to Know

Aside from the MMMP program regulations on MMJ cards, it is important to note that the state has a seed-to-sale tracking system that tracks marijuana from the seed stage to the point of sale.

Also, the DHSS keeps a patient record which, in addition to managing patient profiles in the state, also helps track how much marijuana a patient buys in a month.

With every medical marijuana purchase you make, the system takes note.

The record automatically helps Missouri medical marijuana cardholders stay within their monthly possession and consumption limits.

By and large, these factors help in the easy regulation of and safe access to medical marijuana.

Their absence would mean that anyone can go to a dispensary as often as they wish and buy any quantity of medical marijuana they want.

Hence, the state makes it mandatory for patients to always present their MMJ card when buying medical marijuana.

Consequently, the answer to “Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Missouri?” “Can I go to a dispensary without a medical card?” “Can I buy from a dispensary without a medical card?” or other similar questions are no.

If you have started your state applications or you are in the process of renewing your card, you have to wait to receive your card before you can purchase medical marijuana at licensed dispensaries. 

Recreational Weed is Now Legal: Can I Go to a Dispensary Without Medical Card?

With the recent cannabis legalization, can I buy from a dispensary without a medical card? Can I go to a dispensary without a medical card?

Well, the answer depends on another question: are you going to the dispensary to buy medical marijuana or adult-use marijuana?

If you intend to buy some top-shelf medical marijuana, then the answer is no.

However, if you just want to buy recreational weed to chill out with, you can go to a dispensary without your MMJ card.

Currently, existing medical marijuana dispensaries would be getting a dual license to sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

However, Missourians may not be able to access recreational weed until February or March 2023. Until then, only medical marijuana would be available to the state’s residents.

Amendment 3 proposes the seed-to-sale tracking system for recreational weed, and individuals who wish to grow their pot at home would have to obtain a state-issued marijuana card before they can do so.

It is unclear if any of these mean that the state would require adults 21 years of age or older to also show some sort of marijuana card before they can access recreational pot at dispensaries.

With most legal states, a state-issued ID indicating you are 21 or older usually does the trick, but look forward to what the law will indicate.

Don’t forget! Even now that recreational weed is legal, getting a medical marijuana card still offers more and better access to marijuana. 

Get Your Missouri Medical Card Without Delays

Can I go to a dispensary before my card arrives in Missouri? Can I go to a dispensary without a medical card? Can I buy from a dispensary without a medical card? The answer to these questions is no unless you’re going to the dispensary to buy recreational marijuana.

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