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Can You Save Money With a Medical Marijuana Card? 

Saving money on a medical marijuana card may seem like an oxymoron: after all, you have to spend money to get one. But, did you know that, overall, medical cannabis costs way less than recreational weed? 

That’s right: while your adult-use cannabis is often subject to high sales taxes, MMJ isn’t. 

While the amount of medical marijuana savings can vary by state, there are tons of benefits and the medical marijuana savings often far exceed the medical marijuana card cost.

Medical Marijuana Savings Potential

So, how is it possible to actually save money with a medical card? 

Below, we’ve broken down a few ways getting your MMJ card can boost your marijuana savings: 

  • Lower Taxes: Medical marijuana often faces lower taxes, translating to reduced costs for patients over time.
  • Potential Insurance Coverage: Health insurance may cover medical marijuana costs for qualifying conditions, cutting your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Quality Assurance: Stricter quality controls for medical cannabis enhance consistency, reducing the need for additional purchases due to product issues.
  • Access to Medical Discounts: Medical cardholders can enjoy dispensary discounts, accumulating significant savings over time.
  • Higher Purchase Limits: Medical cardholders typically have higher purchase limits, which can be cost-effective for those needing larger quantities for medical reasons as you can access bulk discounts.

We want to help you maximize your medical marijuana savings by getting an MMJ card. 

To make the best decision for you, here are a few medical marijuana card costs you should know about.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

A medical marijuana card cost will vary by state, but with Elevate Holistics, you can get the process started for as little as $100.  

If you are a veteran or a Medicare recipient we also offer discounts that reduce this medical marijuana cost even further. 

Considering the variety of ways an MMJ Card can reduce your long-term costs, the initial fees are quickly mitigated by the return you’ll see in medical marijuana savings.

Understanding Medical Marijuana Costs and Savings 

While obtaining a medical marijuana card does come with initial costs, such as doctor’s recommendations and application fees, these costs are quickly offset by long-term savings through reduced taxes, discounts, and access to higher purchase limits. 

It’s essential to consider your specific medical needs and local regulations when deciding whether a medical marijuana card will save you money. 

Consulting with a healthcare professional knowledgeable about medical cannabis can also help you make an informed decision.

Our network of medical marijuana professionals can walk you through the process. They’ll answer any questions you might have in your initial consultation.

Get a Medical Card With Elevate Holistics and Save Big 

Simply put, when you get a medical marijuana card through Elevate Holistics, you’re going to save big. 

Whether you’re in a state with just medical cannabis or one that’s legalized the plant fully, having a medical card is always going to be the best, most cost-effective solution. 

Want to know more about our pricing and services? Click here to learn more.

Check out our Medical Marijuana FAQs and we’ll answer all of our canna-questions.

Do you qualify for medical marijuana? Find out by exploring our Qualifying Conditions page.

Weed is cheaper with a medical card.

Save time, money, and energy with a medical marijuana card. You'll get lower prices, better weed, and priority service -- every time.

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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