Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana

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In the world of weed, there are a lot of terminologies to keep track of. From indicas to Sativas to trichomes and kief, the cannabis community is full of jargon that many of us have never heard of before. Most simply, many people struggle to understand the differences between medical marijuana vs. recreational marijuana. 

These two types of cannabis act drastically different in the US, so understanding the juxtapositions between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is critical. That’s precisely why we’re here today. Let’s talk. 

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana: What is the Difference?

Even though they’re both derived from the same unique green plant, medical and recreational cannabis couldn’t be more different in terms of product options, legalities, and even the buying experience. The most significant difference, however, is the reason behind your cannabis consumption.

Those who use medical marijuana turn to the plant for its therapeutic properties depending on a certain medical condition. Purchasing medicinal cannabis requires a state-issued medical marijuana card that you must go to an approved physician to receive a recommendation for. Once you actually have your MMJ card, you’re then allowed to shop at any of the licensed dispensaries in your area. You will have access to the products that they have available on the shelves. It’s as simple as that. 

Recreational cannabis, on the other hand, is quite different. 

When you hear someone talking about recreational marijuana, they’re referring to weed that you consume for recreational reasons, not medicinal ones. Recreational cannabis is sometimes referred to as “adult-use” cannabis, which essentially refers to any marijuana that adults 21 years of age and older can purchase and consume. States that have legalized recreational cannabis permit adults to visit dispensaries and buy limited amounts of cannabis. Well, as long as you have a valid ID on you, of course. 

So, when it boils down to it, medical cannabis is designed for legal medical patients who have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition. Recreational cannabis is intended for adults 21 and older to enjoy for personal reasons. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritties.

The Product Options

This does depend on the state you live in, but many places throughout the US have different product options for medicinal consumers than they do for recreational ones. Sometimes, medical cardholders do have access to a broader range of dispensary products because of medicinal value. This is because those with certain medical conditions may require more potent products and different consumption methods. 

Sometimes, recreational dispensaries offer limited product ranges simply because they don’t want non-medical patients to access those super-potent options. But, again, this may not be the case for your state, so always check the medical and recreational cannabis laws in your area. It’s also worthwhile to check out a recreational dispensary’s product line before heading in; this way, you know whether or not they offer what you’re looking for.

The Legalities

In terms of medical marijuana vs. recreational marijuana legalities, again, the two can be drastically different on a state-by-state basis. It’s essential to recognize that, on a federal level, marijuana in all forms is illegal. It does not matter whether it is recreational or medicinal; the marijuana plant stays federally unlawful. (This isn’t the case for hemp, though!) 

But, as we know, many states have taken steps towards legalizing cannabis in one way or another. The most significant differences between medical marijuana and recreational legalities are in terms of possession limits and at-home cultivation laws. 

For various states, possession limits differ for medical patients and recreational consumers. Again, this is because these states recognize that medical marijuana patients may require more cannabis than the average customer due to the severity of their medical condition. Thus, some recreational possession limits are noticeably smaller than medical possession limits. 

Another key difference between medical and recreational marijuana is at-home cultivation laws. At-home cultivation is only legal for those with licensed medical marijuana cards or even special approval from the state in certain areas throughout the US. In terms of recreational consumers, at-home cultivation may not always be an option. Before you try growing your own buds, always check with your state’s laws to see their views on at-home cultivation. 

The Experience

Finally, the entire experience of being a medical patient versus a recreational consumer is vastly different. As we mentioned initially, becoming a medical patient requires doctor visits, recommendations, and some paperwork. But, this extra time often pays off, as medical marijuana patients tend to experience a few more perks than recreational ones. 

Suppose you’re purchasing exclusively from a medical marijuana dispensary. In that case, you’ll likely have to present your MMJ card and ID card to a front desk attendant. Then, they will call you back onto the sales floor once a budtender is ready for you. So, if you find yourself waiting in a medical-office-esque waiting room, that’s totally normal for medical patients!

The experience for medical marijuana vs. recreational marijuana consumers is a bit different. Recreational patients will not have to wait in a waiting room or provide any sort of MMJ card. Instead, you’ll likely be asked to present your state-issued ID at the door to ensure you’re 21 or older, and then you can start shopping as soon as a budtender is ready. 

As we mentioned, recreational consumers’ experience may be a bit more straightforward, but your state government might subject you to higher taxes and fees. Plus, medical patients often receive priority treatment at dispensaries. 

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana: Which is Better?

So, medical marijuana vs. recreational marijuana: which one is better? The answer is entirely up to you, your needs, and your preferences. The difference between medical and recreational weed is too subjective to compare directly!

If you’re someone who relies on cannabis to help you feel the best and alleviate symptoms of your medical conditions, medical marijuana is going to be the best option for you. On the flip side, if cannabis is more so something you enjoy on your day off to enhance your relaxation, sticking to recreational weed will be ideal. 

So, Medical or Recreational Weed? Let Elevate Help

Simply take the time to assess your needs and whether or not a medical marijuana card will benefit you in the ways you need it to. If you believe it will, let Elevate help you out. We operate with a team of cannabis experts to provide one-on-one telehealth doctor visits that keep you safe and help get your MMJ card in the right state. 

Here at Elevate, we understand how important it is for medical cards to be accessible, especially for those who may not be familiar with the medical cannabis process. That’s precisely why we will walk you through the process of getting your own MMJ card, where to start, and what your state has to say about medical cannabis. With the help of Elevate, we promise that understanding the ins and outs of both medical and recreational cannabis is easier than ever before.

Elevate Team

Elevate Team

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical marijuana cards and physician’s medical cannabis certifications / recommendations as simply and easily as possible. Today, Elevate Holistics operates in multiple states, has served thousands of HAPPY PATIENTS, and is innovating to provide doctors & patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience.

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