Undo Your MMJ Tolerance with UNDOO

Oct, 2020
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“What happens if I take too many edibles?” “Is there a way to get UNhigh?” These are questions posed all the time when a patient gets a medical marijuana card. We've all heard horror stories about over-indulgence, the anxiety that hits when you dropped a little too much edible down the hatch. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

We get patients all the time that are weary of certain products because the strength of cannabis in 2020 can be a lot to handle especially when you don't have a tolerance. UNDOO is the perfect product to have on hand.

Elevate is proud to say that we've partnered with the brand that distributes UNDOO to bring you protection from over-indulgence. UNDOO is a patented product that is an emergency formula designed to efficiently and swiftly clear your head NATURALLY. UNDOO is all natural and does not contain sugar, CBD, stimulants, or caffeine. Whether you need to reset your tolerance or calm down due to accidental overindulgence, UNDOO is the product for you.

How does it work?

Our bodies naturally produces olivetolic acid to clear our high. This is why we don’t stay high forever. However, in the case of Cannabis overconsumption, we do not produce enough olivetolic acid and at a fast enough rate for our comfort level. When UNDOO hits your stomach with water which is essentially using the body’s natural mechanism to clear the psychoactive effect of THC.

Elevate is offering the product for $10 for a pack of two pills. Take those two pills with a glass of water and feel the difference in as little as 20-minutes.

You can purchase the product as as add-on to your medical cannabis certification appointment or during any of the add-on services that we offer.

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