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These days, you can consume cannabis in practically any way possible. Still, many people gravitate towards the relaxing option of smoking. But, what’s the best way to smoke weed?

With the many options available, it can sometimes feel difficult to figure out the best way to smoke weed for you. But, that’s why we’re here.

Whether you’re a beginner, a cannabis connoisseur, or wanting to smoke inside or out, we’ve got all the best smoking methods for you to explore.

So, what’s the best way to smoke weed? Let’s find out. 

Options Galore!

While we are focusing on the ideal options for smoking cannabis, there are so many different other consumption options if you’re not interested in smoking.

In fact, smoking isn’t the best option for everyone. If you have lung complications or have had problems with breathing in the past, you should avoid smoking and seek other consumption methods like tinctures or edibles.

However, if you do enjoy smoking, we also suggest a few tips and tricks to keep your lungs happy and healthy.

If you’re a regular smoker, try to stick to smoking out of glass pieces like bongs instead of pre-rolls or vape cartridges, as glass products are a bit purer. You can also buy products like Mooselabs to filter out carcinogens, resin, and other things your lungs shouldn’t inhale.

Tolerance breaks are also key. Taking a tolerance break every once in a while will help clear out the system and give your lungs a bit of a break. It’s recommended to take a 21-day T break, typically.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about your cannabis consumption options, let’s answer the million-dollar question: what’s the best way to smoke weed? 

Best Ways to Smoke Weed

Spoiler alert: there is no one right way to smoke weed. Instead, the best options depend on your personal circumstances.

So, let’s talk about a few different options depending on what you’re looking for. First, we’re taking a deep dive into the best way to smoke weed as a beginner. 

Best Way to Smoke Weed as a Beginner 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you don’t want to go in taking a huge rip from a bong. This can often be too powerful for beginners, causing unpleasant experiences.

Instead, it’s best to start with a small piece that produces more gentle hits that are easier to control. Glass pipes, one-hitters, or chillums are good options for beginners.

Glass pipes are nice because you can load a small bowl and take one toke from it and see how it affects you. Pipes are compact and won’t produce huge puffs, so they’re good for lungs that aren’t used to smoking yet.

One-hitters or glass chillums are even smaller versions of pipes. But, as the name suggests, one-hitters are meant for, well, one hit.

You load a very small amount of cannabis into the bowl end of the tube and take a hit. It’s a great option for quick, small, and discreet tokes.

Chillums are very similar to one-hitters, only you can load a bit more than just one or two hits. They don’t have enough bowl space as a pipe, but you can get a few hits from the tube-like piece and call it good. 

Best Options for Experienced Consumers 

Once you’ve built up both your tolerance and experience levels, you can check out other ways of smoking weed that might be a bit more effective. 

So, what’s the best way to smoke weed for an experienced consumer?

Typically, experienced consumers enjoy taking puffs from a bong. You can find bongs in various shapes, sizes, and types depending on what appeals to you.


There are bongs with elaborate percolators or ice catchers that make your smoking experience smoother than ever, allowing you to take huge rips that won’t wreck your lungs. (Well, maybe a little.)

Again, with a bong, we’d highly recommend pairing it with Mooselab filters to prevent any residue from getting into your lungs.

Along with bongs, experienced consumers will also likely enjoy smoking joints or dabbing

Dabbing should only be done by those with super high tolerances, as cannabis concentrates are very potent to smoke. But, it’s a great option for connoisseurs wanting to feel like they just smoked weed for the first time again. 

What’s the Best Way to Smoke Weed Outdoors? 

Having an outdoor adventure is a whole lot of fun. But, when you add some cannabis to it, you’ve got a whole new journey at your disposal. But, what’s the best way to smoke weed outdoors?

Since you’ll be out and about, you don’t want to rely on products like hefty bongs or dab rigs that could easily break. Instead, you want to stick with compact, easily portable products like pipes, pre-rolls, blunts, or a weed pen.

Pre-rolls and blunts are great for super potent puffs while chilling outside, but pipes or pens are better for more active outdoor adventures like hikes. 

Just keep in mind that your blunt, joint, and pipe are going to be a lot smellier than your weed pen. 

Best Ways to Smoke Weed Inside 

If you want to know the best ways to smoke weed inside, you first have to ask yourself: are you legally allowed to?

If you’re renting your place, you have to get permission from your landlord to smoke cannabis indoors. It’s not legal to smoke on a property that’s not yours if your landlord doesn’t allow it.

But, if you own the place, the choice is yours! In this case, to prevent your whole house from smelling like cannabis, the best option for indoor smoking is a vaporizer.

Vaporizers like Volcanoes are great options for indoor smoking because they don’t smell and they don’t produce smoke the way that other options do. Instead, they vaporize the weed, so you’re exhaling thin vapor.

Doing this is also a good option for those who want to be kinder to their lungs. 

Best Ways to Smoke Weed Socially 

Okay, but what’s the best way to smoke weed in a social setting? What’s best for a group smoke sesh?

While you have a few great options for smoking socially, joints tend to be the best bet.

Joints are great because they’re easy to pass around and pack a lot of potency. People can take as large or as small of a puff as they’d like from the joint, and they can be passed around for a while depending on the size of the group.


Rolling joints can be a fun activity for the group, too. Or, if you want to save time, you can always bring pre-rolled cones and quickly pack a joint effortlessly.

Along with joints, blunts are also good social smoking options. These heavy hitters can be wrapped in various materials, so make sure no one in your group is allergic to certain ingredients like tobacco. 

How to Find Your Preferred Weed-Smoking Method 

Finding your preferred weed-smoking method is simply going to come down to experience. You won’t know what works best for you until you try a few different options.

But, it’s important to consider factors like your tolerance level, where you’re going to be smoking, and when.

If you have a lower tolerance, you want to start with more gentle products like a pipe or one-hitter. If you have a higher tolerance, joints or bong hits can be wonderful.

Think about where you’re going to be smoking, too. If it’s inside, you have to pick more discreet, less smelly options. Outside, though, you have many more choices. It simply depends!

Not everyone is going to enjoy smoking weed the same way. It’s an individual experience, and you simply have to find what works best for you

Smoking Cannabis Legally With Elevate Holistics 

No matter how you want to smoke your cannabis, the important thing is to do so legally.

The best way to smoke weed is by first getting your medical marijuana card. Even if weed is recreationally legal in your state, having an MMJ card brings incredible benefits that adult-use cannabis never will. 

From lower prices to higher possession limits and even better products, getting your medical card is the best way to smoke weed. 

Ready to make the best choice for your health and wellness?

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