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Soon, NY cannabis consumers will be able to reap the benefits of marijuana without leaving their homes. To jumpstart recreational cannabis sales in the Empire State, New York weed delivery will be available before retail locations open.

Elevate Holistics will dive into all things weed delivery New York and explain how New York City weed delivery works. We’ll also touch on recreational cannabis and medical marijuana in New York.

Is NYC weed dispensary delivery a thing? What will weed delivery in NY look like? Let’s get into the details!

To get the ball rolling on retail sales, the state’s first legal sales of recreational marijuana will be through New York weed delivery. 

Before recreational retail stores open, businesses ​​with licenses to open retail shops will be able to offer weed delivery in New York via bicycles, scooters, and other motor vehicles.

NYC dispensary delivery will come from a warehouse rather than a retail location, but customers won’t be able to purchase products directly from the warehouses.

These businesses may offer New York weed delivery for up to one year before opening retail locations.

According to the Office of Cannabis Management, NYC weed dispensary delivery guidelines allow:

  • Retail licenses to secure a warehouse to deliver from while building permanent dispensary locations
  • Customers to place orders online and over the phone only
  • Orders to be pre-paid only 
  • Businesses to have up to 25 delivery staff

Adults 21 and older will be able to partake in NY recreational weed delivery. Customers must provide valid identification upon sale and delivery.

Deliveries will be available throughout the state, with bicycle and scooter delivery most apparent in New York City weed delivery.

Weed delivery New York security measures include lockboxes in deliverers’ backpacks and GPS tracking systems.

Officials say that retail sales will begin before the end of 2022.

Why is NYC Dispensary Delivery Coming First? 


Wait, why is NYC weed dispensary delivery coming before retail stores open?

The state is speedily commencing weed delivery NYC for several reasons:

  • Alternative funding to secure and build retail locations fell through
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cannabis grown in the state currently awaits sales in warehouses
  • Weed delivery New York will allow businesses to generate capital while the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York builds their storefronts
  • Unauthorized cannabis sellers are prominent in the state, creating the need for safe sellers to emerge
  • Weed delivery NYC will help curb illicit retailers

Where Will New York Weed Delivery Travel To?

Each New York business with a retail cannabis license is assigned a county for its operations.

However, the businesses can sell and deliver across boundaries, meaning that a Kings County dispensary can deliver to Queens, for example.

The state permits weed delivery NYC to cross boundaries, which will benefit regions like Brooklyn, where Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licenses are currently blocked.

Will New York City weed delivery be delivered outside of New York?

Since cannabis is still federally illegal and considered a controlled substance, marijuana delivery across state lines is illegal. This includes NYC weed delivery outside the state.

What about California weed delivery to New York? NYC weed dispensary delivery cannot expand to other states.

Transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal, even if both states have legal weed.

Recreational Cannabis in New York

How did New York City weed delivery become legal? New York legalized adult-use cannabis in March 2021, allowing possession of up to three ounces of weed or 24 grams of concentrate for personal use.

Now, Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees will begin their sales via weed delivery NYC – expectedly before the end of the year.

State officials will select 150 CAURD applicants before allowing others to apply.

Under New York’s cannabis social equity, CAURD licensees will be:

  • Individuals who have faced a conviction for a cannabis-related offense before the enactment of legalization in the state
  • Individuals with a direct relative that has faced this type of conviction
  • Individuals with at least 10% ownership, for at least two years, in a business that had positive net profits during the individual’s ownership
  • Non-profits with a history of serving justice-involved individuals

In October 2022, the Office of Cannabis Management granted CAURD licenses to twenty-eight entrepreneurs and eight nonprofits. New York is the first state to specifically reserve licenses for nonprofits.

Through the Social Equity Cannabis Fund, NY officials have selected ten teams of firms to build 150 turn-key storefront facilities for social equity cannabis retailers once the recreational market fully launches.

Non-profit organizations won’t be part of this fund, but some have already secured locations.

Social equity, which focuses on the inclusion of communities of color, those impacted by the drug war, women, and other disadvantaged groups, plays a significant role in New York’s cannabis program. 

Learn more about New York’s cannabis social equity by clicking here.

Medical Marijuana in New York

NYC dispensary delivery is on the horizon.

However, the only locations in New York where you can purchase legal cannabis are medical marijuana dispensaries – and you’ll get the most bang for your buck this way.


New York’s medical marijuana program began in 2014. When the state passed recreational cannabis, the MMJ program strengthened. 

Now, the state accepts more qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana, allows patients to have up to five caregivers, and the cannabis possession limit for patients is a 60-day supply.

Upgrade Your Weed Life With a New York Medical Card

Are you ready to purchase from New York dispensaries? There’s no need to wait or rely on NYC dispensary delivery. Right now, New Yorkers with a New York medical marijuana card can buy weed throughout the state.

With a medical marijuana card, patients have lower weed costs and higher possession limits, among other perks.

Elevate Holistics offers a 100% online, straightforward, and secure process to get medical marijuana certification. Our telemedicine doctor’s appointments provide patients with a quick and simple way to get MMJ approval – without leaving the house.

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