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Cannabis consumers throughout Missouri are eagerly anticipating the day they can walk into a dispensary and legally purchase marijuana products. When will weed be legal in Missouri, though? 

With Missouri marijuanas legalized for recreational use this past November, now the big question isn’t “is Missouri legalizing pot” …it’s “when will weed be legal for recreational use in Missouri?”

The great state of Missouri passed recreational weed in 2022, but how long before recreational cannabis sales start? 

At Elevate Holistics, we want your legal cannabis experience in Missouri to be the best it can possibly be. While we’re thrilled recreational marijuana in Missouri is legal, we’re also aware that maintaining or getting your Missouri medical marijuana card is still the best bet. 

Let’s take a look at how long it will be before recreational marijuana in Missouri is available to the public…and why it still pays to have your Missouri MMJ card. 

Missouri Recreational Weed 2022: When is Missouri Legalizing Pot? 

Residents of Missouri, rejoice. Marijuana was finally legalized in Missouri after a long, rocky history of prohibition. Attempts have been happening for years to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana in Missouri.

But recreational weed stayed illegal until the most recent Missouri recreational weed 2022 campaign (Legal MO 2022). 

So when will weed be legal in Missouri? 

Great question. 

Technically recreational weed is legal in Missouri now. That said, recreational cannabis sales haven’t yet started. And sales of marijuana products in Missouri recreational dispensaries aren’t expected to start until February 2023. 

This means that currently, the only way to legally purchase and consume cannabis in MO is with an MMJ card. Didn’t we mention having your Missouri medical card is still the way to go? 

If Missouri is recreational for weed, but it’s not yet legal to purchase, how long do adults without medical marijuana cards have to wait to buy weed? 

When Will Weed Be Legal In Missouri For Purchase? 

Is Missouri recreational for weed or what? 

Now that Missouri recreational weed in 2022 has passed, why do residents have to wait so long for sales to actually start? 

It all comes down to how long it will take current medical marijuana dispensaries to covert their businesses to be able to sell recreational weed. December 8 is the first day that businesses can apply for this conversion. The state then has 60 days to take action. 

This means that recreational marijuana in Missouri could be available as soon as February 6, 2023. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), dispensaries will be able to start selling to adult cannabis consumers as soon as licenses are approved for conversion. 

Basically, Missouri is recreational for weed as soon as current medical dispensaries are approved to convert to recreational dispensaries.

With Missouri marijuanas legalized for recreational use, it’s now just a waiting game until residents 21 and over can legally buy it.

While recreational cannabis sales in Missouri could start as early as February, things could always get postponed until a later date.

Take Virginia, for example. Recreational weed was legalized in 2021, but recreational sales aren’t expected to start until 2024.

You can probably bet Virginia medical marijuana patients who’ve maintained their MMJ cards are breathing a sigh of relief. 


Now that you know the answer to, “When will weed be legal in Missouri?” Let’s talk about why medical cannabis is always the way to go.

Why Medical Marijuana in Missouri Is Better Than Recreational Weed

When we say medical marijuana is better than rec weed, we don’t mean the actual weed itself. Weed is weed, and there is zero difference between medical and recreational cannabis products. 

What we mean is that even though recreational weed is now legal in MO, it’s still better to have your medical marijuana card. Even if Missouri is recreational for weed, MO medical card holders have a lot more freedom when it comes to purchasing and possessing pot.

This is typically true for any state with both recreational and medical marijuana laws. 

Following are a few reasons why it really does pay to have your medical card in Missouri, even when recreational weed is legal. 

Higher Purchase and Possession Limits

Under recreational marijuana laws in Missouri, residents 21 years of age and older are allowed to purchase and possess up to 3 ounces of weed every 30 days. Missouri medical card patients, on the other hand, are permitted to purchase and possess twice this amount.

That’s right, under MO recreational cannabis law, MMJ patients can purchase and possess up to 6 ounces of weed each month. 

Lower Prices on Marijuana Products 

While marijuana products themselves will carry the same price at the dispensary, medical marijuana patients in Missouri get a break on recreational marijuana taxes.

State tax on medical marijuana will remain 4%, while recreational marijuana tax will be set at 6%, with the option for local governments to add 3% on top of that. This means that in some places, taxes on recreational weed will be more than double that of medical patients. 

Increased Employee Protection

Another area where it pays big to have your MMJ card is in the workplace. Missouri recreational weed 2022 laws strengthened legal protection for residents with their medical marijuana card.

Under Amendment 3, employers are prohibited from discriminating against medical marijuana patients or caregivers who test positive for marijuana. 

So while Missouri is legalizing pot as early as February 2023, residents that have their medical marijuana card have a clear advantage over adult consumers when sales do finally start. 

Elevate Holistics: Helping You Make The Most Of Marijuana in Missouri

At Elevate, we want Missouri residents to make the most out of legal cannabis laws. Now that Missouri marijuana’s been legalized for recreational use, medical patients in the Show Me State have even more freedom safely access legal cannabis products. And, you no longer have to wonder, “When will weed be legal in Missouri?”

While we’re obviously thrilled Missouri has finally legalized cannabis for recreational use, having an MMJ card in MO still offers the most benefit. We’re here to make the process of attaining your Missouri medical card as easy as possible. 

We’ll put you in touch with a licensed cannabis physician to help you determine if you qualify for medical marijuana, where you’ll be treated with compassion and respect every step of the way. Contact us today to see just how simple it can be. 

Click here to book an appointment to get your Missouri medical card today.

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

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