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Medical Marijuana Minnesota Frequently Asked Questions

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Did Minnesota legalize marijuana?

Back in 2014, Minnesota legalized medical marijuana in certain forms for qualifying medical conditions. However, medical cannabis sales in the Land of 10,000 Lakes didn’t actually start until four years later, in 2018. Then, it wasn’t until 2022 that the state approved dried flower as an acceptable form of MMJ. Currently, the state’s Medical Cannabis Program and Registry oversee the MMJ program alongside the Minnesota Department of Health. No. While the state has made multiple attempts to try to legalize recreational or adult-use cannabis, it is still illegal in Minnesota. The state has decriminalized possession of fewer than 1.5 ounces of cannabis, considering this a petty misdemeanor. However, this isn’t an excuse to break the law. To get cannabis in MN, you have to have a Minnesota medical marijuana card.

Is medical marijuana stronger than recreational marijuana? 

In general, no, medical marijuana is not stronger than recreational marijuana. However, some states allow medical patients to access medical cannabis products that are stronger than adult-use products. But, this is strictly due to the fact that some states place patients at a higher priority than other states. So, while this may be the case at some dispensaries, this isn’t true as a whole.

Can you grow medical marijuana in Minnesota? 

Unfortunately, growing medical marijuana at home in Minnesota is currently not legal. Minnesota medical marijuana laws state that neither patients nor caregivers can grow cannabis. If the state decides to legalize Minnesota recreational marijuana, these rules may change. However, as it stands, growing medical marijuana in MN is reserved solely for licensed, state-appointed grow facilities.

How do I get a medical marijuana license in Minnesota? 

Medical marijuana grow licenses are only available to a handful of operations throughout the state, and you cannot register to become one of these growers (at least, not yet). But, if you’re looking to get a Minnesota medical marijuana card, this is a bit easier. To become a medical marijuana patient in MN, you have to first meet with a licensed physician that can diagnose you with at least one of the program’s qualifying conditions. Once your physician has diagnosed you, you will give your practitioner your email and send you a copy of your recommendation for MMJ. Along with your recommendation, your physician’s email will also include a registration link to apply to the state’s MMJ program. Here, you’ll provide copies of your MN ID, proof of residency, and a $200 registry free. After you’ve done this, Minnesota requires something unique. The state asks that you fill out a self-evaluation report prior to purchasing your medical cannabis. After this, you can head to a Cannabis Patient Center to see a pharmacist and get your MMJ.

Is medical marijuanas covered by insurance? 

No, insurance does not cover medical marijuana in Minnesota. Your insurance company may offer to pay the fee of your initial doctor’s appointment, but they will not cover the cost of your card nor will it cover your cannabis products.

How do I get a prescription for medical marijuana in Minnesota?

Getting a prescription for Minnesota medical marijuana is a bit different than the process in other states. Let’s explain. Once you’ve met with a physician, they will give you the recommendation you need to apply with the state’s website. Your physician will email you a copy of the recommendation, as well as a link to apply online. After you apply and give the state your proper information, you’ll have to wait for their approval. Here’s where things are a bit unique. Once the state approves you, you have to then fill out a self-evaluation report online. You’re asked to do this prior to making any sort of cannabis purchase. This evaluation just helps demonstrate to the program where you’re at, why you buy cannabis, etc. As soon as you’ve filled out your evaluation, you can head to your closest Cannabis Patient Center. These are essentially Minnesota dispensaries where a licensed pharmacist will give the cannabis medication that’s right for you. Follow all these steps and you’ll be getting your Minnesota medical marijuana card in no time.

Where do you buy medical marijuana? 

You can only buy medical marijuanas from licensed Minnesota dispensaries. In MN, these places are called Cannabis Patient Centers, but they act as marijuana dispensaries all the same. Keep in mind that you have to have a Minnesota medical card in order to go into and make a purchase at one of these shops.

Are there medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota? 

Yes, there are medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota; however, you may hear them being called “Cannabis Patient Centers.” For a full list of marijuana dispensaries in MN, you can click here: https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/cannabis/patients/locations.html

Can I order medical marijuana online in Minnesota?

Yes, various medical dispensaries in Minnesota allow you to order your MMJ products online and then go pick them up in-store. This can save customers a lot of time, especially if you know you’re in a hurry. It’s important to remember that ordering MMJ online is not the same as getting it delivered. While you can place an order online, you still have to go to the dispensary itself to pick it up. Minnesota hasn’t yet enacted any delivery laws for medical dispensaries.

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