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Additional Services

Cannabis Care Team Nurse Consultation

Let’s face it, bud tenders aren’t healthcare professionals and shouldn’t be giving advice on what to take. This a free nurse consultation with the Cannabis Care Team, a team of trained nurses who are committed to providing quality cannabis guidance for people who are curious where they should begin.

Pharmacist Consultation

Led by Dana Sullinger, a dispensary owner and retired pharmacist, this service is for people who take pharmaceutical medications. The number of drugs that have adverse reactions with cannabis are almost innumerable. If you take prescription drugs on a regular basis, this service is a great place to start.

Strain Genie Cannabis DNA test

Has anyone ever said to you, “Edibles don’t affect me.”? That’s because of an enzyme in that person’s stomach that doesn’t allow the THC to interact in the liver as it should. If you’ve ever been curious about cannabis strains and what is right for you? This kit will help inform you of what products make sense for your genes.

Wellness Consult

Led by our in-house nutrition specialist, cannabis guru & Healer certified, Aspen Sennewald, this consult will help give you fresh ideas on what you can do to improve your health in a more natural way. Natural remedies are picking up steam in the mainstream world but good information is often hard to find. Aspen will take 30-minutes to discuss health history, possible remedies, and fresh ideas to a more natural living.

DHSS Physical Card (Missouri only)

The State of Missouri is too busy to prepare and send out physical MMJ cards. Instead, they mail you a PDF that you’re expected to print and carry around or screenshot and hold on your phone. If you’re like a lot of people you probably want something to hold too. If that’s you, we will get your PDF printed, onto a plastic card, and mailed to your home.

Full-Service Account Setup

Let me ask you a question. Do you like dealing with government agencies ie. the drivers license agency? Neither do we. But for $25 for Oklahoma and $30 for Missouri, we will take the burden away from you and submit your state application within 24-hours of your appointment. If the state rejects your application for one reason or another, we will resubmit it for you same-day and obviously, free of charge. If it’s directly our fault we will refund your full-service payment.

CBD Consultation: 30-minutes – $15

Are you trying to enhance your endocannabinoid system and promote your health & wellness? Elevate Holistics is now offering CBD consultations. Aspen, our Patient Success Manager, managed two local CBD stores for over three years before joining our team. She holds a Bachelors in Health Science, has a masters certificate from Cannabis Training University, is HEALER certified, and has an internationally accredited diet therapy diploma!

In this consultation, you’ll learn about the difference between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD and what you should look for in a product. Aspen will also discuss an appropriate CBD regime based on your history and goals. There are tons of products that can help relieve anxiety, pain, and even promote a healthy immune system for preventative care.

Add our CBD Consultation today when booking your new patient or renewal appointment at Elevate Holistics!

Grow Consultation: $35

In this consultation you will learn about the four pillars of indoor cultivation followed up with valuable resources to accompany you along your journey. Happy growing!

  • Lights
  • HPS
  • LED
  • Veg/bloom cycles
  • Growth media
  • Soil
  • Hydro
  • Environment
  • Temperature
  • Air circulation
  • Necessary equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Tools
  • Seed propagation / cloning
  • Feeding / water schedules
  • Training techniques
  • Manicuring
  • Harvesting
  • Drying
  • Curing
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