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What is Hemp?


When researching marijuana options, you may come across something called hemp. Many people who are new to using cannabis wonder – is hemp marijuana? What’s the difference between these two plants? Hemp is a form of cannabis and is sometimes used in similar ways, but it is different from marijuana. The major difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp does not contain significant amounts of THC, and therefore does not create the sensation of being ‘high’ in the same way.

Is Hemp A Drug?

This is a common question among people comparing hemp vs. weed products. While many people consider marijuana to be a drug, hemp is not always considered a drug. Right now, the Food and Drug Administration still considers CBD to be a drug, which means that many forms of hemp would fall under this classification. Some people do use hemp as a drug because of its high concentration of CBD, which can have a positive effect on the body. However, hemp also has a variety of industrial uses. What is hemp used for? Everything from textiles to biodegradable plastic to animal feed, just to name a few. Because of this, hemp is not always considered a drug.

Can You Smoke Hemp?

Because hemp is structured similarly to a marijuana plant, you can smoke hemp. But does hemp get you high? Not exactly. It doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects as smoking marijuana. When looking at the difference between hemp and weed, weed is going to produce a noticeable high. Since hemp contains CBD, it can help you relax, but the result is going to be much more subtle.

What Is Hemp Used For?

We’ve already mentioned some of hemp’s industrial uses in manufacturing, but you may be wondering – what is hemp oil used for? Are there ways to use hemp recreationally? As we’ve already mentioned, you can smoke hemp, although it does not produce the same high as smoking marijuana. Many people also opt to use hemp oil topically to treat a variety of different conditions. It’s become a natural solution for managing stress as well as some chronic physical conditions. What exactly does hemp do in the body? Hemp is generally good for reducing inflammation. It can also potentially help prevent more serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, although more research is needed to confirm this.

Differences Between Hemp And Marijuana

Many people wonder what the difference is between hemp vs. cannabis or hemp vs. marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana are forms of the cannabis plant. Many people wonder – does hemp have THC or does hemp have CBD? When consumed, marijuana produces high levels of THC, which can have strong psychoactive properties. Hemp does not produce these same levels of THC. However, it does produce a high concentration of CBD, another cannabinoid. CBD does not create a high, but can have relaxing effects on the body and help with physical pain. Because of these key differences, many countries treat hemp and marijuana differently when it comes to legislation.


What Does Hemp Look Like?

If you haven’t seen hemp before, you might think it was marijuana – the two are very similar in appearance. However, there are some key differences that you’ll come to notice if you smoke both. What does hemp plant look like? It is generally much skinnier and longer than the marijuana plant, which looks more like a miniature bush.

Is Hemp Illegal?

The legality of hemp varies depending on your location, and it has changed over the years. For decades, hemp was illegal to sell and grow in the United States because of its association with marijuana – even though it didn’t cause the same high. When certain states started legalizing marijuana, hemp became legal along with it. As researchers started learning more about CBD, they started reconsidering – why is hemp illegal? Could hemp actually have health benefits for people? In 2018, the federal government legalized hemp, although some of the technicalities of this are murky because of the plant’s association with CBD products and marijuana.

Hemp Cultivation and Processing

Hemp cultivation and processing can vary depending on the type of hemp and its end use. Industrial hemp is grown at a very high density, while hemp grown for CBD products is grown in much smaller quantities. There are specific tools designed for CBD hemp production, which are much gentler than those used in the production of marijuana. After the hemp has been cut, it is transported to a processing facility. In industrial hemp processing, the hemp fiber is separated from the stalk of the plant so that it can be used in manufacturing. For CBD products, the oil is extracted and then processed into various CBD products.

History of Hemp In The USA

The history of hemp in America has been an interesting one, as attitudes toward hemp and marijuana have evolved over time. The Founding Fathers of the US grew hemp, as did many colonial residents. It was considered very useful, as hemp fibers could be used in a wide variety of products. Hemp production continued in the US until 1937, when the Marijuana Tax Act made it much more difficult for farmers to continue growing and selling the product. The government did start industrial hemp production plants during World War II, but shut them down shortly afterward. Hemp production was hindered even further when the government passed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. This law did not distinguish hemp from marijuana, treating the two substances. This finally changed in 2018 when the federal government officially legalized hemp.

With the legalization of hemp, CBD products are becoming much more popular. While it may not have the psychoactive effects of THC products, many people still use CBD to relax and relieve muscle pain. Elevate Holistics makes it easy to get your medical marijuana card online. We work with board-certified doctors to offer secure consultations that are protected by HIPAA. If you’ve been interested in medical marijuana, Elevate Holistics can help you get it safely and efficiently.

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