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May, 2022
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In 2015, Texas legalized medical marijuana when it made low-THC marijuana products legal for patients with epilepsy under the Compassionate Use Program. However, the medical marijuana program was too narrow. In 2019, the list of qualifying conditions was expanded, and medical marijuana became accessible to more Texans.

Today, more than a million Texans qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. However, qualified patients can get medical marijuana only in licensed Texas dispensaries.

Below, Elevate Holistics has outlined all of your TX dispensary options, as well as how to get your own Texas medical marijuana card. Let's get started.

Dispensaries Near Me In Texas

Which Conditions Qualify You for a Medical Marijuana Card?

Texans with any of the following conditions may apply for medical marijuana:

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To get your TX MMJ card, you have to meet with a licensed physician. This physician will diagnose you with one of the above conditions, and then enter your information into the state's medical cannabis database: the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT).

What are the Requirements for Visiting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Texas?

You can’t just walk into Texas dispensaries without a prescription. Prospective patients must fulfill the following requirements before getting a medical marijuana prescription in Texas.

  • You must be a permanent resident of Texas  
  • A doctor must diagnose you with a qualifying medical condition
  • You must get a prescription from a registered physician after the physician decides that the benefit outweighs the risk 

Texas Dispensaries 

Texas is one of those states where you can't feel overwhelmed by dispensary options. And, that's simply because there isn't much. Plain and simple, the state has designated three dispensaries to operate in the Lone Star State.

Here are the three dispensaries you can purchase your medical marijuana from in Texas:

Compassionate Cultivation

This dispensary is located at 12701 Lowden Lane, building 501 Manchaca, TX 78652, just south of Austin. It describes itself as one with a mission to “create the highest quality medicine that changes people’s lives.” They have a medical advisory board led by certified Pediatrician and Child Neurologist Dr. Karen Keough, MD. 

Once a physician has entered your prescription into the Compassionate Use Registry, you can call them at 512-614-0343 to fill it. You can pick up your prescription at any of their designated pick-up locations throughout Texas or arrange for it to be delivered.

They deliver throughout the state and will work with you to pick a convenient delivery date; they can deliver to most locations within 1-3 days. Delivery is free for orders over $250, while orders under $250 cost $25. 

If your prescription is delivered at home, you need to be around to receive it in person because a valid ID is required upon receipt. If someone else picks up or receives your prescription, your physician must add them as a designated caregiver. 

Dispensaries Near Me In Texas


This dispensary operates under the brand name Fluent and is the first dispensary licensed to grow, process, and sell medical cannabis in Texas. As their name implies, they say they are “fluent in every part of the production process.” 

They are currently offering a 10% discount to new and existing customers, and delivery is free with no minimum. To place Your order, call 1-833-735-8368.

Surterra Wellness  

This dispensary is located at 600 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701.

Their mission is “Well-Being For All” because they believe that wellness is a gift that should be within reach of everyone. Their natural products are available online or at Surterra Wellness stores, and delivery is free throughout Texas. To speak with them, call 512-351-4600.

Getting Help With Elevate Holistics

These dispensaries will serve you well if you have your prescription, and getting your medical marijuana card is the first step. Elevate Holistics doesn’t currently offer medical marijuana services in Texas, but our partners at Heally do.

To get your TX MMJ card 100% online and 100% hassle-free, simply click here.