How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

Jul, 2022
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Are you a seasoned cannabis consumer that struggles to get high anymore? Is traditional flower just not doing it for you when it comes to therapeutic benefits? If you’ve ever wanted psychoactive effects that metaphorically (while some might say literally) take you to space, moon rocks are for you.

So what is a cannabis moon rock and just how potent is it? How do you smoke moon rocks? Here, Elevate Holistics presents to you our handy guide on all things marijuana moon rock. 

We’ll teach you what moon rocks are, the best way to smoke moon rocks, how to smoke moon rocks by itself, and other helpful tips.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

What Is Moon Rock Made Of?

Is moon rock weed? Yes, a cannabis moon rock consists solely of marijuana and is a THC-heavy treat. 

So, what are these celestial clusters? Moon rocks are cannabis nugs dipped in hash oil and then covered in kief. 

As they are ultimately just concentrated cannabis, moon rocks can produce one of the most potent highs that marijuana offers. 

You know what weed flower is, but what exactly are hash oil and kief?

  • Hash oil is a potent cannabis concentrate containing high levels of THC (up to 90%). This kind of oil contains all of marijuana’s active compounds, like its cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and so on) and terpenes, while getting rid of the flower. Hash oil’s potency could provide greater therapeutic benefits, like pain and inflammation relief, than your typical flower. Hash oil extract can be heated and vaporized in the form of a dab.
  • Kief is the radiant crystally dust that covers cannabis plants. These dust particles are called trichomes which contain cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds. When the trichomes fall off the weed plant, they become kief. Most weed grinders have a compartment at its lowest level called a “kief catcher,” which collects the kief from ground-up buds. Consumers can add kief on top of bowls or joints for an upgraded high.

What does moon rock look like? A cannabis moon rock resembles a mossy rock straight from the Jurassic ages. Imagine a weed nug that’s been absolutely smothered in kief – which is exactly what it is

Upon opening up a moon rock, you’ll see a dazzling cannabis bud surrounded by sticky hash oil.

The potency of a moon rock varies depending on what cannabis strains were used to make it. A marijuana moon rock typically contains more than 50% THC, compared to traditional flower’s about 20% THC.

Best Way To Smoke Moon Rocks

Now let’s get into it – how do you smoke moon rocks? The best way to smoke moon rocks is by using a glass piece like a pipe or bong. 

It’s possible to add tiny broken-up pieces of moon rock to a joint or blunt filled with flower, but it probably won’t burn properly. 

Follow these steps to get the most out of your marijuana moon rock.

  1. Cut up the cannabis moon rock into small pieces using a knife, blade, or scissors. You can also tear a moon rock apart with your fingers, but it’s a little messy and you’ll lose kief. Do not use a grinder.
  1. Sit one small piece of moon rock on top of a half-full bowl of flower. Loosely place it to avoid clogging when heated.
  1. Using a lighter or hemp wick, burn the moon rock slowly while trying to apply low heat. Let it melt the wax and burn the flower. If it catches on fire, put out the flame by lightly blowing on it or stamping it with the bottom of a lighter.
  1. Inhale at a slow, even pace and prepare for an intense rip.

Can you smoke moon rocks without mixing them with traditional flower? Let’s discover how to smoke moon rocks by itself.

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How To Smoke Moon Rocks

How To Smoke Moon Rocks By Itself

If you don’t have any flower, learning how to smoke moon rocks by itself is always an option. 

Following the same steps listed above without the flower, slowly and gently burn the cannabis moon rock in the bowl of a glass pipe or bong. The key is to gradually burn and melt all compounds of the moon rock.

Tips and Tricks for Smoking Moon Rocks

Most importantly, proceed with caution when treating yourself to this otherworldly experience. Make your high as enjoyable as possible by following these tips.

  • Take a small hit of moon rock and wait a minute before taking another. See how you react first, as a little goes a long way.
  • Keep your environment safe. Be sure that you are in a safe space with everything you could need before partaking in this potency. A cannabis moon rock could produce a couch-lock, belly-laughing type of high, so check all the boxes on your to-do list before blasting off.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of water in your system and more water readily available before consuming moon rocks. Cottonmouth is likely.
  • Prepare your high with snacks. Just like it’s good to already have water in your system, it’s also important to have some food in your belly. This will help buffer any possible unwanted side effects. Keep extra snacks prepared and ready to be munched on.

Who Should Consider Moon Rocks?

So who would best benefit from this potent option? If regular weed just isn’t doing the trick for you, learning how to smoke moon rocks should be considered. 

How To Smoke Moon Rocks
moonrocks are a cannabis bud rolled in hash oil then covered in kief. this makes it one of the strongest medical marijauna strains out there

A cannabis moon rock is for you if:

  • You need a stronger cannabis option to treat your physical, mental, or spiritual needs
  • You're suffering from intense pain that requires intense treatment
  • You are a seasoned cannabis consumer who wants to try something new

If it is your first time-consuming weed or you experience anxiety caused by high levels of THC, it is best to avoid moon rocks. 

If you do experience unwanted effects, remember that you will be okay – just breathe and sleep it off. 

Where To Find Moon Rocks

So where can you find moon rocks? Many dispensaries, but not all, sell marijuana moon rocks. Search online dispensary menus near you to find out if your local dispensaries sell moon rocks. 

More expensive than a gram of traditional flower, moon rocks are still an affordable option given the high they provide and all of the products they contain. You can find moon rocks for about $30 to $40 per gram.

You can also make your own moon rocks by coating a nug of your favorite flower in hash oil and then dunking it in kief. Making a cannabis moon rock can be super fun and allows you to customize it to your liking using your favorite strains. 

The only downsides of making your own moon rocks are that it’s more expensive than buying them premade, and steps like gently heating the hash oil for coating (if your concentrate is more of a solid) can be a little tricky.

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So how do you smoke moon rocks? If you’re considering indulging in this popular delicacy, we’re hoping that you found the best way to smoke moon rocks for you. 

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