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The State of MMJ in Maryland 

As of May 2020, close to 2% of Maryland’s population are marijuana patients. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, that’s roughly 99,000 of over six million people. That’s more than Colorado. It’s obvious that Maryland needed medical cannabis.

Despite the restrictions, either forced or natural, it seems that the coronavirus has not had a negative effect on Maryland’s MMJ industry. Some will say it’s thriving.

As of May of 2020, New Cannabis Ventures reports that Maryland medical dispensaries sales increased 13% from April, and grew by nearly 98% in the last year — a $77.9 million increase. This is largely due to new operators coming on throughout the state.

This is good news, considering Maryland, due to many difficulties, didn’t start rolling out dispensaries until the fall of 2017, more than four years after legalizing medical cannabis (especially rough since Maryland does not allow home grow). And also because of the potential coronavirus has had on ruining businesses. Although, no one’s out of the woods yet, we realize.

Getting MMJ in Maryland During COVID-19

Many dispensaries around Maryland offer delivery. You can check out this map on Weedmaps with the delivery filter enabled. In late March, Mana Supply Co., a Maryland-based medical dispensary company with two area locations, opened what is believed to be the first Mid-Atlantic medical cannabis drive-thru in Edgewater. Online pre-ordering has become a thing, and the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMJC) kindly catered to the need and safety of patients by allowing curbside/parking-lot pickup at dispensaries.

They also decided to allow telehealth for cannabis certifications. This is a huge bonus for safety, but also it allows online clinics that specialize in cannabis medicine—like Elevate Holistics—to offer certification video appointments to Maryland MMJ patients.

Are Edibles Allowed in Maryland?

No to edibles, but yes to some ingestibles. In some dispensaries these are called edibles. But you won’t find any cookies, brownies, gummies, etc.

Licensed processors are allowed to make cannabis in forms, such as extracts, oils, and tinctures. Patients and caregivers can use some of these products to make a wide variety of cannabis edibles at home.

All “food” produced or sold in Maryland is regulated by the Maryland Office of Food Safety. The Commission has not developed regulations regarding the production of medical cannabis in food forms.

However, certain ingestibles like troches (chewable lozenges) and flavored tablets are widely available at dispensaries. People seem to really be digging Verano Troches, which are available at several Maryland dispensaries.

About Maryland Dispensaries

What services does a MD dispensary offer?

Dispensaries can sell medical cannabis in dried flower or processed form—oils, vapes, shatter, ingestibles like chews, resins, sugars, lotions, patches, etc. They can also sell devices for administering cannabis, such as dab rigs, pipes, papers, and more.

You or your caregiver must show your MMJC ID card at the door. No one else may enter the establishment. Once you are admitted, trained staff will help you with your selection.

Can you consume medical cannabis at the dispensary?

No. A lot of people assume you can, but it is not allowed. The Dispensary operators could be fined and lose their license. In Maryland, you may consume your MMJ medicine at home or in a medical facility that allows it. Not on dispensary property and not in your car.

How much medical cannabis can I purchase in 30 days?

Lawmakers directed the MMJC to decide the amount of medical cannabis that a patient would need for a 30-day supply. Medical marijuana flower and medical cannabis-infused products vary in their cannabinoid profile and potencies. The MMJC established 120 grams of usable cannabis (primarily dried flower) as a standard 30-day supply that was enough to supply relief for patients.

Medical cannabis-infused products cannot be measured in the same way as flower, therefore the Commission set a limit of 36 grams of THC as a 30-day supply. Each batch of usable cannabis will state the THC quantity (expressed as a percentage). The dispensary will calculate the weight of the THC in each transaction of usable cannabis, and will not dispense medical cannabis-infused products in a 30-day period that exceeds the 36-gram limit.

However, doctors may prescribe a higher or lower dosage for a patient that is other than the standard 30-day amount set by the MMJC. But it seems most doctors are sticking with the standard amount.

Can I use an out-of-state MMJ card in Maryland?

No. However, because Maryland has renowned medical centers, if you are an out-of-state patient receiving medical care in Maryland, you can apply for an MMJC ID card and get a physician certification. This exhibits a patients-first approach we like to see. Pretty cool, huh?

How do I pay for my MMJ at dispensaries?

Historically, dispensaries have been cash only establishments because of the federal law against cannabis — banks don’t want to be noncompliant. But many dispensaries are starting to use apps like CanPay — the world’s first app for cannabis retailers. It’s best to call or check with a dispensary online before you order, so you can have the payment form you need.

Top Dispensaries in Maryland

Want to know where the best dispensaries near you are? We’ve compiled this list of top dispensaries, giving you a bit of insight on why they are so popular. Enjoy!

Starbuds — Baltimore

They get a lot of traffic, which their knowledgeable budtenders know how to handle. Furthermore, they have a ton of swell reviews, daily specials, and a pretty sweet discounted hash oil program for cancer patients.

Maggie’s — Baltimore (Hampden)

Veteran and senior discounts, along with daily and bulk specials makes this dispensary pretty alright! Not to mention the free parking. We hear their staff is on point, they offer delivery, and their online ordering is easy-peasy.

Health for Life — Baltimore

This dispensary has solid reviews that speak of it’s variety of strains, spaciousness, free parking, and more. They have a rewards program and first-time discounts, as well as discounts for seniors, veterans, disability, and first responders. Heck yeah!

Culta —  Baltimore (Federal Hill)

Culta is known for its extensive collection of craft cannabis extracts, concentrates, and flower. In reviews it is hailed as consistently having high-quality goods, service, and an attractive space. Along with high-quality, they are socially conscious and their much-loved products can be found in many dispensaries around MD.

RISE — Bethesda

This dispensary falls under the thumb of the GTI company (Green Thumb Industry), and has two other stores in MD — one in Joppa and one in Silver Spring. They have a reputation for primo customer service, offer a rewards program, and are cannabis-education focused. Nice!

Remedy — Columbia

Conveniently located between Baltimore and D.C., Remedy Dispensary offers a patient-centered experience that is based in cannabis and holistic medicine. Their team is ready to assist you with whatever condition you have. With an express-check-in, online ordering, and a wide selection of flower, ingestibles, concentrates, cartridges, and more, looks like Remedy brings their A-game to the MD dispensary scene.

Curaleaf — Reisterstown

While they have three other stores in MD — in Gaithersburg, Airpark, and Takoma — this processor store is known for their fantastic CO2 and distillate extracts. They offer discounts for birthdays, first-time patients, seniors, veterans, and 40% of for pediatric purchases. They are very involved in community events. We like!

Nature’s Care and Wellness — Perryville

They have a ton of 5-star reviews, which shows how much they much value their customers. They offer online ordering, delivery, and they have a rewards program. Discounts for veterans and new patients are an NCW thing, as well as daily specials.

Elevate Holistics Your Online Clinic in MD

If you’re ready to book an appointment, our compassionate and MMJC registered cannabis doctors are ready to help you with your certification! Easy, safe, and secure certifications — that’s the Elevate way!

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

About the author

Michael Lawal is a seasoned content writer with specialized expertise in the medical cannabis industry. With a background that blends journalism and health sciences, Michael has a knack for translating complex medical cannabis research into accessible and engaging content. His writing portfolio showcases a range of work from informative articles and research summaries to patient education materials. Committed to raising awareness about the benefits and responsible use of medical cannabis, Michael's work is a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals in the field.
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