How to Translate Elevate Holistics’ Website

how to translate Elevate Holistics' website

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Here at Elevate Holistics, we understand that English isn’t everybody’s first language. However, we still want to make sure that every one of our patients gets the best experience possible with our MMJ services. 

To help make our website more accessible for anyone who isn’t fluent in English, we’re showing you how to translate Elevate’s website, both with an instructional video and written instructions.

This way, no matter what language you speak, you can get access to medical marijuana all the same. Just as it should be.

Below are the steps to translate our website into your preferred language.

how to translate

Step 1: Find the Homepage

Open up the Elevate Holistics homepage: 

Step 2: Click & Highlight

Right-click your mouse anywhere on the page, and you’ll see a small screen pop up. On that screen, there should be an option that says “Translate to English.” Click that.

Step 3: Change from English

From there, an even smaller screen will appear at the top of your screen with the detected language — English. Click the three dots located next to English, and then select “Choose another language.” 

Step 4: Translate!

Find the language you want to translate the page to, press Translate, and you’re all finished. 

For a video tutorial on how to translate Elevate Holistics’ website, check out our short clips below, courtesy of our former Patient Care Coordinator, Samantha. 

More Helpful Patient Resources:

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Elevate Team

Elevate Team

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical marijuana cards and physician’s medical cannabis certifications / recommendations as simply and easily as possible. Today, Elevate Holistics operates in multiple states, has served thousands of HAPPY PATIENTS, and is innovating to provide doctors & patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience.

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