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Oklahoma City sign; is weed legal in Oklahoma City

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If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, understanding the legalities of cannabis in the towns, cities, and states you’re living in or traveling to is crucial. Today, we’re focusing on OKC and asking the question, “Is weed legal in Oklahoma City?” so you don’t have to. 


Cannabis in Oklahoma is a lot less complicated than it used to be, but let’s talk about it: what weed is legal in OKC, and where can you get it? We’ll find out.

What Do OKC’s Marijuana Laws Look Like?

When asking if weed is legal in Oklahoma City, it’s important to understand what the city’s marijuana laws look like as a whole. 


So, first thing first: is weed legal in OKC?

Is Weed Legal in Oklahoma City?

Weed is legal in Oklahoma City but only for medical marijuana cardholders. 


The state has yet to legalize recreational cannabis, so having your OK MMJ card is the only way you can legally — and safely — obtain medical cannabis in Oklahoma City


Thankfully, since medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma and has been for several years now, places like OKC have established dispensaries that are accessible and easy to shop from for those with valid cards. 


Of course, even though weed is legal in Oklahoma City for medical patients doesn’t mean there aren’t any regulations surrounding the plant. 


For example, you cannot possess more than eight ounces of cannabis in your residence (which is a lot, lemme tell ya), and no more than one ounce of concentrated marijuana (such as wax). 

But, all in all, yes, weed is legal in Oklahoma City if you qualify for MMJ in OK.

Downtown Oklahoma City shot; Is weed legal in Oklahoma City

Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in Oklahoma City?

Okay, marijuana is permitted, but is it legal to smoke weed in Oklahoma City? 


Yes, smoking weed is legal in OKC; however, you cannot do so in public. You can only consume cannabis — in any form — in your private residence. 


If you do not own the private residence you’re in, you have to have your landlord’s permission to do so. If they so no, and they catch you consuming cannabis in their residence, you can — at the very least — get fined. 


The best place to smoke weed in Oklahoma City would be in the backyard of a home, apartment, or townhome that you or someone close to you owns.

Is It Legal to Grow Weed in Oklahoma City?

We know the next burning question on your mind: is it legal to grow weed in Oklahoma City? Actually, yes, it is!


Oklahoma medical marijuana cardholders can grow up to six mature plants and have six seedlings in their house at a time. 


According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA): 


  • The patient-grown marijuana must be on real property owned by the patient or the patient must have the written permission of the real property owner to grow marijuana.
  • The cultivation cannot be visible to someone with 20/20 vision from any street adjacent to the property.
  • Patients are prohibited from using extraction equipment or processes using butane, propane, carbon dioxide, or any potentially hazardous material in or on residential property.


As long as you adhere to these regulations, you’re good to grow your own precious plants from seed.

Small marijuana plant being grown in orange pot at home; is weed legal in Oklahoma City

Dispensaries in Oklahoma City to Shop From

Finally, are there dispensaries in Oklahoma City for you to shop from? You bet. 


If you’re in OKC with a medical card, you’ve hit the jackpot: this city has a surprising number of highly rated dispensaries that will cater to all of your cannabis needs. 


Here are five of the best, most highly regarded medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma City right now: 


  1. The Greens Cannabis Dispensary of Oklahoma City — Your one-stop shop for medical cannabis products in the heart of OKC. 
  2. Eden Rose Dispensary — With $3 daily bonus specials and one-cent gummies for new patients, Eden Rose is a great place to shop when first getting your card. 
  3. Project Releaf — As a dispensary with hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, Project Releaf is well-known in OKC for its quality, prices, and customer service. 
  4. Mango Cannabis — Dubbed the best dispensary in Lyons Park, you can even use your debit card here at Mango.
  5. High Society Dispensary — This cannabis shop is rated the number one best-reviewed medical marijuana dispensary in South OKC.

Get Your MMJ Card and Start Buying Weed Legally in OKC Today!

Now that you know just how quality — and how legal — medical marijuana is in OKC, it’s time to get your medical marijuana card. 


Having an MMJ card grants you access to the best marijuana in town at the lowest prices. Plus, you’re able to place orders online and pick up your cannabis completely hassle-free, making the process easier than ever before. 


At Elevate Holistics, we can help you get your Oklahoma medical marijuana card online in minutes. We will meet with you over the phone or computer and see if you qualify for MMJ in the state. 


In case you already have your card, we also do extremely cheap Oklahoma City medical card renewals, too! 


If you do, we can get you registered and you’ll start shopping for medical cannabis in no time. (And, if you’re not approved, you get your money back — guaranteed.) 


Click the button below to get started and see just how worthwhile it is to get weed in Oklahoma City.

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