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Before 2022, you’d hardly ever find an actual hotel that permits the use of cannabis on its grounds. Heck, cannabis-friendly hotels were almost a fantasy caged in the minds of MMJ patients who would love to use their medical marijuana to manage their conditions wherever they are.

Understandably, hotels take a hard stance on cannabis use on their premises as cannabis illegality at the federal level makes it illegal to use cannabis publicly. But it was only a matter of time before hotels found a way to tap into the $17 billion cannabis tourism industry.

Today, we have more and more cannabis hotels springing up across the country, especially in the Southwest, additions to the bud-and-breakfasts you can visit for a warm bed and a good toke while touring the country or traveling for business or other purposes.

So, let’s talk cannabis-friendly hotels — what are they like, and where can you find them?

What is a Cannabis Hotel?

A cannabis hotel is simply a hotel that provides facilities that allow their patrons to use cannabis within the hotel’s grounds, usually in a designated cannabis lounge or specified rooms.

Unlike traditional hotels, cannabis hotels will allow you to consume cannabis and use cannabis paraphernalia. Some even provide bongs and other items so you don’t have to travel about with yours.

On the other hand, most traditional hotels will throw you out of their establishment or fine you on a whim if they find out you’re using cannabis in their rooms.

Cannabis hotels are a new trend in the U.S. cannabis industry. Hence, they are not quite as common as bud-and-breakfasts, which are basically weed-friendly bed-and-breakfasts.

Alongside offering complimentary paraphernalia and marijuana lounges/areas, cannabis hotels are also great for hosting 420 events.

So, where are these 420-friendly hotels that allow you the pleasures of an exquisite accommodation without demanding that you sacrifice your pot?

Where Are Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.?

The top cannabis hotels currently pushing the trend and blazing the path in the budding cannabis tourism industry are sort of spread out in the southwestern U.S., with locations in Nevada, California, Colorado, and Arizona. All of which are states that have fully legalized cannabis.

The hotels include:

  • Cannabis-friendly hotel, Las Vegas: The Lexi Las Vegas
  • Cannabis-friendly hotel, Phoenix: The Clarendon Hotel and Spa
  • Cannabis-friendly hotels, Denver: The Nativ Hotel, the Maven Hotel, the Curtis Hotel, and the Patterson Inn

Let’s take a look at some of these hotels and what they have to offer.

Cannabis-Friendly Hotel, Las Vegas: The Lexi Las Vegas

Despite being a major resort city with numerous cannabis dispensaries, there was no cannabis-friendly hotel Las Vegas could boast of until the Lexi came into the picture.

The Lexi Las Vegas, formerly the Artisan Hotel, is a landmark boutique hotel dotting the landscape near I-15 and Sahara in Las Vegas.

Alongside offering everything a traditional hotel has to offer, the 64-room hotel separates some of the rooms on the fourth floor as cannabis-friendly rooms.

The hotel owners, Elevations Hotels and Resorts, fitted all the weed-friendly rooms with advanced air filtrations systems, so patrons can smoke all the cannabis they want without leaving a strong stench in the rooms.

The Lexi Las Vegas is currently the only officially known cannabis-friendly hotel Las Vegas has at the moment.

Cannabis-Friendly Hotel, Phoenix: The Clarendon Hotel and Spa Phoenix

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, has been a staple of downtown culture for the past several years now. But, it’s only recently that the hotel decided to open an entire floor of cannabis-friendly hotel rooms. 

cannabis friendly hotels

Today, you can stay at this eclectic, modern-day hotel and spa while lighting up safe and sound in your green-themed room. All cannabis rooms are on the first floor, and you can access the hotel’s unique cannabis lounge, too, where you and all your stoner friends can smoke, play games, and chill.

Whether you live in Arizona or are planning to visit any time soon, and you’re a fan of bud, staying at The Clarendon may make your sunny escape better than you could’ve imagined. 

Cannabis-Friendly Hotels, Denver

Unlike Las Vegas and Phoenix, which have only one cannabis hotel each, there are quite a few cannabis-friendly hotels Denver can boast of alongside its numerous bud-and-breakfasts.

Some of the top cannabis-friendly hotels Denver has include the Maven Hotel, the Curtis Hotel, the Patterson Inn, and the Nativ Hotel.

The four hotels seem to apply a textbook strategy in the manner they incorporate cannabis-friendliness in their operations.

They all –

  • Offer a selection of edibles and vaporizers in each room or designated area.
  • Have designated smoking areas asides from the rooms
  • Have some sort of cannabis package/offer or concierge service to help their patrons find and access the best dispensaries within their locality.

These cannabis-friendly hotels Denver offers elevate Colorado as one of the best weed-friendly states in the U.S. And definitely place it at the forefront of U.S. cannabis tourism.

Denver currently has the most dispensaries in the world. Considering the total number of bud-and-breakfasts and cannabis-friendly hotels in Denver, it may be the city with the most cannabis-friendly accommodations in the U.S.

Cannabis-Friendly Hotels, California

California is by far the largest cannabis market in the U.S. The Gold Coast state recorded the highest marijuana tax revenue in 2022, amounting to over $1.1 billion. Illinois and Colorado came far behind at $466 million and $325 million, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, the state has a cluster of buds-and-breakfasts across cities and, more recently, a few cannabis-friendly hotels in between.

The hotels include:

  • Dream Hollywood: Although Dream Hollywood does not allow smoking in its gorgeous rooms, you can purchase PAX Labs vaporizers from your in-room menu, and you’re also free to consume edibles.
  • Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows: The hotel has low-dose, non-smokeable hemp products available in its in-room menus for adults over 21 years of age. You can also head down to the hotel’s spa for some relaxing CBD oil massage.

Other hotels, such as Hotel Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa, Sandman Hotel, Hotel Kabuki, and Redwood Riverwalk Hotel, offer various forms of cannabis tourism, including cannabis farm and dispensary tours. Some have promised to expand their offers to allow cannabis consumption within hotel premises.

It’s important to note that none of the cannabis-friendly hotels California boasts permits cannabis smoking. 

Will Cannabis-Friendly Hotels Become the Norm?

The U.S. cannabis tourism and hospitality industry is growing at a slow pace: there’s a dearth of cannabis hotels across the country.

However, where hotels are lagging, there seems to be a stronger progressive trend in the number of bud and breakfasts and cannabis-friendly Airbnbs springing up across the trend.

While these smaller establishments are holding the fort at a lower scale, some hotels are gradually embracing the idea of becoming cannabis-friendly. These hotels may start by hosting marijuana events, running canna-tours, designating outdoor smoke areas, and making hemp products, CBD products, and vapes available in their rooms.

Following the footsteps of Lexi Las Vegas to fit rooms with advanced air filtration systems might be a lot of work for most hotels, so expecting that there will be lots of cannabis-friendly hotels with rooms you can smoke in might be far-fetched.

Irrespective, cannabis-friendly hotels could be the norm in a few years to come if the federal government moves towards decriminalizing marijuana after reviewing its status as a Schedule 1 drug by the end of 2023.

While waiting for the day cannabis-friendly hotels would become the norm, you could make do with other 420-friendly lodgings across the country.

Other Places to Stay That Embrace the Canna-Lifestyle

If you intend to consume and enjoy some good weed while in weed-friendly cities, you’d be most at ease doing that in bud and breakfasts or 420-friendly Airbnb’s that allow weed smoking or dabbing.

Most cannabis connoisseurs traveling through the country know where these places are, and you should too!

Where to Find Weed-Friendly Airbnbs and Bud and Breakfasts

Some websites have made a business out of lodge bookings specifically for cannabis-friendly accommodations in the U.S. and elsewhere.

These websites include:

  • Budandbreakfast.com: A worldwide service that could be handy when you want to hole up in some cozy weed-friendly inn or Airbnb while globetrotting.
  • Vibesbnb: Airbnb but for weed lovers. Vibesbnb is a U.S.-focused booking website with weed-friendly accommodations from all over the country. They provide an extra layer of safety by verifying both the guests and the hosts, so everyone involved enjoys a reasonably safe lodging and toking experience. You can search for accommodations by city.

Some notable weed-friendly buds and breakfasts that have been rumored to give some amazing cannabis-friendly accommodations include the following:

  • High Society BnB, Chicago: The first cannabis-friendly rental building in Chicago.
  • Canna Cape Cod, Washington, DC: Everything about Canna Cape Cod spells “weed and vibes.” From the infused meals to an impressive collection of flowers, dab rigs, edibles, and vapes, it’s said you might be too stoked to leave.
  • North Park Garden Room, San Diego: Described as a “quiet and peaceful garden gateway” not far from South and North Park business districts in San Diego.
  • Sol Spirit Retreats, Willow Creek: Treat yourself to some fine lodging inside luxurious bell tents surrounded by a sun-grown cannabis farm and picturesque mountainscape.

Cannabis Hotels, Weed-Friendly Rooms, and More 

Although cannabis hotels are yet to be a norm, we are certain that some more will spring up as days turn to months. It’s exciting to know that there are lodgings where you can get some fine dining and a good toke by the side without being given the boot.

However, you must always remember that rules differ from place to place.

Not all cannabis-friendly hotels and guest houses will allow you to consume smokeable cannabis within their premises – whether inside the rooms or outdoors.

Some only allow the use of hemp products. Even in places where you can smoke, irresponsible smoking could attract extra cleaning fees. Rules, rules, and more rules.

Rules often vary according to state laws. Therefore, always ensure you have a proper conversation with your host about the dos and don’ts before whipping out your dab rig or rolling a joint in their rooms.

Remember, as a medical marijuana patient, you’re always better off purchasing weed with your MMJ card. State reciprocity allows you to get top-shelf weed at a much cheaper rate. So, if it applies in the state you’re visiting, use your MMJ card!

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