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THC diamonds, also known as THC crystalline or THCa diamonds, have gained significant attention in the cannabis industry in recent years.

With their unique appearance and potent effects, THC diamonds have become a popular addition to the ever-expanding array of cannabis products.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of THC diamonds, answer the question: “What are THC diamonds?” and examine important topics such as how to make THC diamonds and how to smoke THC diamonds.

Defining THC Diamonds

The first step to understanding THC Diamonds is to answer the question: “What are THC diamonds?”

THC diamonds or THCa diamonds are a concentrated form of cannabis extract that consists of pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) crystals. Producers make THC diamonds through a specialized extraction process that involves isolating and purifying the THCA compound from cannabis plants.

THC diamonds are not psychoactive, but they produce delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat or light in a process known as decarboxylation.

THC diamonds have exceptionally high THC content, ranging from 90% to 99%. They are crystalline, resembling shiny, translucent diamonds or crystalline sugar. The crystals are usually tiny, hard, and have a sand-like texture.

Do THC Diamonds Really Look Like Diamonds?

You’re unlikely to mistake THC diamonds for real diamonds because they are not identical and have different textures.

So why are they called THC diamonds? Well, that’s because they share the same properties as real diamonds.

Like real diamonds, THC diamonds have a crystalline appearance; they are usually translucent or transparent and can range in color from clear to amber or even darker shades, depending on the specific strain of cannabis used.

How Are THC Diamonds Made?

If you’re wondering how to make THC diamonds, remember that the process is basically about extraction.

The first and most crucial step when it comes to how to make THC diamonds is the selection of high-quality cannabis. This step is essential because the quality of the cannabis determines the quality of the final product.

Producers typically select cannabis with high THCA content because the higher the THCA, the higher the THC content in the final THC diamonds when heat is applied.

One crucial ingredient in the extraction of THC diamonds is pressure. The production of THC diamonds involves multiple steps that require specialized equipment and knowledge.

After selecting high-quality cannabis, manufacturers extract the live resin from the cannabis plant using a cold-extraction technique. After they extract the live resin, an expert will apply pressure to the oil using a chromatography machine until crystals begin to form.

The first stage of this process resembles the production of live resin. To ensure the preservation of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes which give cannabis its taste, aroma, and flavor, experts use freshly harvested cannabis that has been flash-frozen.

After extracting the live resin, the next step is to convert the resin to THCa diamonds. The conversion of resin to THCa diamond is accomplished through one of two methods: a closed-loop system or employing the crystalline technique.

Closed Loop

In a closed-loop extraction method, manufacturers process the plant materials to separate the THC and terpenes using a liquid solvent. A minor amount of the solvent—about 10% to 15%—is retained to produce a solution rich with THCa.

Diamond production then occurs as the solvent is gradually removed over several days. This process can take anywhere from two days to several weeks to complete, but the result is the creation of pure THCa diamonds.

Crystalline Method

This procedure involves mixing THC isolate with a solvent to create a highly concentrated solution, which is then subjected to heat and pressure. The solvent evaporates when crystals are formed.

Producers either reintroduce the terpenes from the original strain or choose a different terpene sauce to create THC diamonds submerged in the sauce.

Due to the entourage effect, which happens when cannabinoids and terpenes interact synergistically, the presence of terpenes increases the potency of THCa diamonds.

What is Diamond Mining?

The term “diamond mining” is used in the cannabis industry to refer to creating THCa diamonds and extracting them from the sauce.

Diamond mining produces two distinct products: pure crystalline THCa diamonds and terp sauce containing over 50% terpenes and other extracted cannabinoids.

How to Make THC Diamonds

We strongly advise that you DO NOT attempt to produce THC diamonds at home because the production of THC diamonds requires expertise, specialized equipment, and a controlled environment to ensure safety and quality.

If you’d like to make cannabis products at home for personal consumption, stick to safe products like edibles and distillates.

Also, note that the cannabis products you make at home are strictly for personal consumption. Even if cannabis is legal where you live, you can’t sell cannabis products without a license.

How to Smoke THC Diamonds

THCa diamonds won’t get you high; you must convert them to THC to get that buzzy feeling.

To consume THC diamonds, you can vaporize or dab them using a specialized dab rig or vaporizer. Remember that THCa diamonds are very potent and need only a small amount to produce a potent psychoactive effect. If you’re unsure how much you need, start with a small amount.

Where Can I Buy THCa Diamonds?

Now that we’ve answered the “What are THC diamonds?” question, you may be eager to try this fantastic cannabis product renowned for its potency. So, where can you get some? The best place to look is licensed marijuana dispensaries.

We emphasize licensed dispensaries because here at Elevate Holistics, we understand the risks of buying cannabis products on the black market.

The only source you can trust to give you safe THC diamonds is licensed dispensaries that are under regulatory oversight from the government.

Are THCa Diamonds Safe?

THCa diamonds are pure extracts of natural cannabis with no added chemicals. Cannabis and its products are generally safe, and unlike artificial psychoactive substances, there’s very little risk of death or severe injury.

At most, you’ll experience mild side effects of cannabis consumption, like dry throat, nausea, or drowsiness, which will wear off after a while.

If you consume more THCa diamonds than your body can handle, you may green out and panic or feel paranoid, but it’s nothing to be afraid of because this effect will go away with time.

Also, buy THCa diamonds from only licensed dispensaries. All cannabis products at licensed dispensaries are produced with the highest manufacturing and hygienic standards and have passed rigorous safety tests from qualified labs.

No matter how attractive the price of THCa diamonds on the black market is, avoid them. THCa diamonds from unlicensed sources don’t have the same guarantee of safety and purity as those from licensed dispensaries.

How Are THC Diamonds Different from Other Cannabis Concentrates?

There are several cannabis concentrates, and you can buy them from the licensed dispensary closest to you, but THC diamonds stand out because of their potency. When heated, THC diamonds can contain up to 99% THC, while other cannabis concentrates contain 70% – 90% THC.

Can THC Diamonds Get You High?

Remember we said THC diamonds are the most potent cannabis concentrates? However, you need heat to unlock all that potency.

THCa is non-psychoactive, but when you apply heat, it converts to THC. The THC produced in the presence of heat interacts with your endocannabinoid system to produce an intoxicating effect.

What are THCa Diamonds?

The cannabis industry is filled with so many terms that it’s easy to mix them up. If you’ve been asking: “What are THCa diamonds?” “What’s the difference between THC vs. THCa diamonds?” Here are the answers you seek.

THC vs. THCa Diamonds

THC and THCa diamonds are known for their high potency, but they are not the same thing because they differ in their chemical composition and psychoactive effects.

THCa is very potent, but that potency is dormant without heat or light. When you dab or vaporize THCa diamonds, you convert all that raw and powerful potency to THC.

Are THCa Diamonds Legal?

Well, the legality of THCa diamonds is not so straightforward. Some argue that since it’s not THC, it is legal, while others say THCa diamonds are outrightly illegal because THC is classified as a Schedule I drug federally.

That said, anything you buy at a licensed dispensary is legal, so always ask and buy from a licensed professional.

Enjoying THC Diamonds (and THCa Diamonds) With an MMJ Card

As your go-to source for accurate and on-time information about anything cannabis, we’ve answered the “What are THC diamonds?” question and shared every other necessary information about this concentrate.

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