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If you’ve been smoking weed, you’ve likely heard the term “cross-faded” before — whether it was in conversation or in regards to someone in your sesh having a bad time.

But, what does it mean to be cross-faded, and how does it happen? You’re not the only one who is curious.

Below, we’ll discuss exactly what it means to be cross-faded, how to help someone who is, and even more helpful tips and information.

What Does Cross-Faded Mean?

What does getting crossed mean? Cross-faded or cross-fade is a term used to refer to the aftereffects of the use of multiple substances.

In most cases, the term is used in reference to the simultaneous use of marijuana and alcohol. In other cases, it’s a simpler reference to the feeling of being drunk and high at the same time as a result of multiple substance use – not necessarily inclusive of marijuana.

Why Do People Get Cross-Faded?

Now that you know the more popular cross-faded meaning among young adults, you may wonder why anybody would want to be cross-faded.

For starters, many people believe that mixing alcohol with weed results in a more euphoric effect, making you feel more high and more drunk than you ordinarily would feel if you were only taking either alcohol or weed.

Getting cross-faded is also a common practice in the nightlife scene, especially among young adults who want to be more sexually charged without feelings of anxiety or shame that would have made them more sexually conscious.

Peer pressure is also a reason why some individuals cross-fade.

Does Alcohol Enhance the Side Effects of Marijuana?

Well, persons who harbor these notions are not far from the truth. The book Concepts of Chemical Dependency by Harold Doweiko points out that using alcohol alongside other substances intensifies the side effects of that drug.


Additionally, scientific research has also shown that the liver prioritizes alcohol metabolization over that of any other substance taken alongside it

That is, it’s often after the liver has metabolized the alcohol in your system that it switches to properly metabolize other drugs you might have taken.

This also means that the effects of THC will linger in your system until your liver is done metabolizing alcohol. 

Further research also shows that consuming alcohol and marijuana simultaneously boosts sexual arousal and orgasm.

As a result, people who engage in cross-faded drug use are likely to experience a more intense and longer-lasting high and sexual arousal, which are the most common reasons people cross-fade drugs.

What Does Being Cross-Faded Feel Like?

study examining the concept of cross-fading among young adults reported that only 5.2% of the participants thought the effects of cross-fading to be very desirable, and over 60% said it was not desirable at all.

Bear in mind that while it’s nearly impossible to overdose on weed, individuals may experience a phenomenon known as “greening out when being cross-faded. 

Greening out is a temporary sickness that usually occurs when an individual has too much THC in their system.

Alcohol enhances the effects of THC and also makes it remain in your system for far longer than usual. Hence, your brain ends up being over-stimulated by THC.

Therefore, when you cross-fade drugs, you might feel pleasantly euphoric or relaxed for about an hour or two.

However, the side effects of THC will be heightened as it lingers in your system for too long, which could result in nasty aftereffects.

Some of the common effects reported by persons who have cross-faded drugs include:


      • Significant lapse in cognitive functions such as a lapse in judgment, coordination, and orientation (dizziness)
      • Chills and shaking
      • Extreme anxiety and paranoia
      • Hyperventilation or shortness of breath
      • Nausea
      • Dehydration
      • Headaches
      • Alcohol poisoning: This happens in extreme cases where an individual has had too much alcohol, and cannabis – which is antiemetic – makes it difficult for the individual to vomit and relieve themselves of excess alcohol.

    There is limited research to show how long the side effects of cross-fading last. However, some persons report terrible hangovers the following day.

    To reduce the risk of greening out and alcohol poisoning, it’s important you know how to help someone who is cross-faded.

    How to Help Someone Who Is Cross-Faded

    Armed with the knowledge of the cross-faded meaning and the consequent adverse effects, how do you help someone who is cross-faded?

    So far, very little is known about how to help someone who is cross-faded. 

    Of the few, two techniques stand out as effective ways to help a cross-faded person get relief.


    Get them to take enough water. Dehydration is one of the side effects of cross-fading, and it could further exacerbate the effects of drunkenness.

    If someone around you is getting cross-faded, offer them a glass of water for every glass of alcoholic beverage they consume. While drinking water might be ineffective in curtailing the effects of highness, it could help reduce drunkenness.


    Sleep is especially helpful in cases where the individual is feeling disoriented or exhibiting other signs of cognitive dysfunction.

    Guide or encourage the person to get some sleep. 

    Although sleeping might not immediately alleviate the side effects, the person might be lucky enough to have a long sleep and sleep off most of the side effects along the line.


    Note: the person might still wake up with a hangover.

    Some other ways to help someone who is cross-faded include:


        • Calm or comfort them if they are experiencing extreme anxiety or similar conditions. Take them to somewhere that is cool and quiet, away from noise and activities that could worsen their situation.
        • Offer them some food, but also know when to stop them from eating too much. You don’t want them to get tangled in the web of munchies and feel even more nauseous.
        • Ensure they don’t drive or operate heavy machinery when they are cross-faded. Best to guide them away from anything that could lead to an accident – that could even mean ensuring they are never alone.

      How to Best Avoid Getting Cross-Faded

      Stick to one substance and go with it for the day or night. Having an alcoholic drink? Stick to it. Rather have weed instead? Stick to it. Just don’t mix both.

      A clear understanding of cross-faded meaning and effects is often enough pointer for many persons to understand the risks and avoid being cross-faded.

      However, sometimes one might be tempted to have a little bit of both alcohol and weed at the same time, with the mindset that they have things under control.

      But that’s too much of a slippery slope to tempt yourself with. 

      Stand your ground when in the midst of friends who always want to mix alcohol and weed, or totally avoid occasions where both substances are most likely to be available.

      If you want the feeling of having a drink but with the familiar effects of cannabis, consider visiting a cannabis bar or having a cannabis-infused drink.

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