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Joints are the most popular way to roll cannabis. They’re easy to carry along to smoke sessions and pass around among friends, so it’s very likely that you’ve heard of joints – and blunts.

But have you heard of a spliff? Well, besides joints, there are other ways to roll weed, and yes, spliffs are one of them.

But, what is a spliff, and is it better than a joint?

You’ll learn more about spliffs in this article as we touch on other information like the spliff vs. joint comparison and how to roll a spliff.

So, first off…

What is a Spliff?         

Before we teach you how to roll a spliff, understanding a spliff’s meaning is an important first step.

So, what does a spliff mean? A spliff is a cannabis term that describes a mixture of tobacco and marijuana flower, usually rolled in white cigarette paper. You can decide the marijuana-to-tobacco ratio in your spliff, but a 50-50 blend is the most common.

You get a powerful rush when you combine tobacco and marijuana because of tobacco’s buzzy and energetic effects. 

Spliffs are more common in Europe, while cannabis consumers in America prefer joints, probably due to the adverse health effects of tobacco. Regardless of geographical preferences, the spliff meaning is the same everywhere.

What is a Blunt?

We mentioned earlier that a blunt is one other way to smoke cannabis, so you may be curious about what it is. So here goes.

You make a blunt when you use tobacco or other wraps to roll weed. Blunts are larger than spliffs and joints and last longer; this makes them ideal for group smoking sessions.

Spliff vs. Joint

Let’s compare spliff vs. joint and see what their key differences are. By the way, this comparison will shine more light on answers to the question: What is a spliff?

  • Content: Spliffs contain a mixture of weed and tobacco, while joints contain only weed
  • Rolling paper: Spliffs are usually rolled in white cigarette paper while you roll joints with brown weed rolling paper.
  • Potency: Naturally, joints contain more THC and will deliver a more potent high than spliffs. 

Comparing Spliff vs. Joint: Pros and Cons

Personal preferences matter, but if you’re yet to decide which one you prefer in the spliff vs. joint debate, first consider their pros and cons. 

what is a spliff

Pros of Joints

Joints are the most popular method of smoking weed because of many advantages, including the following:

  • They’re easy to share; not everyone who loves weed will like the taste and aroma of spliffs.
  • They’re small and portable, so you can carry it around easily. Joint carriers are one of the cool cannabis accessories to have. 
  • Joints are more potent than spliffs; they offer a full, undiluted marijuana experience. The taste, aroma, and high are nothing but pure weed. 

Cons of Joints

  • The distinctive rolling paper and strong aroma are dead giveaways, so it’s hard to be discreet.
  • You need plenty of weed to fill it up since it’s not a mixture. You could quickly run out of weed if you smoke only joints. 
  • You need plenty of experience to be able to roll a joint properly.

Pros of Spliffs 

Spliffs offer an alternative to joints, but just like joints, they have pros and cons.

  • You can save on marijuana since you’re mixing it with tobacco. Your weed will last longer compared to when you smoke joints only. 
  • The tobacco gives you a buzzy and energetic feeling.
  • It is discreet; people will think you’re smoking a cigarette because of the white cigarette paper, and the smell is not as overpowering as joints. 
  • The tobacco makes it easier to roll.

Cons of Spliffs

  • Tobacco is a carcinogen and may harm your health. Cannabis, on the other hand, is being studied for potential anti-cancer properties. 
  • Nicotine is addictive compared to marijuana, which is used to wean people off addiction to opiates. 
  • You may not like the taste as the tobacco ruins the distinctive taste of weed.

How to Roll a Spliff — the Right Way

There’s no magic or secret sauce to rolling these products, so here’s how to make a spliff in a few easy steps.

To roll a spliff, you need the following:

  • Rolling paper
  • Cannabis
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Rolling tray
  • Filter or crutch  
  • Chopstick, pen, or any suitable item

Step 1: Grind your weed

Ground cannabis is easier to roll and burns more evenly. If you don’t have a cannabis grinder, you can use your hands or scissors. Make sure your grind produces an even texture and size.

Step 2: Make a Crutch

A crutch is the mouthpiece of the spliff, and while you can make a spliff without one, crutches provide stability and protect your fingers from burn. Many shops sell already-made crutches, but you can make one yourself. 

To make a crutch, get thick paper and cut a rectangle-shaped strip. Fold the paper into an accordion shape, then wrap the last part around the whole accordion. 

Step 3: Fill Your Paper

Fill your rolling paper with weed and tobacco leaves in your desired ratio. Place the rolling paper on a rolling tray and position the crutch on one end; this side will be the mouthpiece.

Sprinkle weed and tobacco in the center of the paper in line with the crutch, with less weed towards the crutch and more towards the tip; this will help you achieve the desired cone shape. 

what is a spliff

Step 4: Roll Up Your Spliff

Pick up your cannabis paper and ensure the adhesive side is away from you. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it into a cone shape.

Step 5: Seal it Up

Roll the rolling paper slowly toward the adhesive side, tucking in the bud as you go. Support the outside with your thumb and index finger.

To gradually seal the joint, lick or wet the sticky adhesive and start sealing from the crutch end.

Step 6: Pack it & Twist!

After sealing the spliff, get a chopstick, pen, or any other suitable object and pack down the mixture towards the mouthpiece. If any bits of weed or tobacco fall off while rolling the spliff, you can put it back in. 

Twist the extra paper at the tip of the spliff to seal it shut, and it is ready to go. 

Tips for How to Roll a Spliff Properly

  • Grind your weed to give it an even consistency; this makes it easier to roll.
  • Don’t wet the paper too much when sealing it; a little saliva will do. If you lick it too much, you’ll make it wet and ruin it.
  • Remove loose sticks and stems in the mixture; they can punch through the paper and make rolling difficult. 
  • Make sure the cannabis and tobacco mixture is evenly spread on the paper before you start rolling. 
  • If you’re new to rolling, start with thick material; it is less delicate to manipulate. 

Are Spliffs Better Than Joints or Blunts? 

One distinctive quality of cannabis is variety. Spliffs, joints, and spliffs are only a few of the many ways you can enjoy cannabis, and we can’t say one is better than the other; it all comes down to personal preference.

If you want a pure cannabis experience, you go with joints. If you want cannabis with a tinge of tobacco, you choose blunts, but if you want a heavier concentration of tobacco to go with your weed, a spliff is the one for you.

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