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drinkable thc

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You can smoke, vape, and eat weed, so why not drink it? Drinkable weed is one of the latest trends in consuming cannabis, and it’s offering unique experiences for cannabis lovers everywhere.

Weed beverages are great for patients who would prefer not to inhale their marijuana, desire a precise dosage, or just want to consume their cannabis in a new, delicious way. THC drinks are on the rise and Elevate Holistics are ready to help you enhance your weed game.

What are Weed Beverages?

A cannabis drink is a beverage that extractors infuse with activated cannabis concentrate. It contains cannabinoids like THC (which gets you high) or just CBD (which doesn’t get you high.) There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a liquid marijuana drink – sparkling water, coffee, soda, juice. Patients can even enjoy a cannabis energy drink for an added boost.

Some weed beverages are fast-acting, kicking in as quickly as five minutes after consuming, while others work like an edible and may take up to two hours to reach peak effects. Here we’ll go over different types of weed beverages, how they work, dosing, and more.

How Weed Drinks Work

Typically, you activate the cannabinoids in cannabis through heat – cue the lighters and torches. But in a cannabis drink, these compounds are already activated and ready to be consumed, meaning no extra work is required. The hard work comes before the drink reaches you, as weed beverages are one of the trickier cannabis products to make.

Cannabinoids THC and CBD are fat-soluble and, thus, don’t easily mix with water (which is why these molecules work so well in buttery edibles.) But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Using technology, experts have perfected drinkable weed through different processes with the same underlying basics. The objective of these processes is to find the best way to mix cannabinoid molecules with water-friendly molecules.

How to Make Drinkable Weed

Making weed beverages is a complicated process no matter how you go about it. First, here’s a rundown on the three essential steps of creating drinkable weed.

  • CO2 Extraction: First, professionals add liquid-state carbon dioxide (CO2) to raw cannabis materials under extreme pressure and heat. CO2 releases as a gas and, when they complete the complete, only concentrated cannabis extract remains.
  • Short-path distillation: Experts refine concentrated cannabis extract using a process called short-path distillation. It uses vacuum and heat control to turn the concentrated extract into cannabis distillate. 
  • Emulsification: Here, professionals add a blending agent, attaching to the cannabis distillate, allowing it to dissolve in water. At this point, you’re ready to consume it.

Water-Soluble Cannabis Drinks

The process of creating a water-soluble marijuana drink has been evolving for many years. Other liquid cannabis products, like tinctures, use alcohol as a base to mix in cannabinoids. (Patients can make their own basic weed drink at home using a THC tincture, but it will likely lack the pizazz of weed beverages on the market.) Since using alcohol for cannabis drinks isn’t ideal, regular water-based THC drinks have long been the standard.

Now, through a process called nano-emulsification, water-soluble cannabis drinks have been smoothed out, literally. The process breaks down cannabis oil into microscopic particles and then mixes it with an emulsifier to help the oil dissolve in water.

Nano-emulsification also allows for faster absorption into the body since it does not need to be processed by the liver. The body absorbs the cannabinoids through the stomach lining, allowing you to feel effects as quickly as five to 15 minutes. Water-soluble drinks provide much higher bioavailability, or the amount of the substance that your bloodstream absorbs. This provides an enhanced experience for consumers, especially for ones with high tolerances.

Regular Cannabis Drinks

But without substantial research, (and the fact that the process is difficult and expensive), nano-emulsification is not every company’s go-to. Instead of breaking down cannabis microscopically in nano-emulsification, the molecules in regular water-based cannabis drinks stay untouched. This process, known as macro emulsions, still works and can produce a yummy cannabis drink – as long as you shake the liquid marijuana drink before consumption.

Regular cannabis drinks are processed by the liver, like an edible, which creates a slower onset time for effects. The liver processes and removes things that the body doesn’t want, which is another important factor for companies that do not use nano-emulsification.

How to Drink Cannabis

You might not know how much THC drink to consume without the nearly instant effects of smoking or vaping cannabis, making it important to start small and keep track of dosage to discover your sweet spot. Water-soluble cannabis drinks make it easier to optimize this process since they kick in more quickly. But the quicker the effects of cannabis hit, the quicker they fade.

For those new to cannabis, about 5 mg of THC is a good place to start. If you are somewhat accustomed to the effects of cannabis, 20 to 50 mg of THC is a safe bet. For patients who consume cannabis on the regular, a liquid marijuana drink with 100 to 150 mg of THC is likely to help you reach a refreshing level.

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Types of Cannabis Drinks

From an extra herbal tea to a cannabis energy drink, there are a plethora of THC drinks on the market. These types of cannabis drinks include but are far from limited to:

  • Coffee and tea: Offered in single-serve pods, bottles, and more, cannabis coffee and tea drinks are the perfect wake and bake. 
  • Soda: Typically caffeine-free, cannabis soda is a yummy mix of carbonation and flavor.
  • Sparkling water and tonics: Professionals craft cannabis sparkling water or delicious tonics using simple, often organic ingredients.
  • Mocktails: Not to be confused with a marijuana cocktail drink, which doesn’t contain alcohol, a cannabis mocktail contains THC, instead. This is great for those wanting to avoid alochol but still get a buzz.
  • Energy drink: Does a cannabis energy drink get you high? Yes, with a combination of THC and caffeine, a cannabis energy drink is sure to uplift you.

Where to Find Drinkable Weed

The marijuana drink market continues to grow, with research expecting it to be worth $2.8 billion by 2025. Patients can find a liquid marijuanas drink at their local dispensary but should look ahead online to see the options available. When searching a dispensary’s website, you’ll typically find cannabis drinks under the ‘edibles’ tab.

It’s important to purchase your drinkable weed legally, as other products do not have the same safety regulations and may contain unwanted ingredients – or lack the ingredients you’re looking for.

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Sip on a Liquid Weed Drink with the Help of Elevate Holistics

At Elevate Holistics, we want to help you find the cannabis product that’s right for you and teach you how to use it. From the latest THC drinks to any marijuana product on the market, we’re here to keep you elevated and informed.

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