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Today’s medical field is expanding rapidly with new therapies and pharmaceuticals. You may have different options in our current medical landscape, whereas you only had one 20 years ago. But what if your doctor isn’t fully on board with the recent developments? Unfortunately, many patients are finding, especially as it relates to medical marijuana, that some physicians are less than receptive to the idea of their patients looking to cannabis as a treatment option.


If you’re a patient who wonders how to get your doctor to give you a medical card, you may be surprised to know that they may outright refuse to give you a marijuana prescription.


If you’ve gone to your doctor and suggested the idea of medical marijuana but received a less-than-enthusiastic response, what’s next? 

Why a Doctor Might Be Against Prescribing MMJ


Before we go to that next step, we should consider why your doctor might not offer a hearty endorsement of medical cannabis. The most common reason might be information or a lack thereof. As with all medical innovations, research is a must. Rock-solid, peer-reviewed, thoroughly tested research is what takes something from “promising” to “now in a store near you!”


Because marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug (a product deemed to have no medicinal properties and to be a danger to public health) by the federal government, it’s difficult to use in studies. This is especially so for the kind of studies that generate the body of research doctors look to for guidance. Your doctor may not actually be against medical marijuana. However, they may just be cautious until they feel convinced by research. They are in the business of doing no harm, after all. So you can’t really fault them for being careful.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana


Approaching the topic of medical marijuana with your doctor can feel daunting, but it’s a crucial step toward managing your health with alternative therapies. 


Start the conversation by expressing your interest in exploring medical marijuana as a potential treatment option, citing any research or personal experiences that have led you to consider it. Be open and honest about your symptoms, your concerns with traditional treatments, and any previous experiences with cannabis. Ask for their professional opinion and whether they believe it could be a beneficial addition to your treatment plan. If they’re unfamiliar or hesitant about recommending medical marijuana, politely ask if they can provide references to other healthcare providers or resources like Elevate Holistics MMJ Doctors, who specialize in medical cannabis. Remember, your health and comfort are paramount, and seeking a doctor who understands and supports your health goals is key to effective treatment.

Ask for an MMJ Doctor Referral


Ask for a referral. Referrals are very common in medical practices. Chances are that your doctor makes half a dozen of them a week, sending other patients to physicians specializing in certain areas of medicine or treatments. If your doctor doesn’t seem supportive of medical marijuana to treat your condition, then it’s your right to ask them if they can recommend someone else. Your doctor likely knows another professional who can get you the help you need or can at least make the calls necessary to find one. This is your own care you’re dealing with, so asking for a referral isn’t asking for a favor or pushing the boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship. It’s simply taking charge of your health.

Know the Rules for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Your State


Know the standards in your state. When it comes to states that have rules for medical cannabis and medical marijuana doctors, each state has different standards for what they consider to be qualified conditions. You must familiarize yourself with your state’s laws and see if your condition allows for cannabis-related treatment. This isn’t difficult to do with an online search. Check out Elevate Holistics’ MMJ FAQs by state for more information.

How to Get a Medical Card Without a Condition


To obtain a medical marijuana card, you must typically have a specific health condition approved by your state’s regulations. However, some states grant physicians the flexibility to recommend medical marijuana for conditions not explicitly listed, recognizing the diverse benefits it may offer. If you believe medical marijuana could improve your health but don’t have a condition on the approved list, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional. Present your case clearly, focusing on how your symptoms affect your daily life and why you think marijuana might help. It’s crucial to stick strictly to the law and seek advice from experts in medical cannabis. Remember, your health is a priority, and exploring all potential treatment options, including medical marijuana, should be done responsibly and informedly.

Elevate Holistics: Your Trusted MMJ Doctors


Try Elevate Holistics. Your primary care doctor is an important part of your medical support system. But if you think medical marijuana might be a way to get the relief you need, we can help put you in touch with a compassionate MMJ doctor who is experienced in the medical cannabis field. You can make a same-day appointment online and use our convenient telemedicine platform to meet with them right from home. We’ll only connect you with professionals of the highest qualifications so you can be sure you’re getting skilled and effective consultation. Please take a look at our reviews!


Elevate Holistics is committed to providing you with all the options for effective relief that medical marijuana can provide. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time patient or a returning client because we’re always updating our information to ensure you can find the best the market offers. Give us a chance, and we’ll show you why medical marijuana is the fastest-growing segment of the wellness industry.

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