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Medical Marijuana Cards in Frederick, MD

Marijuana has been making a difference in the lives of people suffering from chronic pain, going through cancer treatments, those terminally ill, and many other types of health conditions. Since 2014 in Maryland, it has been proven to be effective for Frederick residents.

Getting your medical marijuana card or MMJ card, you need to know some things before starting the process, such as the Maryland marijuana laws and where and what you can buy at a dispensary in Frederick, MD.

How can I get a medical card in Frederick, MD?

The first thing that you must do to obtain a medical marijuana card in Frederick is to register as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission through the registry portal. You’ll need a valid email to create an account, proof of Maryland residency, a government-approved photo ID, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. As well as a recent passport-quality photograph, this photo will be placed on your medical ID card.  

Once you submit an online application, you’ll be notified by email that the application was submitted, and it will include a link to complete the application. Your application is not completely submitted until you complete this process. 

Getting your medical condition certified by a weed doctor in Frederick is a required step to complete your application. They must be registered with the commission, and you can find this information listed on their website. Or you can choose Elevate Holistics; we’ve partnered with local medical marijuana doctors in Maryland. We already did the work for you and offer secure online appointments that allow for convenient and affordable appointments to obtain your certification. 

You will get a written certification that will need to be submitted to the commission to review. If you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email that contains a link to your temporary medical card that you can use until your permanent card arrives in the mail. You can print out your temporary card and start using it at any local dispensary Frederick MD has or in the surrounding areas. 

Qualifying Conditions for medical marijuana card?

Qualifying conditions vary from state to state. If you want to get a medical marijuana card in Maryland, you’ll need to have one or more of the following physical or mental health conditions – chronic pain, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, and severe nausea. 

As you can see, the medical marijuana qualifying conditions are broad, which makes it difficult to know if your condition falls under one of the listed conditions. The best way to know is by talking to a doctor that is trained in the benefits of using medical marijuana. 

Do I need a medical card to buy CBD?

You do not need a medical card to purchase all types of CBD oil Frederick MD, but if the CBD contains a certain amount of cannabis, you will need a medical card to purchase it. 

Medical marijuana doctors in Frederick, MD

You’ll need to obtain a written medical marijuana certification to complete your application for a medical marijuana card Frederick MD or any other Maryland city, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a registered Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission doctor. 

At Elevate Holistics, we work with board-certified doctors in Frederick, MD. These doctors are registered with the commission and know the Maryland marijuana laws. During one of these industry standard security and compliance compliant and completely secure sessions, the doctor will assess your condition and provide you with a written certification. They can also answer any questions you might have about products and dosages for your condition. 

How much should I pay for a mmj card?

When creating an account with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable $50 fee. And if approved, your Maryland medical marijuana will be valid for three years. 

Because most insurance companies will not pay for a medical marijuana doctor, you will need to pay for this cost out of pocket as well. The cost of your doctor’s visit will depend on the doctor. The doctor visits with Elevate Holistics are affordable and convenient, with online appointments starting at $75 per session. 

How long is the process to get my card?

From start to finish, you can expect the process to take about two months. While getting a medical marijuana card in Maryland can be a lengthy process, the process is actually very simple. There is just a lot of waiting time. Once you submit your initial application, you’ll wait from five to 45 days for a follow-up email. You cannot see a doctor until you get this email from the commission.  

Once you receive this email, you can schedule your doctor’s appointment to get your certification. After getting your certification, you can submit it to get your temporary card and visit a dispensary. 

How do I renew my medical marijuana card?

Maryland medical cards are valid for three years. To renew your card, you’ll need to log into your account with the MMJC and choose Renew Registration. You’ll answer a series of questions, make any changes if necessary, such as your mailing address.

Am I allowed to grow my own marijuana?

It is illegal to grow any amount of medical marijuana in Maryland, even with a medical marijuana card.  Cultivating your own marijuana at home in any amount is penalized, and the severity is based on the amount of marijuana you have in your possession. 

Dispensaries in Frederick, MD

When you are looking for a Frederick dispensary, you’ll want to choose one that is knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. It can be overwhelming with all of the options of cannabis products that you’ll have to choose from – CBD oils, various strains of medical marijuana, and THC-infused products. The different strengths and potencies that can affect you differently. Taking the time to talk with the staff at the dispensary will provide you with the necessary information and guide you towards products that are better suited based on your needs.

Asked Questions

Yes! Marijuana is legal in the Free State for both patients and caregivers once registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission — or MMJC.

No, recreational cannabis is still illegal according to Maryland marijuana laws.

Getting your Maryland medical marijuana card can take a few weeks. The MMJC has to first approve and review your application, and this can take 30 days or more, depending on the number of applications. Once you’re approved, you must obtain a valid, written certification from a registered provider and print out your temporary MMJC patient ID card. After doing all of this, you’ll get your permanent card and can purchase MMJ.

No, you cannot go to a Maryland dispensary without a card. You’ll need to have your temporary or permanent MMJC patient ID card to get into the dispensary and make purchases.

No. Regardless of state law, marijuana is still illegal federally, and post-security areas in airports are technically ruled by federal agencies. In general, Maryland marijuana laws strictly outline that you cannot travel to any other states, countries, or jurisdictions with your MMJ.

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