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Medical Marijuana and Arthritis

While there are treatments available to help manage arthritis, medical marijuana may be able to provide relief as well. Research has indicated that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and may be helpful in limiting pain associated with this condition. If you or someone you know suffers from arthritis, getting a medical marijuana card could be a great way to access relief.

Arthritis simply means joint inflammation. It is a disease that affects joints, inducing stiffness and pain that makes it difficult to move or engage in other physical activities. Worse still, it often gets more severe with age.

Arthritis can affect any joint – the meeting point of two different bones. Hence, there are many different kinds of arthritis, which can affect the old and young – men, women, and children. With how common a complication like this one is, many people search for alternative treatments to provide relief. That’s why, today, Elevate Holistics is taking a look at medical marijuana for arthritis. 

Can marijuana help arthritis? Is it a valid option for treatment? Let’s find out together.

What Causes Arthritis?

Since there are over 100 types of arthritis, it is easy to imagine that many things could cause arthritis. Truthfully, different things cause the different types of arthritis that exist. However, arthritis is a broad term that covers a whole lot of joint conditions that feature inflammation. Consequently, there is no comprehensive pointer to what causes most of these conditions.

Generally, the most common causes of arthritis include:

      • Autoimmune infections or diseases
      • Viral diseases or infections
      • Reduction in cartilage tissue
      • Genes – you have a higher chance of having arthritis if it exists in your family history.
      • Frequent or repeated stress on your joints due to your job, sports, and physical activity you partake in.

    Note: Cold weather and repetitive motion also add up to what can trigger arthritis pain in patients.

    Risk factors for arthritis include:

        • Age: Risks increase with age
        • Sex: More common in women
        • Weight: obesity increases the chances of arthritis
        • Lifestyle: smoking, inactivity, overactivity

      Types of Arthritis

      Various forms of inflammation, pain, and stiffness could determine the type of arthritis a patient suffers. The part of the body the conditions affect, such as the hands, lower back, knee, etc., also helps determine the type of arthritis.

      Some of the most common types of arthritis include:

          • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA.)
          • Fibromyalgia
          • Osteoarthritis (OA.)
          • Childhood arthritis
          • Gout
          • Lupus
          • Psoriatic arthritis

        From all that we have listed above, you may be asking yourself, “What is the most common form of arthritis?” Well, the answer is osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. Apart from these, some other common types of arthritis include reactive arthritis, migratory arthritis, and juvenile arthritis.

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        How To Tell If You Have Arthritis

        If you are an overly conscious person, almost every little joint pain or discomfort in any part of the body might feel like arthritis to you. However, you may be wrong – or right. So, how do you know you have arthritis? Is there a guide on how to tell if you have arthritis?

        Depending on the various stages of arthritis and affected body part, what arthritis feels like depends on the type a patient suffers. On a general note, you can tell if you have arthritis if:

            • You feel intermittent or sharp pain in the joints, ankle, wrist, neck, hands, muscles, back, fingers, etc.
            • You have swollen joints
            • Your joints feel stiff or tender
            • You suddenly have difficulty moving, or your muscles feel weak
            • Your skin starts becoming red, or you develop flares, stiff neck, or deformities.

          On a less general note, people are often curious about the causes and signs of arthritis in their hands. A few things that may give away arthritis symptoms in your hands include stiff joints, bump-like swellings on hand, pitted nails, deformities on the affected hand or finger, etc.

          It is often better to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis if you feel you have arthritis.

          Can Medical Marijuana help with Arthritis Pain?

          Can marijuana help arthritis? Yes! It appears as though medical cannabis can be highly beneficial in helping those ease their arthritic pains. 

          Anecdotes from arthritis patients and lab studies have shown that marijuana helps in relieving arthritis pain. As a matter of fact, arthritis is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana usage in US legal states. In Canada, medical cannabis has been a legal treatment option for arthritis since 2001.

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          How Does Marijuana Help Arthritis?

          The use of marijuana in the treatment of arthritis aims to control and minimize the pain patients may feel and improve their quality of life. Many patients find that medications often prescribed for the same purposes do come with side effects that are sometimes unbearable.

          With medical marijuana, this is hardly ever the case, as side effects are rarely recorded. Instead, most consumers report overall feelings of reduced pain and relaxation in places that typically plague them of discomfort. 

          This is because of cannabis’s anti-inflammatory properties. As you consume (or apply) your cannabis products, the cannabinoids work hard to reduce excess inflammation and have you feeling more like yourself again.

          Beyond relieving arthritis pain, the use of medical marijuana relieves anxiety and sleeplessness that may surface due to the discomfort caused by arthritis.

          Note: It may be best to use topical marijuana instead of smokable marijuana when treating arthritis. This is because topicals target concentrated areas directly — inhalation focuses more on the full body.

          What Cannabis Strains are the Best for Arthritis?

          Arthritis inflammation makes life very uncomfortable for patients. Hence, patients are always looking for the best strains for inflammation when using cannabis for arthritis treatment.

          As a rule of thumb, you want to use CBD-dominant strains due to the natural anti-inflammatory effects they offer – they are often the better strains for the relief of arthritis pain. Let’s look at some strains you should look out for when seeking relief from arthritis inflammation:

              • Cannatonic
              • ACDC
              • Canna Tsu
              • Harlequin
              • Charlotte’s Web
              • Ringo’s Gift

            Those listed above are CBD-dominant strains with higher CBD: THC content. However, patients may find some hybrid and THC-dominant strains very helpful in the relief of arthritis pain. In that case, you may look out for Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Blue Widow, Blue Dream, or Afghan Kush.

            Is CBD Oil Good for Arthritis?

            Given the nature of arthritis, patients often prefer to concentrate treatments on the affected joints rather than take treatments that are not so specific in their areas of action. Generally, CBD is often associated with the relief of chronic pain conditions, arthritis inclusive. And patients usually opt for CBD oil as the go-to treatment for the relief of arthritis pain.

            But the question remains: Is CBD oil good for arthritis? Or are its effects illusionary? For most people, yes, CBD oil for arthritis is incredibly effective at helping to manage aches and pains.

            CBD oil is the oil extracted from cannabis plants, and you can use it as a topical treatment to relieve arthritis pain. Although most of the testimonies are anecdotal, organizational and scientific studies have indicated that topical application of CBD oil may be suitable for arthritis. However, patients may not feel any noticeable impact. It simply depends.

            How Can I Get a Medical Card for Arthritis?

            Can you get a medical card for arthritis? You sure can. How? Elevate Holistics!

            Arthritis is a qualifying medical condition for the use of medical marijuana in various legal states throughout the US. However, state laws demand that patients seeking MMJ relief from chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis, present a medical marijuana card at state-authorized dispensaries before making a purchase.

            Patients often find that the process of obtaining a medical card is rigorous, time-consuming, and expensive. Elevate Holistics has simplified the process into three easy steps while offering virtual appointments with certified marijuana doctors. Hence, you can do everything right in the comfort of your home and get your medical card within 48 hours! What’s more? Our service fees come at the most affordable rates in the country.

            Contact us today to learn more about how Elevate Holistics can help you find relief from your pain


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