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Medical Marijuana and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Suffering from a lack of energy? Get relief with medical marijuana. Studies have shown that marijuana can reduce pain, improve sleep, and lessen anxiety and depression symptoms, all of which can be beneficial for those living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Take charge of your health and start feeling better — get your medical marijuana card today!
chronic fatigue

We all get a little bit tired sometimes. But, when that fatigued feeling continues day after day, regardless of your amount of sleep, it may be time to go to the doctor. When you’re fatigued every day, this may be because of chronic fatigue syndrome and its unfortunate side effects. But, what is chronic fatigue syndrome, and is there anything you can do to treat it? What about medical marijuana and chronic fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue and exhaustion for long periods of time — typically at least six months. This kind of fatigue cannot be linked to any underlying causes, creating chronic tiredness essentially out of the blue. 

Today, Elevate Holistics is taking a deep dive into symptoms, causes, and treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome. With this, we’ll focus on the relationship between marijuana and fatigue, and how MMJ products may be able to help. Let’s get started.

what is chronic fatigue syndrome

Causes of Chronic Fatigue

The exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t known, but doctors speculate that there are a few different potential triggers for the complication.

Some people report that after physical or mental trauma, they begin to notice excess fatigue that they cannot manage. Thus, it may be specific trauma that triggers the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome for certain individuals.

For others, the cause of chronic fatigue may be a hormone imbalance, a problem with the immune system, or even a viral infection. Unfortunately, researchers aren’t sure which viruses actually trigger chronic fatigue, though they have some speculation. 

Currently, the causes of chronic fatigue are a bit up in the air, and it seems to be quite specific per person. What we do know, though, is there are some common factors that place people at higher risk than others. These factors are age and gender

Doctors diagnose women with chronic fatigue syndrome significantly more than men. However, whether this is because the disorder is more common in women or if they are just more open to reporting it, is still unclear. 

In terms of age, chronic fatigue syndrome appears to affect young and middle-aged adults most frequently. However, the complication can technically arise at any age due to certain, unknown triggers. 

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, here are some of the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome:

    • Constant, chronic fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Difficulty remembering or concentrating
    • Muscle or joint pain
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Unsatisfying sleep
    • Sore throat
    • Dizziness upon standing
    • Severe exhaustion post-exercise or physical activity

If you find that you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s imperative to get to the doctor right away. Chronic fatigue syndrome is not something to ignore, as it isn’t going to go away without treatment or support. 

That’s where the relationship between medical marijuana and chronic fatigue syndrome comes in.

symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

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Marijuana for Sleep

One of the biggest problems for those with chronic fatigue is the lack of fulfilling sleep. Poor sleep cycles will only exacerbate fatigue, making you feel more tired and less productive throughout the day. For those with chronic fatigue syndrome, restful night sleeps can do wonders for their mindset — and physical response — the next morning. 

Many people turn to medical marijuana for sleep support. This is because certain cannabinoids within the cannabis plant promote sedative, relaxing properties that help you fully decompress. This kind of relaxation may be imperative for those with chronic fatigue.

The anti-inflammatory properties within the cannabis plant can help relax muscles and joints, while the soothing, anti-anxiety characteristics provide mental support to calm the brain. Together, many people report experiencing full-body feelings of relief, comfort, and — of course — relaxation. Those with chronic fatigue syndrome can benefit highly from better nights of sleep, as they won’t be left napping or feeling out of it the next day. Truly, you may not realize how much your body requires a restful night until you get one.  

Best Strains for Sleep

When it comes to medical marijuana and chronic fatigue syndrome, finding the best strains for sleep is crucial. Thankfully, there are a ton for you to choose from. However, we’ve listed a handful that will not only promote relaxation but will assist with other symptoms of your CFS, as well. 


Gelato is a wonderful strain for not only helping you experience full-body relief, but for putting you in the best mindset for a good night’s rest. This hybrid strain is known for its sweet, earthy profile that’s quite pleasant to puff on. 

For those with chronic fatigue syndrome, Gelato proves wonderful. The GSC x Sunset Sherbet blend helps fight fatigue, promote relaxation, and boosts your mood: all ingredients for the perfect fatigue-fighting recipe. Just keep in mind that Gelato tends to be quite potent, so it may not be ideal for beginners. 

Granddaddy Purple 

If you’re looking for marijuana for sleep support, Granddaddy Purple is your strain. This strain for sleep is indica-heavy, promoting strong feelings of sleepiness, muscle relaxation, and cerebral euphoria. The strain itself is absolutely delicious, promoting grape-like, fruity flavors alongside some classic skunky notes. 

Granddaddy Purple is an excellent strain to help with sleep, especially if you struggle with chronic pain or anxiety. This type of sedative marijuana tends to be described as “numbing,” helping patients feel absolutely at ease. Having a result like this makes GDP one of the best strains for sleep out there. 

9 lb. Hammer

With a name like 9 lb. Hammer, it’s hard not to want to try this cannabis strain. 9 lb. Hammer is a strong indica strain that’s made to knock you off your feet — and into bed. People describe the strain as having sweet, grape-like flavors with subtle hints of lime and other citrus fruits. Yum.

This indica strain proves ideal for assisting with sleep, reducing pains, and putting your mind in the perfect place for some restful sleep. Compared to other strains, 9 lb. Hammer tends to have extremely long-lasting effects, making them ideal for those with chronic fatigue hoping to sleep throughout the night.

Best Strain for Fatigue: Durban Poison

We can’t talk about cannabis strain options for CFS without mentioning the best strain for fatigue: Durban Poison. 

Durban Poison is a world-famous pure sativa strain that’s remarkable for uplifting moods and boosting productivity. For those struggling with fatigue, a strain like Durban Poison is great for getting you off your feet and sparking motivation that you may not have even realized was there. 

Keep in mind that Durban Poison is quite an energetic — and potent — strain. You don’t want to enjoy this one for sleep; rather, it’s best to enjoy it at the start of your day. 

CBD for Fatigue

CBD for chronic fatigue syndrome

While medical marijuana and chronic fatigue syndrome have a positive relationship, it appears as though it’s CBD that really gets the job done. 

CBD for fatigue is becoming more and more popular in the health and wellness world. The cannabinoid doesn’t produce any intoxicating effects; instead, it helps support the body in myriad ways — including with mood, motivation, and energy, 

Many people find that adding CBD into their coffee or tea, or just enjoying some drops at the start of the day, is a great way to get themselves feeling more upbeat and motivated. This is because CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help re-regulate biological functions. So, if your body contains excess stress hormones or has too much inflammation, CBD will act as a support for your ECS with the goal of getting these levels back on track. 

Interestingly enough, some cases of CFS have been linked to endocannabinoid deficiency. This leads researchers to believe that CBD consumption, then, could be extremely beneficial, as the cannabinoid’s entire goal is to help get the ECS back on track. While more research is still needed here, the information is quite promising. 

Is CFS a Qualifying Condition? 

Right now, chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t explicitly listed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. However, that doesn’t mean that if you have CFS, you cannot get your MMJ card. Let’s explain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome comes with a lot of unfortunate side effects. In fact, some of those side effects are actually qualifying conditions for MMJ. So, though you may not be able to get your medical card for CFS, you can explain that your CFS causes chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and more. With this, a qualified medical marijuana doctor will still likely be able to give you the recommendation you need for medical cannabis. But, where do you go for this kind of a doctor? Elevate Holistics, of course!

Elevate Holistics is your go-to team of medical marijuana doctors ready to help you get the recommendation you deserve. Our process is 100% online, so you don’t even have to leave your house for your appointment. Instead, you’ll sit down with one of our board-certified physicians over the phone and have an honest discussion about your health and wellness. Then, our doctors will help you get your medical recommendations, walking you through the next steps of the process.

Whether you’re interested in the relationship between medical marijuana and chronic fatigue syndrome, or want to know about a different qualifying medical condition, Elevate Holistics has the resources just for you. Learn more about MMJ from our blog by clicking here

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