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When you want to get into the hobby of growing your own cannabis, one of the main components you’ll need is seeds. But, if you’re a resident of the Show-Me state, you’re probably asking yourself, are weed seeds illegal in Missouri? 


Even if cannabis seeds are legal in the state, it’s not always easy to understand their rules and regulations, as well as where you can buy this beginner part of the cannabis plant. So, that’s why, today, we’re covering the ins and outs of buying cannabis seeds in Missouri and whether or not this is something that everyday residents can do.


Let’s get right into it.

A Buyer’s Guide: What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are simply brown, oval-shaped seeds produced by cannabis plants. They often have vein-like stripes or spots, sometimes with yellow, brown, or red streaks, depending on the cannabis species.


Generally, commercial cannabis growers prefer to grow seedless cannabis plants, which produce flowers that have no seeds. These seedless cannabis plants are popularly known as sinsemilla or sensimilla.


Commercial growers prefer sinsemilla because seedless cannabis plants tend to yield higher THC than seeded cannabis plants.


Also, the growers don’t have to go through the stress of removing seeds from flowers before they sell them.

Cannabis Seeds from Missouri Seed Banks

Most commercial growers cultivate seedless cannabis, but due to the attached benefits, some growers specialize in cultivating seeded cannabis plants to produce marijuana seeds for sale to home growers.


These cannabis plants are allowed to grow naturally with minimal alteration, which allows the plants to produce seeds successfully.


For most Missouri cannabis cultivators, the seeds are often picked and categorized in the following three forms while in storage at Missouri seed banks. 


Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Missouri

Feminized seeds are carefully bred to produce only female cannabis plants.


This matters because female cannabis plants produce smokable flowers, while male cannabis plants produce pollen sacs.


Also, the male produce has very low levels of cannabinoids like THC, while female cannabis plants produce flowers rich in resins and cannabinoids.


If you want marijuana seeds in Missouri, feminized cannabis seeds are your best option. 

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Missouri:

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis seeds engineered to ensure that the resulting cannabis plant produces flowers when it reaches maturity.


That is, the plant would produce flowers at the due time, irrespective of the amount of light it receives. This seed type is good for indoor growth.

Regular Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Missouri

These are seeds that cultivators allow to grow freely without any alterations.


With regular cannabis seeds, your plant could turn out a male or female, and how much light it receives might affect its flowering abilities.


In summary:

Type Description Ideal for Flowering THC Levels
Feminized Cannabis Seeds Feminized seeds are carefully bred to produce only female cannabis plants. Female plants produce smokable flowers, rich in resins and cannabinoids, unlike male plants which produce pollen sacs with low cannabinoid levels. Missouri (Best option for marijuana seeds) Dependent on plant sex (Female preferred) High in females
Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Autoflowering seeds are engineered to produce flowers when the plant reaches maturity, regardless of the amount of light received. Suitable for indoor growth. Indoor growth Automatic at maturity Varies
Regular Cannabis Seeds Regular seeds grow freely without alterations. The resulting plant could be male or female, with flowering influenced by light exposure. Unaltered natural growth Dependent on light exposure and plant sex Varies


Are Weed Seeds Illegal in Missouri?

Actually, no. Weed seeds are legal in the Show-Me State. 


However, the opportunity to buy weed seeds is open only to patients who have an active registration in the state’s medical marijuana program and have a cultivation permit.


It’s important to note that you will not be able to get a cultivation permit without a medical marijuana card.


Caregivers can also obtain permits on behalf of their patients.


Want to grow weed but don’t know how? Click here to learn more

What Laws Affect the Legality of Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Missouri?

The Department of Health and Senior Services, via the Division of Regulation and Licensure, Chapter 95—Medical Marijuana, provides detailed information on the legalities surrounding cannabis seeds in Missouri.


The law covers the tracking of seeds from cultivation to sale to minimize illegitimate cannabis sales.


Let’s look at what the law says – below are brief explanations of relevant laws from the Missouri Code of State Regulations, Division 30.

For the Patients

While they aren’t illegal in Missouri, you can’t purchase seeds or clones if you do not have a permit to cultivate.


Patients with cultivation permits for medical purposes can possess up to a 90-day supply of dry, unprocessed marijuana or its equivalent, including seeds and flowers, as long as it is in a property under their control.


Although there is no limit to the number of seeds you can buy or possess, you can only grow a maximum of six weed seeds at a time at home; you can grow six flowering plants and six non-flowering plants with a height above 14 inches.


You can also grow six clones shorter than 14 inches alongside the cannabis plants.


However, you can increase your allotment by two when you get recommendations from two physicians.


The DHSS insists that home-grow cannabis gardens must be in a locked facility away from the public’s immediate access or view.

For the Dispensaries: Seed-to-Sale Tracking System

All dispensaries are to use state-approved seed-to-sale tracking systems, which “track medical marijuana from either the seed or immature plant stage” until it is sold to a qualifying patient or a primary caregiver.


It is the dispensary’s responsibility to ensure that they record the amount of the seed sold to a patient or caregiver to ensure a patient does not exceed the monthly possession limit.


Also, it is the dispensary or Missouri seed bank’s responsibility to confirm that the patient or caregiver who wants to buy marijuana seeds in Missouri has a cultivation permit.


Without a cultivation permit, the dispensary must not sell to the patient or caregiver; doing so would attract legal penalties or even revocation of the dispensary’s license.


At the point of delivery, the dispensary must request a patient cultivation card.

How and Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in Missouri?

As a medical marijuana patient in Missouri, you can buy weed seeds from Missouri seed banks in licensed dispensaries.


Alternatively, you can order weed seeds online via your local dispensary’s website or other authorized online channels operational in Missouri.


You can walk into any dispensary offering marijuana seeds for sale, present your medical card and your cultivation permit and buy some seeds.


Some of the more common weed seeds you may find at Missouri seed banks include:

  • Northern lights autoflower or feminized cannabis seeds
  • Lemon haze diesel feminized cannabis seeds
  • Green crack feminized cannabis seeds
  • Blueberry feminized seeds
  • Gorilla glue autoflower cannabis seeds


If you are unable to buy marijuana seeds in Missouri from your local dispensary due to unavailability, you can look to online Missouri seed banks that can deliver to your doorstep. Of course, you only want to purchase from the most reputable seed banks in the US if you’re looking for quality options.


Some online cannabis seed banks offering seeds for sale in Missouri include:

How Much to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Missouri?

Generally, you can choose to buy seeds individually or in packs.


Most sellers offer cannabis seeds in packs of 4, 8, 12, or 24, while some only offer them in a pack of 5.


If you are purchasing seeds individually in Missouri, each seed might cost you $9 to $13, depending on the cannabis strain. However, buying in packs can have you enjoy up to a $2 discount per seed.


So, for patients who are looking to grow their own medical marijuana at home, it is almost always better to buy cannabis seeds in packs – saves you some money on delivery costs, and you get discounts offered on pack sales.

Buy Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Missouri with Your Medical Card

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri, laws surrounding cannabis are bound to change, and that leads us to marijuana seeds.


Are weed seeds illegal in Missouri? No, weed seeds are legal in Missouri, but you need a cultivation permit.


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